A Comprehensive Guide for Landing Page Optimisation for Singapore Websites

landing page optimisation

Similar to SEO, landing page optimisation takes time to have a noticeable impact on your business. This is the reason why some marketers usually give up prematurely when they fail to see the results of optimising their landing pages.

Data collection is crucial in improving the effectiveness of your landing pages. You should base the web design of your landing pages on the preferences of your audience. You should also look to improve the pages using the data you gather from your website traffic.

If you implement data-driven optimisation strategies, your landing page will generate more leads and boost your sales. However, you first have to understand what is hurting your landing page conversion rates.  The most common reasons for low conversion rates include:

  • A poor UX and UI.
  • Poorly-written headlines.
  • A disconnect between the copy on the ad listing and the contents of the landing page.
  • Unclear call-to-action.
  • Distractions on the lading page.

Once you know what is reducing your conversion rates, you need to rectify it before moving to the next step.

Best Landing Page Optimisation Strategies to Improve Your Conversion Rates

As mentioned above, it takes time to notice the impact of optimising landing pages. You might need to create several prototypes before you get the perfect landing page.  It is worth noting that the page should appeal to your target audience, meet their expectations, and state the actions the users should take.

Here are the best practices you should implement to increase the effectiveness of your landing pages.

  • Make a clear offer
  • Keep it simple
  • Use contrasting colours
  • Ensure that above-the-fold content is important
  • Use scarcity techniques
  • Use compelling call-to-action buttons
  • Add contact information
  • Try different headlines and copy
  • Be consistent
  • Add testimonials
  • Try different form lengths
  • Optimise for SEO
  • Use exit-intent popups
  • Make use of A/B testing

Make a Clear Offer

The primary objective of your landing page optimisation strategy should be to evoke positive emotions on the customer. The headline should focus on the goals of the consumer so that they feel appreciated and excited.  When the customer is happy, they are more likely to convert.

Keep it Simple

A simple landing page ensures that your traffic focuses on the call-to-action button. Your landing page should be free of any clutter and distractions, as these can hurt your conversion rate. Your CTA should be the most conspicuous element of your landing page.

Use Contrasting Colours

Using contrasting colours increases the visibility of your CTA button. Ideally, the button should have a bright colour and a dull background so that the visitor notices it the first time they visit the webpage.

Ensure that Above-the-fold Content is Important

Above-the-fold content refers to elements that appear on the topmost part of your landing page.  In newspapers, this content is usually the most interesting to encourage customers to buy the paper.

You should use a similar approach when designing your landing pages. Make sure that the part users see first before scrolling down has the most important content. For instance, you could add the CTA button, the headline, and brief copy.

Use Scarcity Techniques

When your visitors know that a resource or an offer is scarce, they are more likely to act promptly. This explains why marketers often use the term ‘limited offers’ when promoting products.

Your landing page should implement scarcity techniques to encourage users to complete the desired actions. For example, if you want them to sign up for a webinar, you can add a countdown timer to create scarcity. It tells your traffic how long they have to act on the offer.

Use Compelling Call-to-action Buttons

A call-to-action should not be vague – it should plainly state what you want your audience to do.  It should include action words such as join now, subscribe, download, try now, and so forth. Avoid complex terms that might confuse the reader.

Add Contact Information

There are several ways of sharing your contact information on your landing page. You can opt to publish the phone number and email address on the page or use a contact form.

Contact information provides a way for customers to reach you in case they need further assistance. If you are easily reachable, you can boost your conversion rates.

Try Different Headlines and Copy

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Although people like visual content, the text is still important. Your audience will read the text on your landing page, meaning that it must be relevant to them.

You should test different headlines to see what works best. The same applies to the copy in the body. It should offer some value to the reader.

Be Consistent

Consistency is critical if you want success for your digital marketing in Singapore. If you have an ad on Facebook, its visual design should resemble the design implemented on your landing page.  If the design is inconsistent, it will confuse the potential customer and reduce the chances of conversion.

Add Testimonials

Social proof is an excellent way of boosting conversions. When people see that others are using your products, they are more likely to buy from you.

Your landing page optimisation strategy should include testimonials.  You can gain an edge over your competitors by motivating your clients to create video testimonials. If you opt for written reviews, ensure that you include the customer’s name and a head portrait.

Try Different Form Lengths

Most companies that engage in digital marketing in Singapore prefer using short forms. However, if you want to generate leads for an expensive item, you have to use a long form. It might reduce the number of leads you get, but the few you generate will be quality leads.

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For example, if the potential client is looking to do website design in Singapore, you should ask them to share their budget. This information allows you to know what package is best suited for their needs. 

Optimise for SEO

SEO is useful in improving the visibility of your landing page on search results. When more people, can find your page using organic search, it increases the traffic and potential conversions.

Make sure that the content of your landing page includes relevant keywords. If you deal with website design in Singapore, you should rank for a related search term.

Use Exit-Intent Popups

An exit-intent popup is a message that appears when a visitor attempts to leave your website without converting.  It is an effective way of boosting your conversion rates.

Another advantage of exit popups is that they are less intrusive than popups that appear when the visitor is navigating your website. Your popup should use compelling visual imagery and a convincing CTA to get users to click. You can add incentive to the popup by offering a discount or a special offer.

Make Use of A/B Testing

Frequent A/B testing is crucial for a successful landing page optimisation campaign. After every test, you should use the results to adjust your strategies for better results.


Landing page optimisation ensures that you make the most of your landing pages and increase your sales. As is the case with other marketing strategies, the preferences of your target audience should influence the design of your landing pages. You can use the tips mentioned above as a starting point, and continually adjust them to meet the changing needs of your customers.

You should also look at the designs implemented by leading businesses in your niche and try to use a similar approach. 

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