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Working with MediaOne Marketing Web Design & Development

Media One is one of the top website design companies in Singapore. We are intent on offering beautiful, affordable, and cool website designs that are fully optimised to score for SEM and SEO Marketing. We believe that a custom web design is crucial to the success of your online presence. We have the best website developers for small businesses who will help take your online business to the next level. Our clients include small businesses and top corporations in their industries including Fuji Xerox, SingTel, ST Electronics, Sheraton Hotel, Maybank, Changi Airport, Noel Gifts, and many more. To create a successful working experience with you, we have prepared answers to the most frequently asked questions about our web design agency.

How We Do It

By taking the time to understand and research your objectives, we will craft future-proof solutions which leaves your competitors eating your dust, struggling to catch up all the time.

You will experience a flexible yet stringent and methodical process which efficiently puts your ideas into reality. The process includes discussions, conceptualisations, proposals, drafts, mockup creations and conducting user acceptance tests (UAT) up till the point of final delivery. These crucial steps will make sure that your customised website design and functionality is kept aligned to your brand, positioning and business requirements.

At the end of the day, our aim is to elevate the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) of your website and this encapsulates the right mix of text, layout, content and visuals. The final product is the manifestation of an eye-catching yet highly-functional website.

Strategised Design, Measurable Results

Whether you are an organisation that seeks to revamp your website or build one from scratch, you will not find a better agency to work with than MediaOne. This is because we go the extra mile to meld stunning design with award-winning SEO to give your website a Google-tastic boost. Remember that apart from just being well-built, your website must be effectively promoted via SEO, paid ads and additional integrations of social media elements. Many website owners make the mistake of not laying out the foundations of SEO, SEM and social media engagement from the get-go. This creates a usually permanent handicap for their website to perform well enough to attract and engage customers. To make sure that you achieve the best possible start, we focus on the nitty gritty details that matter and that includes the structure of your website and specific keywords in the right places.

How Long Has MediaOne Been Around

MediaOne has been in the Singaporean market for ten years offering premium web design and web development services for small businesses and established enterprises. We have appropriately priced web design services, and given that we are not the cheapest option in the market, we are an affordable web design company.

What Can I Expect For The 1st Website Consultation

We welcome you to book an appointment by contacting us via our live chat feature or walking into our offices. We will give you a free consultation and a non-obligatory quote for your new website design. After this, we will set a date for when we will have the first meeting to plan on how to design your website.

We can arrange to have the meeting at your office or via video chat on Skype. We will have a project manager, a web developer, web designer who will walk you through the process of how to design a website, and a digital marketing expert that will explain how to promote your website.

From the consultation, we will have collected the information we need about your business and industry to create and design a website. Our website developers will have created a website wireframe for your consideration.

During the meeting, we will discuss how you want the custom web design altered and the functionality of each element of the website.

How Will I Know The Status Of My Web Design Project

We understand that after the initial meeting, you will need to monitor the progress we have made from time to time. For this reason, we always assign a project manager to every client who will brief you on the progress as well as a team of website developers and designers.

The project manager will be your point of contact. On top of this, the site is hosted on a private server where you can monitor the progress remotely in real time. We welcome any comments and recommendations you might have to ensure that we deliver a fully customised website.

What Is Your Web Design/Development Process

We take pride in what we do, and we have created a process that ensures we give the best web design and website development services in Singapore. From the first time you approach us for a new website design services, we go through a six-step process to complete the task.

  • We start by researching the client’s market and how it operates to identify the best practices
  • We then brainstorm and create custom recommendations based on your business’s primary objectives
  • We then embark on website development and design conceptualization
  • With the concepts ready, we draft a website mock-up for your approval
  • After you have approved the drafts, we go ahead to develop and design the website ensuring to integrate the essential SEO elements fully
  • Before deploying the site, we test it on a private server for user experience, responsiveness, among other components

We ensure to run the website through several user acceptance tests to ensure that it ticks all the boxes. We aim to elevate your website’s user experience by incorporating the right mix of text, visuals, layout, and content.

