8 Tips for Hiring Web Designers in Singapore

web designers in Singapore

Are you looking for professional web designers in Singapore? Indeed, contracting the best website design Singapore team to work on your upcoming website will ensure that you get value for money.

Contrary to popular belief, using website builders is not ideal if you want to get much visibility online and generate revenue. Chances are that hundreds of other businesses in your niche used the builder and template to create their websites. Therefore, standing out from the crowd will be an uphill task.

There is no shortage of web designers in Singapore, but you have to make sure that you hire the best to get good results. Here are eight tips to help you find a web developer in Singapore who has the skills and expertise needed to create a professional looking website for your brand.

1: What do you Want?

Knowing what you want and what you don’t want will ease the process of selecting a website design in Singapore. Before you reach out to a website developer, list down websites that you admire then narrow down to those that you feel best resonate with your brand and audience. Share the list with the designers to help them get a clearer perspective of your personal preference and goals.

Ask yourself, do you want a visually appealing site that is trendy or a conservative website? Will you be making regular edits to the content? Will the site need to be updated every monthly or annually? The answers to these questions will help you to know what you want and steer the website development project in the right direction.

2: Look at the Portfolio the Web Designers in Singapore in your List

Thanks to fast internet connection across Singapore, you can easily compare and contrast the services offered by each web design company in Singapore you are eyeing. Take time to review each designer’s portfolio before making your final decision.

Look at their past projects and what they are currently working on to know if they can match your expectations. Do not shy away from asking for additional information about the projects they have worked on before to get a clear perspective of what to expect from them.

3: Check Out References

As noted by Fyne Lyne Ventures principal, Lynn Amos, referrals from business associates whose websites resonate with what you are looking for will help you pick the right website designer in Singapore. During the consultation session, request for references from past as well as current customers. Look at the sites they have designed to gauge the quality of their services.

Carrie Middlemiss, the current director of marketing at Metia, solicit recommendations from other business executives that you know. While there, ask how well the website designer communicated the project progress and met deadlines.

In the event that the business platform has a solid partner network, carry out a background research of the recommended partners. Ideally, a good partner marketplace will offer a selection of agencies as well as examples of previous projects, industries they specialise on, and budget ranges.

The bottom line is that, you should reach out to at least two current and former clients to get a clear perspective of what to expect from the selected web design company in Singapore. References who were not contented with the service rendered will warn you before you sign the contract documents.

web designers in Singapore

4: Hire a Web Designer Who is Conversant with your Preferred CMS

There are many content management systems (CMS) in the market today. As you evaluate the various web designers in Singapore, consider their expertise in developing websites using your preferred CMS. Most of the website design companies in the country have partner ecosystems that you can use to come up with a list of designers who are properly accredited.

If you are yet to select a CMS, looking for a web design company that can guide you through the decision making process. Your business objective should be factored in during the CMS selection process. Note that some CMS such as Website Tonight, Wix, and Squarespace are template and proprietary based. Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress are open source.

One of the main differences between open source CMS systems and Proprietary CMS systems is that the latter have a simple interface – and this makes them ideal for non-techy users but the customisation options are limited. On the other hand, the open source CMS systems are completely customisable and installing new updates is easy.

Another important factor to note about proprietary systems is that you cannot move the website if you are not contented with the services offered by the hosting company. Most web designers in Singapore prefer working with open source systems as they are independent of hosting companies and offer more customisation freedom.

5: Your Budget Should be Realistic

Companies that offer services related to web development in Singapore charge different prices for their services. As you research the industry, get to know the average cost of creating a website in Singapore. Ideally, the cost of a new website design in Singapore is dependent on the project requirements such as number of pages, special functionalities to be added, and intricacy of the design.

Needless to say, a simple website with only 4-5 pages will be cheaper than an e-commerce website that requires hundreds of product pages. The point we are putting across is that your budget should be realistic. Nonetheless, do not sacrifice quality for price.

6: Who will Work on the Project

Some Singapore web design agencies have an in-house team of developers while others outsource the work to individual website developers. It is important to know if your project will be outsourced or worked on by the in-house team before committing yourself.

The main challenge of outsourcing projects is that if something is done wrongly or you need the website updated, you will have to wait for hours for the website developer to rectify it especially if you are in different time zones. To avoid this problem, request to meet the team that will work on the project. Schedule a brainstorming session with them to ensure everyone who will be involved understand the requirements and what you want to achieve at the end of the project.

7: Confirm that the Website Designer Will Complete the Project on Time

Can you complete the project within my deadline? Before you sign the contract document, ask the website designer if they are comfortable with the set deadline. If not, set a new deadline and milestones. Agree on when the designer will send project progress update and the number of revisions you can request to avoid challenges down the road.

8: Web Design Copyrights

As mentioned earlier, it is not recommended to use the conventional free website templates and builders if you really want to stand out from the competition. Before hiring one of the web designers in Singapore on your list, ask him or her if he is willing to surrender all intellectual property rights associated with the web design to you after completion of the project.

It is important to know this upfront, as not being the sole owner of the website design and the content can hinder you from getting investment capital if you decide to sell your business. Any professional web developer in Singapore will sign over the intellectual property right to you after completing the project. It is a common practice, if they don’t, move on to the next web developer.

Closing Remarks

Hiring the best web designers in Singapore will give your business a firm footing in the country. Draft a contract document and request the agency to sign it to cushion you from any eventuality.

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