9 YouTube Trends You Need To Know In 2022

9 YouTube Trends You Need To Know In 2022

In 2022, the world of entertainment and social media will continue to be synonymous. YouTube will create content for digital audiences and integrate social media functions into live events.

Like any other social media platform, YouTube will continue to evolve and morph, taking its shape and function in line with the times.

1. Authentic storytelling will emerge as the paramount objective on YouTube

In 2022, audiences on social media are more demanding than ever before. They’ve learned to expect more from brands and content creators about authenticity and quality. This trend will impact every area of content production, including video.

In the past, content creators could get away with short posts just to accumulate views. In 2022, audiences will want to follow and be followed by verified content creators who appear to be sharing genuinely interesting and relevant information.

Sharing informative content that appears factual and authentic will be the key to building an audience on YouTube.

2. Influencers will take the lead in establishing authority on YouTube, followed by journalists and bloggers

In the past, bloggers and journalists often collaborated with a celebrity to gain credibility through association. In the future, journalists and bloggers will see increased value in being uniquely identified as an authoritative voice on a particular subject matter or in a specific industry.

This trend will impact content creators who are established journalists, bloggers, or influencers. As these professionals establish their authority on a subject, they will grow their audience and become recognizable leaders in their industry. The more authoritative and trusted they appear, the more followers and subscribers they will attract.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, YouTubers who have not yet established themselves as authority figures in their industry will struggle to gain credibility and authority on the platform. Building a community of followers will be the key to gaining credibility on YouTube – and that comes from consistently creating and publishing high-quality content.

3. The importance of video in growing a business will increase

In the past, entrepreneurs and businesses often used websites and email marketing to gain credibility and attract potential customers to their products and services. In 2022, the video will continue to play a prominent role in establishing an entrepreneur’s or business’ legitimacy.

In 2022, the video will continue to evolve and morph into new forms, taking over the entertainment and information-gathering industries. As video becomes a less prominent part of people’s everyday lives, its value as a business tool will only increase.

Soon, videos will serve as mini-documentaries, teaching users about the products and services of a business or an organization. As people become more accustomed to consuming video content, audiences will have the opportunity to learn about and be intrigued by products and services they may not be familiar with. This trend will benefit both businesses and customers, creating a win-win situation.

Video is an effective way to establish an entrepreneur’s or brand’s legitimacy on the platform. In the coming years, businesses and entrepreneurs will increasingly rely on video to build their authority and gain credibility with potential customers.

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Emphasizing the value of video, several major American business magazines have predicted that video will soon take over online content marketing.

4. Live events will become less prominent on YouTube

In the past, entrepreneurs and businesses would hold online or virtual conferences to establish relationships and forge new connections with potential customers. In the future, this type of engagement will take place largely through video.

In the coming years, live events, traditional marketing techniques, and email marketing will combine to form a more traditional marketing mix that works effectively in conjunction with video. However, the value of in-person events and face-to-face interactions will never be replicated by a digital communications tool such as video. This is especially the case as video becomes less prominent – both as a marketing technique and as part of people’s everyday lives.

In the future, video will still be important for businesses, brands, and individuals, but the value associated with live events will only rise as video content becomes more prominent.

5. Brand storytelling will emerge on YouTube

In the past, entrepreneurs and businesses would often create videos to explain their products and services, establish their legitimacy, or simply entertain. In the future, these videos will serve an important function in brand building – including brand identity, explaining the company or organization, and promoting products and services.

Since these videos are designed to entertain, educate, or inform users about a product or service, they can also promote and advertise a business or brand’s associated products. YouTube creators, journalists, and bloggers will increasingly use video to tell stories about the products and services they discuss and why they matter to the audience. As brands and businesses use video to generate interest, excitement, and credibility, we expect to see a rise in branded videos.

YouTube creators, journalists, and bloggers can build brands for themselves and their associated products and services simply by using video.

6. Product demos will become more prominent on YouTube

In the past, entrepreneurs and businesses often created videos to demonstrate their products’ features and virtues. In the future, these videos will serve as mini-product demos, helping users decide whether or not to purchase a product or service.

In the coming years, the importance of product demos will rise as more people become technology-minded and digitally savvy. As people become more accustomed to interacting with brands and companies online, they will have the opportunity to learn about products and services through concise, informative videos demonstrating the features and virtues of a particular product or service.

If a user sees a product demo that is well-made and shows the features in a clear, attractive manner, that user may very well want to purchase the product or service that is being advertised. In cases like this, having a successful product demo can be the difference between a business surviving and thriving.

Videos that effectively and persuasively promote a product or service will arise as entrepreneurs and businesses recognize the importance of video content marketing in brand building and customer acquisition. Additionally, creators who demonstrate how a product or service works will become more valuable and attractive to business buyers and marketers.

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7. Product reviews will become more prominent on YouTube

In the past, consumers relied on expert product reviews to inform their purchasing decisions. In the future, consumers will increasingly consult with various review sources, including video, to inform their options.

Consumers will increasingly turn to video reviews and testimonials from happy customers to learn about and decide whether or not to purchase a product when a user sees an overview of how other customers feel about a product, that user may very well decide to try that product out themselves.

Video reviews and testimonials can establish an expert’s or business’s legitimacy on the platform. Furthermore, content creators can position themselves as thought leaders in their industry by hosting video reviews and testimonials from customers who have tried out the product or service. This will naturally attract customers and potential buyers who seek out authoritative voices in their field.

8. Fewer videos from established creators will become popular on YouTube

Since the dawn of video content marketing, creators have focused on increasing their audiences and gaining as many views as possible. Many creators will continue this practice into the future, looking for ways to increase their reach and influence. However, as audiences grow larger and more established, creators must continue to innovate and experiment to remain relevant and interesting to their audiences. Consequently, less attention will be paid to videos from well-known creators.

In the coming years, audiences will become more familiar with the personalities and styles of various content creators and will seek out content that is relevant to them. As a result, viewers may choose to watch videos from established creators less often than videos from up-and-coming creators trying to establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry. This trend may mean that we will see a decline in overall views on YouTube as audiences learn to prioritize quality over quantity.

9. Content creators will increasingly experiment with different video platforms and mediums

In the past, creators often experimented with video formats, camera angles, and lighting, among other things, to figure out what worked best for their content’s presentation. As content creators continue to look for ways to experiment with and differentiate their content, we can expect to see more creators experimenting with different platforms and mediums for video content.

YouTube Trends to Leverage

In 2022, viewers are more engaged with content than ever, and social media platforms like YouTube play a significant role in people’s daily lives. While most YouTube users still watch videos for leisure, the behavior of those on the platform has dramatically shifted. 

As a marketer, this should come as no surprise: People want to learn how to do things and do it now! This means marketers can harness educational videos to teach businesses valuable lessons, gain insights, and make an impact!

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