7 Easy Ways To Increase CTR in SEO

7 Easy Ways To Increase CTR in SEO - MediaOne Marketing Singapore

You’ve probably heard the saying “Content is king.” It’s definitely true when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) and CTR, particularly for those pursuing organic growth.

Without interesting, relevant content, you’re losing out on the opportunity to generate organic traffic to your site.

While there are endless tactics you can use to increase the traffic to your site, what’s important is aligning those efforts with a clear understanding of how Google’s ever-changing algorithms work.

In this post, we’ll run down the most effective ways to crank up your CTR (click-through rate) in SEO so you can maximize your results and grow your business.

The Connection Between CTR and SEO

CTR, or click-through rate, is a metric that measures the number of clicks a specific link or call-to-action (CTA) receives divided by the number of times it is viewed.
For example, if a link on a search engine results page (SERP) is viewed 100 times and receives 10 clicks, its CTR would be 10%.

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of improving the ranking of a website on search engine results pages (SERPs) in order to increase the visibility and traffic to the website.

There is a strong connection between CTR and SEO because a high CTR can indicate that a website is relevant and useful to users, which is a key factor in how search engines rank websites.

In other words, if a website has a high CTR for a particular keyword or search query, it is likely to rank higher on the SERP for that keyword or query, which can lead to more traffic and better visibility for the website.

Additionally, a high CTR can also indicate that a website’s title and meta description (the snippet of text that appears under the website’s title on the SERP) are compelling and effective at attracting clicks.

This can also improve the website’s SEO, as search engines take into account the relevance and usefulness of a website’s title and meta description when determining its ranking on the SERP.

Overall, while CTR and SEO are distinct concepts, they are closely related and a high CTR can be a positive signal for a website’s SEO.

1. Keywords & Keyword Phrase Research

You can’t effectively tackle SEO without first getting to grips with the most popular search terms (keywords) that bring traffic to your site.

These keywords or keyword phrases (KWF) can be used to identify content that’s relevant to your niche and determine the kind of content you should be producing.

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Your chosen keywords or keyword phrases should appear frequently in the search results for your target audience.

You can use tools like Google Keyword Planner, which helps you find the right combination of keywords for content optimisation.

2. Use Longer Tail Keywords

The shorter your keywords, the higher your chances of getting a decent click-through rate (CTR).

However, using short keywords is fine when it comes to gaining immediate (short-term) traffic, but you should aim to use longer, more specific phrases when investing in long-term SEO tactics.

Take the keyword, “accountant Newport News,” for example, which has a pretty high search volume.

If you were to enter this keyword in a search box, you would see a long list of results, most of which are websites dedicated to providing services to the public.

Because these results are so diverse, each returning a different webpage, you have a high chance of a click-through (CTR) on any given result.

Now, let’s say you’re searching for a dentist in your area. Instead of using the more general keyword, “accountant,” you can use a longer version, “accountant for dental insurance,” which has a lower search volume but higher precision.

The results of your search will depend on which website attracts the most clicks.

Because you want your site to be the one that returns the most results when someone uses your keyword, you’ve now increased your chances of a click-through by using a longer version of your chosen keyword.

Longer versions of your chosen keywords usually perform better in search. They allow you to target a more specific niche and gain more precise search results.

3. Use Consistent Schema Markup

HTML5 is the standard markup language for creating websites and blogs.

If your homepage is created using HTML5, then you’re in great shape for search engines.

These websites will often have additional markup that provides information about the site to search engines.

Some examples of these are:

  • h1 – The h1 tag should appear in the headline of your page. This is an h1 tag, which stands for the human-readable headline. It’s important to note that h1 headlines should be limited to about 75 characters.
  • h2 – The h2 tag should appear in the second headline of your page. This is an h2 tag, which stands for the human-readable subheading. The h2 tag is usually used for subheadings (e.g. the first paragraph of a news article or blog post).
  • h3 – The h3 tag should appear in the third headline of your page. This is an h3 tag, which stands for human-readable body text.
  • h4 – The h4 tag should appear in the fourth headline of your page. This is an h4 tag, which stands for human-readable detail. The h4 tag is used for paragraphs and other shorter body copy (e.g. the first few sentences of a news article or blog post).
  • h5 – The h5 tag should appear in the fifth headline of your page. This is an h5 tag, which stands for human-readable footer. The h5 tag should appear at the very end of your page. It helps search engines understand what the article is about and provides context to your site’s content.
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If you want to make sure that your site is as search-friendly as possible, then ensure that all of the headings in your content use these tags.

4. Create Content That Solves A Problem

You can increase your CTR in search by providing valuable information that’s relevant to your target audience’s needs or queries.

When a user types in a keyword or keyword phrase in search, his or her brain immediately goes to work, hunting for websites that answer their question.

You can use this characteristic of search engines to your advantage by creating content that directly solves a problem.

Let’s say you’re a real-estate agent and you want to gain more leads from local searches.

You can get to grips with the most popular keywords for your chosen industry and create content that answers questions about buying real estate, getting mortgage approval, etc.

The more you can provide local value, the higher your search rankings are likely to be in the long term.

Create content that’s extremely helpful to anyone who’s searching for your products or services, and over time, you’ll see increased value in your website.

5. Link To High-Quality Content

Link To High-Quality Content - MediaOne Marketing Singapore

Backlinks are very important in the search engine rankings of any website or blog.

Inbound Marketing, a set of marketing strategies that attracts, engages, and retains customers, refers to backlinks as “incoming signs” that your website is worthy of being visited by interested parties.

Your backlink profile, or the listing of websites and blogs that are linking to you, can play a crucial role in your success.

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You can use free tools like Google’s Link Detox to find backlinks that are dead (or outdated), and then use a tool like Scrapebox to get a snapshot of your backlink profile.

A healthy backlink profile, which contains a variety of high-quality links, can provide you with a great boost to your SEO.

If there’s no one pointing to your site, you’re losing out on opportunities to grow your audience and make money online.

6. Use Video Content


If you can use video content to your advantage, then you’ll see an increased chance of a click-through (CTR) when someone uses your keyword.


Because users want to watch videos to learn something new or to entertain themselves.

When someone searches for your keyword, chances are, they’ll land on a page full of video content.

To improve the odds of someone clicking on your video content, ensure that the video itself is of good quality, has interesting content, and is succinct.

Videos under three minutes fall into a sweet spot, as users have already skimmed the majority of the content and are more likely to click away before they’ve completely watched.

7. Build Strong Social Media Communities

Build Strong Social Media Communities

A few years back, when SEO was all the rage, people would pop on to social media sites like Twitter to share helpful tips and tricks on SEO.

Because these websites are generally ad-free, and the primary purpose is to support content creators, the success of these websites relies on the engaged communities that form around these platforms.

If you’ve got a sizable audience on one of the most popular social media platforms like Twitter, then you can use that to your advantage by creating accounts on other platforms like Google+, where you can share and grow your audience even more.

When someone clicks on your social media icon, they’ll be landing on a page full of useful content, all of which can drive traffic to your website.

By engaging with your followers on Twitter, you can build credibility and trust, and eventually, that can translate into more business.

If you’ve got a Twitter audience of thousands, you can use that to your advantage by creating niche hashtags for your account and engaging with people in your niche.

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