14 Essential Tips for Improving Your Web Design In 2019

improving web design

Every once in a while, it is necessary that do a website audit and take measures geared towards improving your web design.  Think about this, can site visitors determine what your company does in less than 5 seconds? Do you have a high bounce rate? Can the visitors navigate to the blog in less than five mouse clicks? Do you have an easy to understand pricing layout? 

If you have answered ‘No’ to any of these questions, then you need to take a hard look at your web design and web optimisation practices. By improving your web design, you will start communicating clearly with potential and current customers about what you do, who you do it for, and why you do it.

In this article, we look at the top 14 things you need to know about improving your web design.

Create a Plan

To create a proper plan for improving your web design, you should determine the pages that customers visit, the content they consume, and the offers that will help convert them into customers.

The professional approach to improving your web design is to answer the right questions at the right time. When it comes to creating a plan for redesigning your site take what you know about your customers (or collect new user data) and research how they moved from a browser to a customer.

You can then analyse the data to map out your web redesigning strategy.

Remove Distracting Elements from Your Website

Certain web design elements can take away from the value of the message you are trying to pass on. These elements include

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  • Stocky web images
  • Complicated animations
  • Lengthy content

Several studies have shown that modern customers have an attention span of less than 10 seconds. This makes it essential that you create a lasting first impression in under 8 seconds. Use short, compelling content that use headers to break down the content into easy to read chunks and light images to improve page loading speed. The content should be free of jargon and grammatical errors.

improving web design

Add Social Follow and Share Buttons

Social share and follow buttons serve as non-pushy tools that encourage site visitors to share your content on with their social media followers. There are many options available on the internet, and it is necessary that you identify the right social media buttons. You should also consider social media share and follow button placement.

Create and Implement CTAs

Call-to-action buttons help give site visitors a sense of direction. Proper placement is one of the crucial ways of improving your web design.

Most webmasters only add bottom-of-the-funnel (BOFU) CTA buttons and fail to act on top and middle of the funnel CTAs to nurture the visitors down the sales funnel. Read through your content and add CTAs where the visitors will educate themselves to solve their pain points.

Use the Right Images

Ideally, you should use genuine photos, and this, in turn, leads to improved trust for your business.

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This includes using images of real employees and the actual office or workshop. However, if you are not in a position to use real pictures, you should ensure that you pick the right stock photos.


One of the reasons for improving your web design is to organise your website and ensure that site visitors can easily navigate to different pages on your website. You need to consider elements such as navigation hierarchy, streamlined content, and responsive design, which is essential for mobile users.

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Enable Scrolling On the Homepage

Infinite scrolling helps improve your website’s user experience so do not be afraid of designing a slightly longer homepage. Preferably, include between 3 and 5 sections that direct visitors to the areas that will create a seamless user experience.

The list of elements to include in your homepage is endless, but for starters, you could have the following

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  • Into video
  • Your unique value proposition
  • About us section
  • Customer testimonials
  • Product features
  • Resources
  • Success stories or case studies

Use White Space Cleverly

The white space is a crucial factor when you are gearing up to improving your web design. For starters, it helps to break up your content and increase readability. Some people choose to call it negative space, and it refers to the empty sections of the web page

Visit each one of your web pages and strip away the unnecessary content and design elements. After this, ensure that you appropriately group the remaining content to help users know where the content belongs on the page.

Mobile Optimisation

Currently, over 80% of the population access the internet via smartphones and reports from Google suggests that over 60% of the users will not go back to a website they had trouble accessing via mobile. More so, 40% of these people will end up on your competitor’s website.

Take a time out and access your website via a smartphone or tablet. This simple web redesigning action will help you understand the pain points that are leading to your high mobile bounce rates.

Increase Your Visibility

After working on improving your web design thus far you need to develop a robust SEO strategy to increase your search engine result’s page ranking. Your should consider the search items and keywords that customers would search for on a variety of Google.

This process includes creating a variety of content such as videos, e-book, to blog content and integrating the proper keywords. This avoids bringing in leads who will never convert/ buy your products.

Keep On Testing

After going through the process of improving your web design, you should never stop testing the elements of your new website design. This includes evaluating conversion paths, areas where visitors are clicking, and how far they are scrolling among other aspects.

While you might have older pages that are doing well, they may need an information upgrade or tweak the design. However, instead of blindly changing the pages, you should undertake A/B testing, set up heat maps, or carry out multi-variant tests.

Identify and Remove Broken Links

Given your website’s age and size, the chances are that you might have links or pages that are not working. Worse still, Google and other search engines have started penalising sites with broken links, and site visitors will not tell you about them. The best cause of action is to evaluate all the links on your website. Use any of these tools to find broken links.

Create New and Unique Offerings

The typical way of converting leads is by offering demos, offers, or items that visitors will find appealing. However, it is becoming much more difficult to break through the xompetiand get visibility for your items and offers.

It is, therefore, necessary that you pay attention to the resources and offers that are receiving high conversations and those that are not. To reap the fruits of improving your web design, you need to create unique offers that are a step above your competitor’s offers and pay close attention to on-page SEO.

Publish Content That Appeals To Your Persona

Content is a crucial aspect of improving your web design, but most content developers fall into the trap of overusing certain words such as ‘we’ and ‘our.’  However, the use of the first persona will hardly get the point across to the customers.

Essentially, the site visitors of today want you to understand their pain points, and directly explain to them how you can give a solution. So, swap the “we’s” and the “our’s” with “your’s” and “you’s.” The change in the grammar might come off as insignificant, but it will have a significant impact on your visitors’ subconscious which leads to improved conversion rates.


Improving your web design is not an uphill task but it can take a lot of time, and the points above will come in handy. With every improvement, make sure that you test how it will affect your conversion rates.

It might take a while before you get the proper strategies, but the goal here is to keep on improving your web design for success. Contact us today for professional web design services in Singapore and help with your SEO strategy.


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