8 Ways You Can Get More Content Via Guest Posting In Singapore

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Successful blogging is for the most part just about being smart and resourceful. Just as important is hard work, but relying on that alone has long proven to be illogical and impractical in itself.

Not long ago all it took for one to excel in the world of blogging was a consistent posting of blog posts stuffed with a few keywords. But eventually, the world of SEO would evolve, bringing with it other key players.

That went on to mean that keywords were no longer the most dominant SEO tool. Backing this up were a number of SEO experts who stepped forward and boldly stated that keywords were fast fading out of significance and would eventually become obsolete.

While we’re still waiting for that to happen, let’s shift our focus to the next new kid on the block, backlinks.

It’s no longer a secret that backlinks play a significant role in determining one’s rank in the Search Engine Result Pages, which kind of explains why guest blogging unexpectedly became the craze.

That a side, at a time when everyone is fast turning to guest blogging for their fair slice of the SEO cake, why NOT position yourself at the receiving end of guest blogging and reap the obvious benefits, which includes free content?

Accepting guest blogs can also be interpreted to mean drawing new attention or introducing variety to the type of content you post. That’s besides setting ground for new and meaningful connections.

Benefits abound, and as you get to learn about them, here are 8 solid tips on how to attract A-list writers to guest blog on your site.

Work on Creating Mutual Social Connections with Some of the Good Writers you Know

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Simple — start by spotting your target writers and come up with a solid plan on how to connect with them.

Find out whom they’re connected with on the various social media platforms and connect with them first before you can finally go head and launch your request.

People on social media tend to warm up to people with whom they have a lot of mutual connections.

It’s also important that you make yourself known in your writer’s circle of friends. You don’t have to go big about it. Instead, start by commenting on their articles, striking up casual conversations in the forums they’re in, and even getting to share some of their articles on social media.

Eventually, this may catch their attention, and maybe get them also interested in checking you out. And as time goes, you may start attracting a good chunk of their friends, too; some of whom might actually be interested in guest blogging with you, depending on the nature of your blog.

Create a Guest Blog Page

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Don’t be too shy to make your interest known. You’re looking to attract guest bloggers, then why NOT create a page inviting them to submit their posts?

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This page should contain all the rules and guidelines pertaining to the type of content you’re actually interested in. Every crucial information such as word count, your area of interest, and style of writing should also be included in the post you make.

It’s also important that you let your guest bloggers know that you’re NOT interested in low effort posts and should their articles fail to meet your standards, then they wouldn’t be published.

You may also want to convey all the benefits of guest blogging with you. Will there be any financial reward? Will they be allowed to post backlinks? Or will they be featured in your special email list?

Most importantly, try to make a list of all the writers that have already guest blogged with you, with a link directing to their corresponding articles. This should work as social proof, giving interested bloggers even more reasons to submit their posts.

Give Credit

Writers put too much effort and hard work in getting a piece of article written and polished for publication. It’s important that you acknowledge them individually as the brain behind the intellectual property they have on your website.

Start by setting up your blog to include multiple authors and thereafter ask the writers you’re working with to submit a short bio telling their stories and their current involvement.

The bio provided should be beneficial to both the reader and the writer; where the reader gets to learn more about the author and where to get more of their content; and where the writer gets to tell their story, directing readers to their website or blog for more of their articles.

Authors bios also help personalise their content. Readers get to learn about the writer’s experiences and inspirations, and may therefore NOT take the content as another regurgitation of what’s floating about in the already saturated blogging chambers.

Create a Guest Blogging Submission Form

Once you’ve established your brand and your site is enjoying a stupendous flow of traffic, you’d be surprised by the sheer number of guest bloggers pitching about their posts. The number can be so big to an extend that going through the posts, editing and sorting them out can prove to be an overwhelming task on its own.

A better approach, and one which eases some of the workload would be to create a submission form. This should help you organise the posts you’re getting into categories.

With form tools such as Typeform, cognito forms, and gravity forms to name a few, you can easily create custom fields whose data can be directly organized into spreadsheets.

CoSchedule can also come in handy in this, more so as it comes integrated with Google forms that will be capturing all the submissions your guest bloggers make. In the tool, your guest bloggers will be asked to provide specific information during submission.

For instance, you could request for some samples or even create a section requesting the writer to state the reason they’re interested in guest blogging on your site.

Work On Your Site

Guest bloggers are only interested in writing for the most influential sites. If your site isn’t driving enough traffic or has been dormant for a while, don’t expect them to come flocking with guest blog pitches.

No shortcut — make sure your blogging is consistent. It doesn’t have to be on a daily basis or a number of times a day, but regular. This can be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Whichever the case,. let your visitors know that upon visiting your website at a certain date and time, they should be able to find a new post.

The content you post must also be good enough to make other bloggers interested to be associated with you. Your writing must be free of careless grammatical mistakes, besides reading good.

All that guest bloggers are interested in is being associated with the best blog in their niche, and if your blog can provide that, then there shouldn’t be any hardship attracting them.

Go Looking

Writers may NEVER know you exist until you take the first, bold step to go after them. Go to Facebook groups, forums and anywhere else where you’re allowed to share your word and make it known that you’re actually interested in working with guest bloggers.

Quora and Reddit are among the best places to start. If you happen to spot a group you think might actually be beneficial to your blog, ping them and let them know they’re invited to guest blog with you.

This is particularly important if one of those people happens to be so versed in a particular field relating to what you blog about. Just ask them if they can make a full post about a given area and if they might actually be interested in publishing it on your blog.

Be Open for Dialogues

You don’t just jump into a conversation with someone and ask them next if they might actually be interested in guest blogging with you.

Everything has to be taken slow, step by step, and with enough tact. Starting with the newsletters you make, look around for the people that inspired your posts or the influential masterminds behind some of the products or services you’re offering, and give them mentions.

You can afterwards make it known to them that you mentioned them in your posts, and you’d actually be more excited if they got to share it with their friends and readers.

Don’t forget to mention the name of your blog, and making it known that you’re completely open for guest blogs should they feel like collaborating with you on something.

Give Incentives

There’s a good number of websites that reward guest bloggers with money after publishing their posts.

A simple trick would be to offer money to the most read blog post in a month. This is an important step if your blog is relatively new and has so little to offer in term of traffic or expanding one’s viewership.

To some, just having their post published on your site is an incentive on its own. Otherwise you just have to be creative in figuring out what appeals to your guest bloggers the most and cash on it.

It’s a Wrap

As a determined blogger or web owner, we’d like to assume you’ve written your fair share of guest blogs to other bloggers. So why NOT position yourself at the receiving end and see how that also works for you. If you’re having trouble getting it done, then consider reaching for an agency like MediaOne and ask for help.

MediaOne also welcomes high quality blogs aimed at helping the Internet marketing community. Click here to see our guidelines on our requirements and how to submit.

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