6 Result-driven Ways To Boost Your Conversion Rate

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Are you looking for ways of improving your website conversion rate without spending a fortune? We got you covered. E-commerce business has become a multi-billion industry today and online retailers derive a huge revenue every year. When you search online you find a long list of e-commerce web development service providers who boast to create top-notch websites for online businesses.

Website owners always aspire to maximize their conversion rate but in reality, most of them fail to achieve their goals. There is a long list of factors that affect the conversion rate of e-commerce websites. By improving on these factors an online business can improve the conversion rate and increase sales. Here in this blog, we will discuss some of the best ways to boost your conversion rate.

Tips on improving the conversion rate for your website

You need to build a better strategy to encourage people to buy from you and push your conversion rate up. For this, start by finding out your weak points. There are several ways that you can adopt to boost sales and some of them have been described below.

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  1. Perform A/B Testing

First of all, you need to figure out what works well with your audience and whatnot. Running an A/B test is the best way to understand this phenomenon. A/B testing allows webmasters to experiment with different versions of a single website page and ascertain which one of them is more effective based on its conversion rate.

It is the best method to reduce risk in decision making and allows your creative team to innovate and explore new opportunities. A/B testing is also known as split testing and in this technique, webmasters can create two alternatives of their webpages like page A and page B, then the A/B testing software directs 50% of the traffic to page A and the rest 50% traffic is diverted to page B.

  1. Clear & compelling value proposition

The value proposition is a vital factor for conversion as it determines the potential of shopping by customers from you. The key reason why a customer wants to buy from you is just the value proposition as it provides a clear understanding of your offerings. While changing webpage elements such as font sizes & colors, images, button shapes, incentives, etc are useful for improving results, your first focus should be on strengthening your value proposition. You can create a good value proposition by keeping the below points in mind:

  • Your offer should be differentiated from what competitors provide.
  • There might be similarities between your values and your competitors’ values on every dimension but there must be at least one point at which you stand apart.
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You need to reflect on your unique points on your site to build a strong value proposition.

  1. Make shopping easy & convenient

Your prospects shouldn’t be confused about how to buy from you or where to click. The process should be intuitive and self-evident. Choose the right e-commerce web design company to build user-friendly online store for your business. Make sure that your users have to face as few clicks as possible when trying to buy from you. Points to consider to make the shopping process easy:

  • Guide your prospects towards the desired action and make the primary step look unique from the other ones.
  • Don’t overwhelm users with too many options and choices. You can build good filters so that your prospects can easily find desired products.
  • Avoid including too many fields in your sign up or order form. You can also allow users to sign up with their social accounts like Google or Facebook.
  • Do not force prospects to sign up to buy something from you. Add a guest checkout option.
  • You can also boost your conversion by providing free shipping.
  1. Offer proof to your prospects

People are often skeptical and they want evidence to trust your claims. There are different types of proofs you can provide to your prospects which are as follows:

  • Testimonials: They work as proof from the people who have bought something from you in the past. Testimonials are quite useful to create trust among prospects.
  • Scientific results & studies: Scientific tests and studies are quite effective to back up your claims and they have been being utilized for a long time by varied companies for their products or services.
  • Case studies: Case studies provide a before-and-after view to customers that enable them to ascertain how their lives were affected by the purchases they made. When you use them effectively, they will be helpful to build trust among prospects.
  • Social proof: Today social media has become an essential part of our lives, it has also become a means for marketing, promotions, and showcasing your brand. You can build trust among prospects by creating a strong community and speaking about your happy customers.
  • Third-party reviews: If there is a good review of your brand from a reputed source like review published in a trade magazine, then you should show it to create a positive image of your business.
  1. Remove distractions

You will not like to distract your prospects from your goals if you want to succeed in boosting conversion rate. Hence make sure that your website structure doesn’t allow for any possible distraction and the prospects can focus on the desired action.

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The more visual options and action inputs are there on your site, the less likely are the prospects to make a conversion decisions. Remove distractions like unnecessary links, options, and information from webpages to improve your conversion. 

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  1. Create a sales funnel

Sometimes it is not the right time to ask people for sale or sign up, they might be just browsing your site and not psychologically ready to buy. The more complex/expensive your product is, the more time people will take to make a purchase decision. Build a sales funnel to create trust among your prospects. Ask yourself questions like “What the prospects want?” “What you want?” “How to do it?” etc.

Final note

The E-commerce industry is flourishing around the world with a lot of opportunities for businesses. Therefore, businesses are opting for e-commerce website development services to enter this growing space.

However, conversion rate has been an Achilles’ heel for e-commerce businesses for a long time. Online retailers adopt different strategies and policies to improve their conversion rate but not all of them get the desired results. We provided some tips on how you can boost your conversion rate, hope they will be useful for you.

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