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8 Best Pop-up WordPress Plugins For Your Singapore Website


Pop-ups are among the WordPress plugins that have to fight a bad rap. They’re like the Justin Biebers of the web design world. They’re loved and hated in the same measure.

Some people just find them annoying, while some marketers and web owners won’t drop them for any reason – because they’ve proven to work.

Confirming this claim is a recent study conducted by Sumo. After analysing about 2 billion pop-ups, found that their average conversion rate rests at 3.09%. Taking the top 10% best-performing pop-ups and averaging them, their conversion rate stood at a good 9.28%.

From these study findings, there’s no denying that pop-ups are actually good at what they do. They can be pretty much annoying at times, but they know how to get the job done right.

Here, we like to think of pop-ups as any other marketing tool. They can be pretty much anything depending on how you use them. They’re not any different from social media. Social media marketing, as we know it, works. But that’s not to say that every business has success with using it.

This post is for those who’ve already made up their mind that they’re going to use pop-ups regardless of what the world thinks about them. All we’ll be doing is singling out the best of these plugins so we can help you reach an easy decision on what plugin to use.

Now without wasting more of your time, let’s take the dive and get the list of the best WordPress plugins rolling.

Ninja Popups

WordPress plugins

Talk about a popup plugin and the first plugin to come to mind will be the Ninja pop-ups, one of the most popular popup plugins that you’re likely to come across.

The first thing people do when sampling a plugin is to look for what’s popular before checking the rating. The odds always favour what’s mostly used. And in this case, both popularity and the rating seem to rank Ninja pop-ups as one of the best popup plugins on the market.

First, the plugin boasts an extensive list of off-the-wall features. It’s also super responsive and can adjust itself to match all sizes of screens. The configuration process is also a snap. You don’t need any prior coding experience to find your way around it.

You can even customise the popup to match your website’s colour scheme. You also have the option to adjust the size of the pop-ups you create and change the colour of the buttons.

More interesting, this popup plugin is among the few that offers A/B testing. You can play around with different variations of the popup you’re creating as you weigh on the results to find out which one among them is the most effective or yields the best conversion results.

Even better, the plugins features a detailed analytics page that you can use to analyse results and see how everything is coming into play.

Lastly, the plugin offers in-page targeting, where you create different popups for different pages depending on what’s proven to work best with that particular web page.

The Ninja popup is also one of the most affordable popup plugins you’ll ever come across, with their regular license for single use going at $26 only.

Layered Popups

WordPress plugins

As the name suggests, this plugin allows you to create popups that can stack multiple layers. These are the popups you create when you’re looking for a more efficient way to grab your users’ attention. It also allows you to put your creativity into work and come up with something totally different.

Are you looking to stand out and kill the ennui of filling the internet with the same type of popups? This is the plugin to choose.

Arriving with the plugin is a visual editor that you’ll be using to edit your pop-ups to the finest of details. It also comes with various displays options for you to choose from. For instance, here are a few display options and popup triggers:

  • Scrolling
  • Exit Intent
  • Once per session
  • Specified delays
  • Every visit
  • Once per a specified number of days
  • Idle pages

With this option, you can easily get more people to subscribe without you annoying them.

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It goes without mentioning that the plugin is also compatible with a great majority of email platforms out there. It’s, in fact, compatible with 56 of these email platforms including mail chimp, get a response, active campaign, aweber, constant contact, and active campaign.

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Or we could just say whatever email campaign software you use, you can be sure works with this popup plugin.

Better yet, after you install the plugin, you’ll be granted access to an upward of 150 templates to choose from. You’ll be allowed to run an unlimited number of A/B tests for the different elements that come with the plugin.

Their pricing plan starts at $21, which make it one of the most affordable popup plugins for WordPress.

OptinMonster Popup

wordpress plugins

OptinMonster is one of the leading lead generation software. There’s a fair chance you might be using it already for other marketing needs. As a matter of fact, way over 700, 000 websites are using OptinMonster for something as we speak.

Besides its standard lead generation solution, OptinMonster has a popup plugin that’s specifically dedicated to creating pop-ups.

You have every reason you need to like this plugin. First, it’s for featuring a drag and drop builder that makes it a cinch for you to create a popup form from scratch without hard-coding anything.

Other than that, here’s a series of other campaigns that you can create with the plugin:

  • Inline forms
  • Scroll triggered boxes
  • Slide-in forms
  • Welcome gates
  • Footer bars

OptinMonster offers advanced targeting. Which means you can target different people differently based on their personalized behaviour. This technology allows you to trigger pop-ups at their most optimal moment to drive conversions.

Their pop-ups can sense when a user is about to exit and respond by triggering the popup window almost instantly. For instance, if a user opens a new tab, the technology will sense that they’re about to navigate to that tab. In response, they’ll release the popup immediately as the last shot at getting the underlying user to take action.

This technology is commendable because it’s not intrusive. It will not be interfering with the browsing activities of your users, until that last moment when they’re done with what brought them to your site.

OptinMonster has been in full praise of this plugin and even claimed that the plugin has managed to boost the conversion rate of some websites by up to 785%. So while these claims come with no guarantees, there’s no harm in trying out to find out if there’s some truth in this statement or if the company is just blowing smoke. 

