6 Excellent Examples of Animated Ads to Inspire You in 2021


A lot of the world’s most popular brands use animated commercials to advertise their brands while instigating the audience’s interest. They are fun & interesting to watch, and can deliver a lot of information in a creative and engaging way. 

There’s a lot that goes into making an animated advertisement that attracts the attention of the viewers and inspires them to take action. So, let’s take a look at the top 6 most exciting & beautiful animated ads produced by some of the biggest brands. 

But, Before That Let’s See How Animated Commercials Can Boost a Brand. 

There are a lot of reasons behind using animated commercials as a marketing tool for a product or service promotion. To begin with, animated ads are easy to perceive, understand and share on various social media platforms. 

Additionally, animated commercials are more relatable and the short & fun stories appear more attractive than boring conventional commercials. 

Moreover, nothing limits the reach of animated ads such as weather, long distances, etc. There’s no stopping your imagination as far as animated commercials are concerned. It also works best when a marketer has to explain complicated topics or ideas and aim to bring a different perspective to it. 

Animated ads appeal to a larger audience as everyone from kids to adults love watching cartoons consisting of fun & bright characters. Animated commercials can also be shown in the form of explainer videos to increase a brand’s visibility among the customers. 

This article offers a list of the 6 top animated commercials to inspire you. Not all of these follow the traditional script of a basic ad video. 


6 Best Examples of Animated Ads to Inspire You in 2021

‘Work, simplified’ by Slack 

Slack is one of the most popular business communication platforms, and is not new to successful animated ads. One of their greatest ads ‘Work, simplified’ is everyone’s all-time favorite. 

It is a video ad that stands out for its ‘subtle complexity’ & economy of story while using visual communication to the fullest. 

The use of camera panning along with expansive compositions and backgrounds work beautifully in conveying the message or idea in the ad. There’s no voice narration or text, and yet you will completely understand what the video is trying to say. 

And the best part is, that it isn’t even so lengthy and is hardly a minute long. 

Ad link – https://youtu.be/uGPXaDaNla0


‘Life is Better When You Share the Ride’ by Lyft 

Lyft, a vehicle service app, created this cool animated ad saying ‘Life is Better When You Share the Ride’ following an ‘animated short’ style. The ad has been carefully created while giving attention to the minutest details after being put into the frame. 

This animated commercial is compelling & heartfelt at the same time as it explains the story of a grandma named June who takes Lyft’s services while she’s on her way to get a new car. We won’t spoil the rest of the story for you. 

The characters, design, animation along with the overall weaving of the story are just impeccable. Moreover, the brand is incorporated in the story in a very non-invasive manner. 

Ad link – https://youtu.be/v8nyGzOLsdw


Anthem by MailChimp 

MailChimp is all about entrepreneurs, and that’s what this ad is all about. However, there’s a lot more to this ad than just pretty visuals and attractive aesthetics. 

The most exciting thing about this animated commercial is that it focuses more on the different types of viewers than the brand. MailChimp sends an inspirational & motivational message to its customers by appreciating their work. 

The ad is far from a sales pitch or even mentioning about the service they provide. Such types of animated ads can build a human connection between the audience and the company and its values. This brings about customer trust & loyalty. 

Ad link – https://youtu.be/vv9xAfKdBk4


Air Reinvented by Nike 

Few years back, Nike redesigned some of its iconic sneakers and launched it with an animated commercial. This aesthetically-appealing ad matches the brand’s urban style. 

Nike beautifully honours the previous sneaker designs using this animated ad. If you carefully watch every time a new model enters the frame, you will notice how the music and visuals change according to the style of the featured sneaker. This makes this ad really cool. 

Ad link – https://youtu.be/mFfbG7ig4jU


‘The Place You Want to Be’ by Volkswagen 

It’s quite unusual to see animated commercials related to the automotive industry, so this was indeed a bold move by Volkswagen. Though, it was a good decision made by the car brand. 

With a perspective that is quite different from other car ads, the company gave a personality to the green beetle while telling the story from its point of view. They did it so that the viewers can easily understand the idea conveyed and understand how Volkswagen is benefiting them. 

The animated commercial excellently demonstrated each step of their service’s process in an engaging manner while also highlighting the luxury & quality it offers. 

Ad link – https://youtu.be/EVD25r7rYqY


‘SumTotalCare’ by Summa Health 

The following animated commercial has so many interesting ideas to pick and you cannot concentrate on just a single one. The camera angle, visuals, the script as well as the implementation of various 2D elements, all contribute to making it an attractive piece. 

Once you begin watching it, pay close attention to the three elements that make it interesting – the easily readable character designs, the minimalist scenery and most importantly, how each scene is connected to the next one through well-crafted transitions. 

Besides, you must also note how this ad spreads positivity and optimism throughout its entirety. This makes it a worthy addition to the list of the best examples of animated ads to inspire for 2021. 

Ad link – https://youtu.be/7acERBZgNok


To Sum Up

Presently, animated ads are bigger than before. Producing animated commercials that capture the audience’s attention is necessary for staying relevant in the market. If your piece is of the highest quality & resonates well with your audience, it will show in the results. 

The above-animated ads clearly prove that a variety of styles and approaches make these a powerful marketing tool, however, you need to use it right. 

So, what are you waiting for? Next time you are creating an animated ad for your product or service, pick ideas from the above list & get going. 

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