7 Mistakes to Avoid in Inbound Marketing

7 Common Inbound Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Inbound marketing is a digital marketing strategy used in Singapore and other parts of the world by businesses to draw in customers to products and services. This is done by using search engine optimisation, branding, social media marketing, and content marketing.

Unknown to most people is that there is a difference between inbound marketing and outbound marketing. The latter entails promoting a service or product continuously through public relation campaigns, promotions, sales, and advertising.

Most of the companies prefer hiring an inbound marketing agency to do it for them but there are some that prefer doing it themselves. Hubspot’s inbound marketing strategies have been proven to be effective in helping businesses get a firm footing on the worldwide web.

However, just like any other digital marketing campaign, it is imperative to make sure that you do it right. Today, we look at seven common mistakes that you need to avoid when doing inbound marketing.

7 Inbound Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Strike 1: Doing All Tasks at Once

There are a number of tasks that you need to do for your inbound marketing strategy to be effective in generating leads. Trying to do all the tasks at the same time will make it challenging for you to get the expected results. Having high expectations from your campaign is a good thing that will motivate you to keep on keeping on, but you need to take one step at a time.

Otherwise, you will overwork and spread yourself too thin – you will not see any substantial results from the inbound marketing campaign. Prioritize the tasks by identifying the channels that are performing well and those that need to be improved.

For example, if your Instagram marketing campaigns are performing well but your email campaign bounce rate is high, focus on rectifying your email campaign first.

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Strike 2: Having Unrealistic Goals

As Hubspot inbound marketing course advocates that you need to have set realistic goals that are measurable. If the goals are not measurable, you will not be able to work efficiently or monitor the results you get over a period of time. The goals should be:

  • Specific: Every inbound marketing goal should be attached to a specific metric. For example, write 5 more blog posts per week instead of writing more articles. The deadlines should also be specific
  • Measurable: Set numbers to measure the success of your marketing strategy
  • Attainable: The goals should be attainable.
  • Timely: Strive to stick to the deadlines otherwise, if you keep extending the deadlines, your goals will lose their credibility and the entire campaign will fail

Strike 3: Not Using the Available Resources

One of the common mistakes that we see is that inbound marketers make is overhauling all the marketing materials available instead of optimising what is available. If you have been using traditional marketing strategies, chances are that you have resources and content that can complement your inbound marketing efforts.

For example, if you already have an optimised website that is generating a decent amount of leads, work with it. Create a professional landing page for your first offer and come up with a compelling call-to-action to generate as many leads as possible from it.

Strike 4: Doing Inbound Marketing without a Professional Blog

A professional blog filled with stellar content that resonates with the needs and expectations of the target audience is required. Continuously posting fresh content on your blog will position your Singapore business for success by expanding your clientele reach.   

Note that a new blog post is a new page on your website that will be indexed by Google and other search engines. The more pages on your site that are indexed, the more organic traffic you will get from search engines. This increase in traffic will eventually translate into more sales and brand awareness both online and offline.

Make sure each post has several CTAs to assist the target audience to take the desired action. For example, you can decide to place banners at the bottom and top sections of each post.

Strike 5: Blindly Creating Content

Now that you understand the importance of blogging to your business goals and milestones. The idea to start writing blogs on any topic that is related to your niche keeps popping. Don’t otherwise you will be wasting your time and resources. Just like any other moving part in an inbound marketing strategy, you need to have a robust blogging strategy.

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Take time to research the type of content your target audience may be interested in before you embark on writing. Here are tips on how to do it right:

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Strike 6: Not Polishing your Email Lists

Email marketing campaigns offer the highest ROI compared to other digital marketing strategies. If you have ever purchased an email list now is the time to delete it. As an inbound marketer, you need to have a list of genuine email addresses.

The first step to inbound email marketing is to check the validity of your lists. A five-question sniff test will help you identify addresses that should be expunged from the list. Once you have a healthy email list, you will notice a sharp drop in bounce rate as you will be sending emails to potential customers who are interested in your brand and expecting to hear from you.

Strike 7: Not Monitoring Results and Adjusting your Inbound Marketing Campaign Accordingly

As mentioned earlier, if you don’t monitor results, you will not be able to tell if your marketing campaign is working. There are plenty of tools that you can use to monitor the campaign accurately. On the same point, tracking results using too many metrics at once is not recommended as you risk losing focus.

The metrics that you track depend on the goals you want to achieve.

Closing Remarks

A good inbound marketing strategy will give your brand a higher cutting edge in the market. Make sure you avoid all these mistakes to get maximum ROI. Our digital marketing team can assist you to come up with an ideal campaign for your brand. Contact us for a free and no-obligation consultation session today.


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