6 Pinterest Hacks to use in B2B Marketing in Singapore

6 Pinterest Hacks to use in B2B Marketing in Singapore

Pinterest users grew by 50% in 2016 and research shows that it has more than 150 million active people. This made Pinterest one of the promising social marketing in Singapore B2B marketers. Particularly, eCommerce platforms should have Pinterest as an integral part of their marketing strategies. You can harness the platform using proven hacks and rise above your competition.

Let us discuss the 6 Pinterest hacks to use in B2B marketing in Singapore.

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Make your Pins Purchasable

You should enable your customers to purchase your products through your social platforms. Doing this can increase your traffic and revenues. Research reveals that the average worth of an order on Pinterest users is $50, which is greater than all other social media platforms. Also, 93% of Pinterest subscribers use it to plan a purchase. These statistics show that Pinterest is the most useful tool for social media agencies in Singapore.

Capitalize on User-Developed Content

You cannot replace images and reviews that originate from your loyal clients. They create a feel of brand loyalty around your enterprise, which provides endless potential. It shows that customers enjoy your products, which is the goal for all eCommerce businesses. You should create a space for your clients to show off products they bought from you to influence other buyers to buy.

Use a Contest to Engage With Customers

We all love great contests. You can engage your customers and create a buzz around your enterprise using promotional giveaways. The benefits of engaging your customers outweigh the cost, which is good for your business. Pinterest users are the most active social users online that increases your chances of succeeding in social marketing.

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Do not ignore the Guys

Men have off late become the fastest growing user segment on Pinterest. This provides an unexploited market for Singapore B2B marketing online. You should come up with a board dedicated to men and engaging user-generated hashtags to woo guys to your eCommerce platform.

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Use Understandable Keywords

Most companies do not use SEO on Pinterest to drive traffic to their eCommerce platform. You can stay ahead of the competition by optimizing your hashtags, URL and pin descriptions to improve your business ranking on search engine and Pinterest.

Initiate and Team up in Group Boards

Pinterest has a feature that allows you and other pinners to upload content on a communal board. This can be an effective means to reach out to as many users as possible.

Social media agencies in Singapore should take advantage of this growing platform to gain more customers and enhance brand loyalty. Ensure that your hashtags and pin descriptions are optimized to rank higher than the competition.

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