Why Should I Hire MediaOne Web Design & Development

The most important thing when hiring a custom website design company to develop and design a website is to look for compatibility. We have a strict company policy centred on service delivery and professionalism. For this reason, we have raked in hundreds of clients, and they keep coming back for the following benefits

  • Unlimited technical and customer support
  • Robust design that can be scaled to different platforms and devices
  • Affordable custom web design fit for your business and digital marketing needs
  • Integrated Google Analytics that helps you identify the ideal audience and their behaviour while on your site
  • Social media integration to your website to increase lead generation

SEO to increase your search results visibility to improve on your marketing strategy

What Platforms and Languages Do You Use In Web Development

MediaOne uses a variety of open source software that allows us to provide you with a state of the art and affordable website design. We specialise in WordPress, Javascript, PHP and MySQL, which are some of the most popular open source language and database in the world.

Our developers are experts in a variety of fields including JOOMLA, a CMS platform, Gallery2, and online photo gallery, JEvents, an online calendar, PHPList, an e-NEWS system, among others. MediaOne installs and customises these open source systems as well as making regular updates to stay ahead of the competition.

How Long Does It Take To Build A Website

The short answer is that it depends. First, we start by researching on your industry especially on competitors’ websites to get an idea of the market standard. After gathering the text and visuals we need for a custom web page design, we will build a mock site for your review.

With that said, it would take us between 4 and 8 weeks to create a simple theme-based website. For larger websites and customised websites it usually takes 9 to 16 weeks.

However, it could be longer since the most consuming part of the process is in collecting and curating the content.

How Do I Make Updates On My Website

Once you have the logins to your website, you will be provided with training (which usually takes about 30-45 mins) on how to adjust the content of your website by yourself without requiring web designers and developers. Most of our clients appreciate the profound freedom to publish updates and new content without having to keep waiting on external contractors, and also without having to keep paying through their noses for every single change.

After this, we will take a backseat to your website operation, but we will be available to offer technical support when you need it.

How Do You Accept Payments

MediaOne usually requests for 50% of the project costs upfront as deposit. When your website is about to be launched, we will require the balance 50% prior to “live”. However in highly customised projects we can discuss with you customised milestone based staged payments.

Payments can be made via cheque payments or by bank transfer or by Paypal as per invoice instructions once you have confirmed the project.

What If I Wish To Adjust The Design and Functions

The project manager assigned to you will stay in touch to make sure that you are happy with the direction the design process is taking.

After the initial briefing, we will create mock-up websites, create schematics of the intended functionalities, and we never develop an idea too far without your input. Depending on the package you choose, there is a time limit for the design process as well as the number of revisions for the web layout design which will be discussed during the project planning and contract stages.

Can You Help Me Source Images For My Website

It can be challenging finding the proper images for your content, and for this reason, we always offer to help you source the appropriate website images. We have licenses from Shutterstock which will enable us all the necessary licenses to beautify your website.

On top of this, we know several professional photographers and videographers who can help you in producing custom videos and images for your website.

Can You Help In Updating An Existing Website Built By A Different Firm

It depends.

If it is hardcoded and not using an Open Source, then it may be too complicated and expensive to update, expand and improve on the codes. When that happens we may advise you to rebuild a newer, better website from ground up which can function better in the competitive landscape.

If just some simple tweaks are required we will be happy to help you save on costs.

Do I Need To Have The Entire Content Ready Before Contacting You

Content is one of the most time-consuming elements of web design, and no, you do not need to have it all ready. During the design process, we will add placeholder content while you work on curating and creating the actual content.

More so, we will provide you with a content outline that will make the process easier. The guide will outline the images and text that will perform best on your website.

If you require MediaOne to provide you with images, videos, website content, article blogs – we have the resources to make sure your website comes up head and shoulders above your competition.

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