Every single one of the popups that you’re likely to make using this plugin is responsive enough to load just fine in absolutely any device. You can even integrate it with pretty much any email marketing software that you know.

You’re also allowed to run A/B tests with the plugin. Plus it can be integrated with your Google Analytics data for every single one of the campaigns that you run.

Popup Maker

WordPress plugins

This is a free popup plugin. But make no mistake: it’s one of the most flexible and versatile plugins on the list. You can create almost any type of popup with it without coding anything. Also, it has an active support forum that you can use to solve all the issues that you’re likely to encounter while using the plugin.

The plugin can work with some of the popular form builders such as Ninja Forms, Gravity forms, Contact form 7, and so much more. You can even set targets and integrate them with specific posts and pages on your website.

Other than using it to create popup forms, the plugin can be used to create EU cookie notices, modal forms, option pop-ups, and so much more.

Also included in the app are auto-open triggers that you can use to determine when to display the pop-ups. In other words, you have a vast range of setting options to display the pop-ups any way you prefer. 

For instance, you can determine the frequency with which you want the pop-ups to show. This technology uses cookies. You also have the option to edit cookies via the Cookie Creation Event.

Key Features of the Popup Maker plugin

  • Has awesome forum support that you can use to solve some of the problems that you encounter while using the plugin.
  • It’s fully responsive and can fit in absolutely any mobile device.
  • There’s a popup editor that you can use to build the pop-ups and all of its content.
  • Comes with auto-open triggers that you can use to set a time delay for the pop-ups. After how many minutes should the popup display once a user lands on your site?
  • Has click triggers that you can also use to trigger the popups.


WordPress plugins

This is another free WordPress popup plugin, arriving with a cornucopia of stunning popup creation and display features. You even get to decide on the specific pages, posts and templates that you’d wish to display the popups.

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Also, you can filter your users based on the results you’re getting on search engines. You’re also allowed to filter your users based on whether they commented on your web post or arrived at your site from another site.

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The plugin is also compatible with the majority of social networks, which makes it a whole lot easier for you to connect with them.

You can use the plugin to display any popup. Whether you’re looking to display an important message such as the EU cookie notice, increase your social followers, add a call to action, or display any message you have in mind; you can be sure the popup will be able to display it in the best way possible.

The premium version of the plugins comes with even more features, including:

  • Compatibility with a majority of popular form builder plugins including Gravity and Ninja forms.
  • Five different locations for the plugins
  • Configuration of background opacity
  • Short codes for displaying social shares
  • Change background and font color.


WordPress plugins

Icegram is another widely liked WordPress plugin that comes loaded up with unique features. It’s the plugin you’d want to install if you’re looking for something more than just popups. In other words, it can save you the trouble of installing so many popup plugins.

Besides pop-ups, the plugin offers a string of features, including overlays, badges, toast notifications, sidebars, stickies, and ribbons.

For advanced features, you have scrolling, call to action, geo-targeting, exit intent, and user activities, to name a few.

The plugin can also work with your email marketing campaign, as well as form and lead capture plugins that you have. The plugin also allows you to run A/B tests to determine which among your plugins is performing well enough; It also offers detailed analytics reports for almost anything you implement using the plugin.

It’s therefore safe to say that your options are not limited as far as this plugin goes.


WordPress plugins

This plugin was specifically designed to help you drive more conversions using popups. It comes loaded up with features including full-screen pop-ups, slide-ins, bottom bar information, sticky boxes, and toolbar information.

You’re also going to like their broad range of template options. We’re talking 100 plus unique templates that you can choose from and even tweak them to match your brand or web content.

The plugin also comes with more than 700 fonts to choose from, which you can use to customise your pop-ups for something unique. They also offer custom CSS, background setting options, and animations.

That’s without mentioning that they have detailed analytics that you can use to test out your pop-ups in real-time. With the information you get, you can track various KPIs, including views, conversions, and clicks.

You can even integrate it with almost any email marketing software and CRM solution, including WooCommerce, WP Registration form, Contact form 7, and Zapier.


WordPress plugins

Winding up this list is another popular WordPress plugin for popups, Bloom. This plugin was designed with email opt-ins in mind, and it does come with six different ways to display the popups:

  • Automatic popups
  • Automatic fly-ins
  • Widget areas forms
  • Below content forms
  • Required option for unlocking content
  • Inline opt-in forms

The plugin also boasts a long list of other high-end features that set it miles apart from the rest of the plugins on the market. Depending on what you’re planning to offer on your site, the plugin allows you to restrict part of your content to a registered user.

You have two sections of content on your site. In the first section, anyone can access it. But there’s a premium section of content that requires one to submit their emails and register before they can be granted access. 

The Final Thought

Whether or not pop-ups work, this is up for debate. Our main focus today was on listing some of the best popup plugins that the market has to offer today. If your mind is already made up, then you can choose a plugin from the options provided, and we can almost guarantee there’ll be almost nothing to regret with that decision.

Do you feel like we’ve missed any important popup plugin? Talk to us about anything, including your social media strategy. Or better, talk to us about your project or to our web development team at MediaOne Marketing to help you with the installation process. 


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