A/B Testing 13 Most Essential Elements of Your Website

essential elements of your website

Congratulations, finally, you have managed to get a professionally designed website that is a true reflection of your Singapore business. The next thing that you need to do is carry out A/B tests to ensure the essential elements of your website are working correctly and optimized.

Testing the Essential Elements of Your Website

Wording of the Headline

The chances are that you have different landing pages and each of them has its headline. These headlines are essential because they inform the reader what exactly they will find on the page. Depending on the objective of the landing page, the wording can be used to encourage the audience to take a particular action.

Needless to say, if you want the headlines to be search engine friendly, you need to make sure that you use the right words. For instance, you should include high-value keywords to increase the visibility of the page to search engines.

A/B tests will help you to know the exact words that you should use in the headlines to grasp the attention of the audience and increase sales.

essential elements of your website

Size of Call-To-Action (CTA)

Call-to-actions help to encourage the target audience to take the desired action. Regardless of the action, you want the audience to make, such as place an order or contact the support team to learn more about the product or service. It is of paramount importance to carry out A/B tests to know which CTA size works best.

Ideally, the CTA button should be bold and visible to all website visitors. The last thing that you want is for a potential customers to move to your competitor’s website because they were not able to locate the CTA button.

essential elements of your website

Unfortunately, no specific size works for all brands. The only way to know which one is right for your Singapore business website is by experimenting with different sizes. 

CTA Phrasing

The results of the previous experiment will help you to know the right size of your CTA button. The next thing that you need to do is test the phrasing.

The phrasing (words that you use) are dependent on the goal that you want to achieve. For example, the phrase “Buy Now” does not make any sense if your goal is to get more people who visit the website to subscribe to your weekly newsletter.

Hire a professional web development team in Singapore to design the landing page to enhance the performance of the CTA. Below is a perfect example of a landing page whose primary target audience is people who need a loan:

essential elements of your website

Information about Free Shipping

This tip applies mostly to Singapore ecommerce website. It is an important feature that should never be overlooked. The most successful brands do not charge clients shipping fees.. Instead, they factor in the cost of shipping in the price of the product.

Otherwise, charging them separately will lead to a high cart abandonment rate.

essential elements of your website

However, simply not charging them for shipping is not enough to encourage more website visitors to convert. You should go an extra mile and boldly display that information on your website. That way, clients will not have to get to the final checkout page to know that they will not be charged.

Now, where do you tell them? A/B testing will help you to know the best location on your website to place the banner. As you do so, experiment with different fonts, text colour, and size. For instance, you can use capital letters and an exclamation mark to see if that variation will improve the results.

Pricing Display

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Some business websites do not display the prices of their products or services on their landing pages. Depending on your branding strategy, the nature of our business, and the industry you operate it, it may or may not be necessary to provide this information on the homepage.

However, displaying the prices has the potential to increase your Singapore website’s conversion rate tremendously. Customers will know the exact amount of money they will pay for the product even before they add it to cart.

essential elements of your website

After adding the price information, optimize that specific location of your website to ensure that it is visible and appealing to the potential customers. Experiment with colour, size, font, and place to get the highest conversion rate possible on every landing page.

Promotional Content

Promotional content motivates the target audience to buy what is being sold on the website. Where you place the promotional content will determine if it will be useful in increasing sales. Below is a case study of SimCity.

essential elements of your website

It is also important to note that websites that have user-friendly and well designed record higher conversion rates than their counterparts. Filling your website pages with promotional content makes it difficult for potential customers to focus on the CTA buttons. Therefore, consider removing any unnecessary text. A professional website designer in Singapore can help you get rid of this content easily. 

Placement of CTA

Where will you place the CTA button? Already, we have discussed how it should be optimized. Now, you need to go a step further and make sure that the button is placed at the right location on your website.

Ideally, it should always be above the fold. Make sure that it is also visible at all times. Test different location the page to know which part works best. Having two properly optimized CTA buttons and experimenting with both of them will help you identify the best location quickly and more accurately.

Navigation Menu

The navigation menu is meant to help your website visitors find what they are looking for quickly and without contacting the support team. It should give them a roadmap to assist them to move from one page to another.

If the menu is too complicated, it will hurt your Singapore website conversion rate. Keeping things simple and straightforward is the best way to keep things moving in the right direction. 

Image Subject

Plain white background with no images could be the reason your website is not performing as expected. It is highly recommended to use visual elements to make the site more appealing. Pictures can also help communicate with the target audience without using blocks of text.

Remember that the human brain is programmed to process visuals faster than blocks of text. However, you should not just add any image you find online and assume that it will revamp your website.

essential elements of your website

Carry out several A/B tests to know which images leads to the highest sales and use it on the landing page. 

Value Proposition

Earlier on in this article, we discussed the importance of providing free shipping to your customers.

Such a value proposition can significantly help your business to get loyal customers and become an authority in the niche. Test other elements of your value proposition to continue getting even better results.

essential elements of your website

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Just like information about free shipping, highlight other benefits on the landing pages.

The Layout of Product Page

Your ecommerce website needs to have the best design possible especially the product page. This page has a significant impact on conversion rates. Carry out A/B tests on the layout of the product page to know which one works best for your brand.

Experiment with the number of products that are displayed on the screen at a go. If the layout has a grid, experiment with rows of five compared to rows of six or more. You can also test two columns instead of four columns.

essential elements of your website

The size of the product icons is also essential, test it also to know if you need to increase or reduce it. Concisely, multiple tests will help you to understand the ideal design of your product page.

CTA Colour

As mentioned earlier on, the CTA button needs to stand out from the other contents on the landing page for it to be effective in boosting conversion rates.

Colour will help create contrast with the surrounding elements on the page. Well, your Singapore website’s colour scheme should be visually appealing to the target audience, but this does not mean that the call-to-action button should blend in with all the other elements on the page.

For example, a blue CTA button placed on a website page that has a blue background can be easily lost in the shuffle. On the other hand, bright yellow colour will make it difficult for the visitors to read it.

So, which is the best colour? Run several A/B tests to find out because each website has its own colour scheme.

essential elements of your website

Usually, red is associated with stop and green with go. You could assume that the green CTA button will perform better than the red button. Numerous results have shown that red CTA buttons get approximately 21% more clicks than the green button.

Length of Form Fields

Most website designers forget to test the length of form fields they place on landing pages.

Research shows that short form fields deliver higher conversion rates than the latter.

essential elements of your website

If you need to gather a lot of information from the customers, you will need longer form fields. There are instances when the shorter form fields do not deliver the best results.

Be on the safe side by carrying out A/B tests to know the ideal length of form fields for your business.


Carrying out A/B tests on these 13 essential elements of your website will ensure that you get maximum ROI from your Singapore digital marketing campaigns. Our website design and digital marketing team will work in tandem to ensure that your site is positioned for success in Singapore. Contact us today for more details at +65 6789 9852. 

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