8 Proven Ways to Generate More Business Leads In Singapore

business leads

For you to generate revenue, you have to understand how to get business leads that are ready or almost read to convert. This process will take you time and research so don’t be in a hurry otherwise, you might end up making costly mistakes.

You want customers to know about your products or services. That is the only way they will buy your products or seek your services.

Concisely, the main aim of a leads generation campaign is to draw in prospects who have a genuine desire or need to buy your product or service.

8 Best Lead Generation Strategies in Singapore

  1. Embrace New Technology
  2. Create and Optimise Content
  3. Inbound and Outbound marketing 
  4. Leverage Twitter
  5. Automate your Marketing
  6. Use Email Marketing
  7. Use Lead Databases
  8. Optimise your Homepage, Landing Pages and Other Key Pages

Let us shift gears and look at each strategy in detail. We are confident that by the end of the article, you will have a clear idea of how you can improve your Singapore lead generation strategies. 

Embrace New Technology

Embracing technology means upgrading your existing digital marketing tools. New technology will help you match the current digital market trends and do B2B lead generation.

For example, more than 70% of adult Singaporeans have more than one smart mobile devices from which they access their mail, shop for products, and browse the internet and much more.

This means that you should adjust your digital marketing campaigns for seamless integration on these devices for you to reach more customers in Singapore.

Emerging technology will allow you to work smarter and become more productive. 

Create and Optimise Content

Good content will increase organic web traffic and help you generate more business leads.

business leads

The content should have quality, images, infographics and video to increase engagement and share counts. This will make it rank highly on the search results and bring in more traffic to the website.

For example, if you are creating content in the marketing niche, let it revolve around SEO, pay-per-click, and content marketing. Make sure they are categorized on specific pages or in the URL to segment your audience easily.

People like to read relevant content. Therefore, you should give them a specific video or e-book that is unique to their needs.Your content should target prospects based on the categories they visit and the content they read as well.

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In a nutshell, when creating content, always focus on how you can stand out from the crowd. 

Inbound and Outbound Marketing

Although outbound marketing is more effective, inbound marketing cannot be ignored. It is recommended to use both approaches in a balanced manner to ensure effective leads generation.

Stay active in online communities by solving customer issues and sharing informative content. You can also personalise your email communication. Doing this will enable you to build healthy relationships with potential customers. 

Leverage Twitter

Apart from other social networks, Twitter is an excellent source of potential business leads. Using Followerwonk, you can analyze follower information, what time they tweet and more. This will help you reach out to audiences who are interested in your niche and engaging with your content. Followerwonk will also guide you on how to find influencers and connect with them.

Do you know that Twitter’s advanced search queries can ensure B2B lead generation for your company?

Find people who are interested in your brand and engage with them. But how do you find these people? Use the advanced search query. The main categories of advanced search include words, people places and dates.

Depending on what products or services you are offering, your words should be centred on the products. Include relevant phrases in your search too.

In the people section, you can search for your business competitors. There you will see all the followers who engage with your competitors. Narrow your search results to specific locations that you service. 

You can also filter the date range to the most recent then reach out to the followers. This you can do by replying to their tweets directly, following their profiles, and retweeting their tweets. Such interaction will help you get more followers.

Automate Your Marketing

You can collect email addresses and use marketing automation to nurture them. This will get more data to your business leads.

The drip application can also provide marketing automation through email marketing, a properly designed popup and much more. You can collect data from prospective customers and convert them into leads on autopilot.

Social media is another area you should automate. Agorapulse is a social media management tool you can use to automate your Twitter, Facebook and other social media  platforms you use for marketing.

Use Email Marketing

Email marketing can help you drive leads, especially when you personalize your emails. It features a direct engagement concept.

The subject line for your email should be eye-catching to make the recipient eager to read your content. It should address the pain points your potential leads are facing.

Make your content brief, concise and engaging.

Try to integrate social media links in all your emails to help readers redirect to your social media page.

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Also, you can embed images in your emails. A picture can speak volumes about your brand and motivate the recipient to take the desired action. Include only lightweight images will ensure that the content loads fast. 

Include a call-to-action button at the top half of the email to get the recipient to act.

When sending out emails, personalize the subject line and ensure you group your contacts based on their names, purchase history, location and their interests.

Be keen to find out the specific areas of the email that your contacts are clicking. Incorporating more more links in the copy will translate into more clicks that you can track to learn your subscribers’ habits and make the necessary improvements.

Use Lead Databases

When using someone’s database, take caution about its quality. You can find potential leads at data.com. The site has a list of companies and accurate information about their contacts to help you make the right decision. 

LinkedIn is another business-centric networking site that you can use to generate leads. It also allows you to publish content and attract an already engaged audience. 

Optimise Your Home Page, Landing Pages and Other Key Pages

The first point to note is that every page on your website needs attention. You can start by optimizing your home page and landing pages.

Confetti maps, heatmap, overlay maps and scroll maps can help you understand the behaviour of users.

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Write a compelling call to action for the final button but make sure that the images, body copy and headlines lead to the call to action.

Always make sure that each page has a well optimised CTA and prepare your prospects to convert. When generating leads, you should anticipate the needs of your reader and provide a way to get them.

Do you want them to sign up to your course? Present the problem, the solution, and a reason for them to sign up. Make them say yes every time.


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Lead generation is a continuous and long term process. With efficient tools in place and the strategies above, you can streamline your processes and increase opportunities for your business to grow.

Lead generation is like mining gold. You cannot depend on one source and get maximum outcomes. Multiple sources will help you get the qualified leads more efficiently. Once you know the ropes of generating business leads, you are sure to increase the website conversion rate.

We can help you come up with sales funnels and robust lead generation campaigns in Singapore. Get in touch with us for more details. 

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