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6 Types of Visual Content to Boost Your Website’s Engagement

visual content to get more website engagement

We’ve written time and again about how visual content should become the cornerstone of your marketing efforts in the modern era and that is something that is not going to change anytime soon. But success in this regard has less to do with initially capturing someone’s attention (although visuals are great for that) and is more about what you do once you have that person in the palm of your hand.

To that end, there are six keep types of visual content that are a great chance to boost your website’s engagement rate that are absolutely worth exploring.

1. Video Content


Video content is great because it plays into the way we want to receive information in the first place. People would rather watch a five-minute video than read a 1,000-word blog post, even if the information being conveyed was functionally identical between the two.

But the key thing to understand about this is that 92% of people who watch video content via OTT apps on their mobile and TV devices are very likely to share that content with others. 65% of those people are likely to watch more than 3/4ths of the video. So not only is the video a naturally engaging format by its very design, but the amount of activity that a thoughtfully crafted video is almost guaranteed to generate will also bleed into other areas of your outreach campaigns, too. That type of social activity (and the fact that videos can help reduce your bounce rates) will improve your search engine optimization efforts, thus leading more people to your domain than ever.

Pro Tip: By adding the proper structured data markups to your website pages, you have a higher chance of getting your videos and your pages show up in SERPs! This will help Google understand more about the content embedded on your video website pages.

2. Infographics


embedded content in video website pages

(Credit: Uscreen)

Infographics are so engaging in large part because they’re simple. By design, the format is perfect for taking even complicated ideas and distilling them down to their bare essentials, creating the type of experience that nearly anyone can (and likely will) enjoy.

But more than that, just like video-on-demand (VOD) content, infographics are very likely to generate social media shares and engagements. That social activity has the potential to generate a tremendous number of quality backlinks, which ultimately funnel more viewers back to your domain. Those organic backlinks are also one of the cornerstones of your larger SEO efforts, meaning that Infographics can help significantly expand your brand visibility as well.

Pro Tip: Once you have published an infographic about a topic around your industry, you can then reach out to different blogs in your niche, and send them your infographic. This is one of the best strategies to gain high-quality backlinks!

3. Images

Based on the fact that most of the information being transmitted to the brain is visual in the first place, it’s easy to see why image-based content is so popular. Making the effort to create something like a picture essay or even just adding relevant images to the blogs you’ve already written can generate a number of key engagement-related benefits for your site almost immediately.

For starters, one study revealed that articles with images tend to get 94% more views on average. This means that people will spend more time on page because they’re actually reading your articles through to completion. “Time on Page” is one of the key factors that Google looks at when determining search engine results pages, which means that your SEO efforts will get a major boost, too.

Pro Tip: You can and should always repurpose your images for social media. This way, not only are you boosting your website’s engagement, but you’re also supercharging your social media efforts!

4. Presentations


Presentations are great because they give you the chance to do a “deep dive” into a subject that your audience already cares about. You get to inform and communicate to your audience about a topic they already care about and, with a healthy dose of relevant visuals, you get to do so in a naturally engaging way they’re almost guaranteed to complete.
One recent study suggested that presentations with visual elements are considered to be 43% more persuasive than those without. Not only do visual presentations mean that people are more likely to finish them, but they’re also a perfect chance to cement your reputation as an authority to be trusted, too – something that is great for your long-term outreach efforts. You can easily create a professional presentation using a tool such as Visme, or Venngage.

5. Screen Captures


Speaking of your authority, screen captures are also a great chance to better inform your audience in a way that is more naturally engaging as well.

If you were creating a document designed to help your audience get the most out of your product or service, for example, you would almost certainly want to do so with a step-by-step guide. No matter what type of business you’re running, whether it’s an eCommerce story or an OTT service, by supplementing each step with screen captures of your software (or images of someone using your product) you get to explain how people can best use your products and services. This again will keep people more engaged and will ensure to keep them longer on your page, which in turn will drastically reduce your bounce rates and will supercharge your larger SEO efforts.

Pro Tip: Use screen captures on your help guides and FAQs. This will help your visitors learn more about using your services.

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6. Graphs, Charts and other Visual Maps

Finally, we have collateral like bar graphs, line graphs and other types of visual maps. The factors that make these so compelling and engaging have to do with what these formats can do that others can’t – or at least, can’t as easily.

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If you wanted to explain the complex relationship between two ideas in a visual way, for example, these types of charts would absolutely be how you do it. They can also be perfect for revealing hidden patterns, or even making it clear that two seemingly unrelated concepts are more closely associated than it may at first appear.

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The major thing is that you’re once again taking a complicated concept and A) presenting it visually, in B) a format that is as simple and as easy-to-understand as possible. If people understand your collateral, they will engage with it. If they engage with it, your SEO and larger marketing efforts will grow all the better for it. It truly doesn’t have to be much more complicated than that.


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