Guide To App Store Optimisation (ASO) To Promote Your App

What Is App Store Optimisation (ASO) and How Does it Apply to Singapore Digital Marketing_

Digital marketing continues to take a new turn every day, thanks to technological advancement. As a marketer, you have two primary ways of discovering and installing mobile apps on your smartphone or tablet.

 It could either be done through digital advertisements, or via the search on an app store. If you haven’t started taking advantage of the organic installs, then you are missing out on the best deals. To fit into the competitive world, you will need to optimise your app store.

Since the digital marketing environment is getting more complicated, you will need to make use of competing apps available within Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

Consequently, you are required to drive apps that target a need that hasn’t been explored by other popular brands.

What is App Store Optimisation (ASO)?

ASO involves improving visibility in Apple’s app store & Google Play, increasing your organic downloads. ASO depends on your user’s ability to focus on the click-through rate (CTR).

Your convincing power must be high to ensure more people click on the specific icon. Once it is fully optimised, users will be able to find it and download it. You can increase viewership by optimising the name of your App, title, logo, screenshots, and ratings.

Anytime new users download your app, you will generate more income. This can only be achieved once they have accessed the App Landing Page to download or to make a purchase. At this point, you have reached a stage known as Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO).

How does ASO Work?

Like SEO, App Store Optimisation deals with search results and top chart rankings. It relies on two major concepts;

Keyword Optimisation

Generally, keywords assist in focusing on relevancy and search results. For example, if you have already created an app for people that need to compare prices on the prices of farm products in the Southwest, you can rank it as “farm products comparison southwest’.

Chances are, your visitors would like to have a glance before they can decide to download. By using precise keywords, you will increase your user’s ability to download the app. If you get hundreds of like-minded individuals, you will increase the conversion rate for your web design application.

Asset Optimisation

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To differentiate your app from its competitors, you will need to include unique assets such as icons, screenshots, reviews, or any videos. Always give them a reason to visualise your app, and know what to expect once they have downloaded it.

Reasons for App Store Optimisation

Like SEO, ASO also involves many processes such as keyword optimization, backlinking, and conversion rate optimisation. While SEO is designed for websites, ASO specialises in mobile apps.

With millions of apps in the digital marketing world, you are likely to face stiff competition. When you choose to optimize your app store, you will increase the number of downloads and users to your site. You can achieve that by increasing visibility towards your site.

One unique thing the majority of publishers avoid doing is investing in ASO. They will only realise its value once they have been phased out by their competitors. It will be prudent to embrace change to ensure they stay ahead and work on their strengths as competent digital marketers.

How does ASO relate to Singapore Digital Marketing?

By now, you must have realised the importance ASO in website design. Not only is it a perfect marketing strategy for mobile apps and games, but also boosts website traffic. Other benefits include;

Increased Organic Downloads

Once you have optimised your apps, more people will be motivated to download them. Organic installs often ensure you enjoy long-term results. However, it is important to always monitor and tweak to ensure you get satisfactory results.

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Makes You stand out from the Crowd

The digital marketing arena has many potential entrepreneurs who will do anything to stay ahead of their competitors. Your job will be to ensure your app is more conspicuous. This will ensure potential clients visit your site to make purchases. The only way you can achieve visibility is by optimising your app.

Eliminates User Acquisition Costs

Spending money on ads is the last thing you want as a start-up entrepreneur. Fortunately for you, digital marketing allows you to cut acquisition costs by allowing you to pay attention to organic growth. Now you can channel the funds to other things such as increasing your investment rather than spending on things you can avoid.

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Increases your Profit

Opening your app isn’t the only thing your visitors should be doing. You can only convert those visits into real money, only if they download it. If they fail to do so, then it means you start making losses. App Store Optimisation will prevent you from losing visibility, giving you a better chance to convert downloads into real payouts.

Expands your Customer-Base Worldwide

The only way you can increase your revenue is by attracting clients from different parts of the world. It doesn’t matter where they are located. As long as you can speak in languages that they can understand, they will find your app and download it. This explains why the App Store Optimisation has improved the Singapore digital marketing environment for all types of marketers.

Potential Users Can Easily Find You

Anyone can stumble upon your site, but it doesn’t mean they are your potential clients. You should make your existence known by optimising your app store. Always ensure you increase the site’s usability by adding the relevant features to it.

 App Store Optimisation Best Practices

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Being unique and relevant are two essential elements you should consider when optimising your app. Here are the tips to help you come up with a functional ASO;

Create a visually appealing icon

When it comes to digital marketing, people will get attracted to stunning icons as it is the first thing they will notice about your app. You need to ensure it is attractive enough to make people click and download it.

If you are going to create a digital marketing app for your business, you will need to be consistent. Avoid creating icons that fail to match your logo, color, or style. For games, on the other hand, you will need to accentuate the gameplay to make them interested in playing it.

Create a captivating app store description

It doesn’t take rocket science to come up with creative content for your digital marketing app. The best hack is to keep it simple and straightforward. Use language that any layman can understand. Ensure it describes your app in the first 15 seconds.

To prevent your users from getting bored, you can come up with a bulletin to explain all about the app. Ensure you have listed the features users will pay great attention to. Come up with an accessible email for questions and support at the end of the page.

Use high-quality screenshots

Using high-quality screenshots is highly recommended if you want to attract clients to your app. Not only do they portray your strengths, but they also facilitate an easier decision-making process for your users. They can easily make up their minds depending on how attractive it appears on the screenshots.

How will you ensure it is the best? For starters, you can make use of the spaces allocated for screenshots. Ensure the first one makes an appealing statement. Now you can add a tagline to explain the function. Always remember to update your digital marketing to ensure they stay relevant.

Take advantage of updates

Most of the time, users will take your app seriously if there is an update. They will read all about it to determine whether you are legit. Avoid poor descriptions that will dissuade them from visiting your app. Instead, you can use the space to inform them about the benefits of updating their apps.

Track the changes

You will need to repeat all these steps. This will help in detecting whether there are any problems before they wreak havoc in your business. Once you have identified the problem, you should try to tackle it using an OS update. Think of yourself as the end-user by testing it.


Web design keeps getting updated thanks to the number of changes digital marketers introduce in the corporate business environment. This explains why most digital marketers based in the country want to stay relevant.

With over 2 million mobile apps in the primary app stores, getting your app to be discovered will be an uphill task. You can only increase visibility by optimising it through the established steps. One of the easiest hacks you can rely on is to make the features to stand out from the crowd.

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