6 Things That Can Affect Your Web Traffic

Web Traffic

Online marketers and business owners find it hard to pinpoint the exact root cause of fluctuations in their organic traffic. Unfortunately, it is not that easy like in the case of paid advertisement and there are several possible reasons behind it. These reasons could be internal or external or even both; you need to start from the basics and move upwards to examine everything. There are some basics issues, advanced issues as well as some unpredictable circumstances.

Paid Ads from Competitors

This could be a real issue for small businesses that have powerful rivals. Big companies can spend lots of money on paid advertisement and get their hands on the organic traffic of small businesses. As you can anticipate, this is totally uncontrollable unless you are willing to spend equal or more money on paid Google advertisement too.

Improper Indexing

The easiest way to find out whether the important pages on your website are properly indexed is by using the search term “site:YourWebsiteName.com”. This query would show you the SERPs containing your website pages sorted based on their importance. If an important page is not listed there then there could be some possible reasons behind it. Check your Robots fileand make sure those pages aren’t blocked. If that’s not the case then check that page for NoIndex tag.

Unfair Comparison

If you are comparing this month’s traffic with the previous month and you ran a promotional campaign last month then you are not being fair. Marketing campaigns, promotions, PR efforts and factors can affect the organic traffic. During the evaluation, you need to consider those factors to end up with unbiased findings. For example, if you ran a big marketing campaign last year but not this year, then obviously the results would be different.

Resellers Performing Well

Affiliate programs help businesses outsource the efforts and share their profits with others while focusing on their core operations. In almost all cases, affiliate programs help businesses grow but if you are solely relying on your affiliated partners and not putting efforts into SEO then those resellers would outrank you in search ranking. That way you would be losing traffic to them. Although this phenomenon does not put your business in harm’s way but it is not beneficial in long term.

Industry Trends

Learning to understand industry trends before they happen is one of the most important non-technical skills that can help you in SEO and marketing. Very few industries, businesses and brands are immune to these changes. Others need to understand the trends and connect the dots to find out the exact effects of those trends on their business.

Site Updates

When you make major updates on your website like redesigning or something else, there might be a decline in web traffic for the next few weeks. You should prepare yourself for this because search engines like Google take some time to revisit the website and index it in their database.


August 19, 2016

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