50 Top Ranking Websites in Singapore

Which are the top websites with the highest traffic and used by Singaporeans? This article goes through the 50 top ranking websites in Singapore.

Google, Facebook and YouTube are the three top spot websites in the world. It is important to note that 80% of the top 100 websites visited by Singaporeans are foreign websites. Which are the top websites with the highest traffic and used by Singaporeans? Here we list the 50 top ranking websites in Singapore.

  1. Google.com.sg

Google.com has maintained the commanding presence in the digital online world. This website is categorised in search engine, internet and telecom. Google.com.sg has the Singapore google servers for the Singaporeans to access the site.it has the Singapore browser information and service provider.

  1. Google.com

Google is one of the most popular internet search engines. You will be able to search the world information including videos, web pages, images and more. You will be able to find exactly what you need on the internet through the various special features on Google.

  1. Youtube.com

YouTube provides a social platform to get your videos to people out there. You can directly upload, tag and share your videos all over the world. In similar terms, you can watch your favourite videos on YouTube. This interesting site is no surprise to its top position in Singapore and globally.

  1. Yahoo.com

Yahoo is the major internet portal and service providing site. Its headquarters are located in Sunnyvale, California despite its global popularity. Some of its services include free e-mail, customisable content, search results and chatrooms. The Yahoo search engine is accessed through visiting yahoo.com.

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  1. Facebook.com

This is one of the most famous social utility globally. More than 1.2 billion people are Facebook users now. Facebook enables people to upload pictures, connect with friends, and share videos and links. The chat features include public and private chats that are featured through messages.

  1. Wikipedia.com

This is a creative commons attribution –share alike license software. It is more popular among educationists to search anything related to their field of study. Wiki software has collaboratively developed this free encyclopaedia.

  1. Instagram.com

Instagram is one of the powerful and emerging digital tools. It is providing a funny and simple creative way to capture, share messages, photos and videos with family and friends. You have to download the applications, create an account and log in to Instagram.

  1. Live.com

This is a Microsoft developed software. This Microsoft outlook gives effortless calendar and email. Live outlook provides you with the most organised, productive and connected at work and everywhere. Your calendar events, emails and files are brought together to help you in touch and on time.

  1. Whatsapp.com

More than a billion people worldwide are using the WhatsApp messenger. Singapore is among the top countries in visiting this website. This website offers reliable, simple and secure calling and messaging. You will be able to connect with family and friends anywhere and anytime.

  1. Twitter.com

Twitter is an online application that gives all live commentary on various topics. These include politics, sports, news and entertainment. You will know what is happening in the world and the topic people are talking about now.

  1. Amazon.com

Amazon is an online shopping website founded in the year 1996. Its headquarters are located in Seattle, WA, United States. Despite that, the site has huge traffic in Singapore and worldwide generally. It contains the earth’s biggest collection of software, furniture, music, books, magazines, housewares and about anything else.

  1. Baidu.com

Its headquarters located in Beijing, China, Baidu is a top website in Singapore. Often referred to as china’s google, it has risen to become a popular search engine. The Singaporeans can browse the wealth of information provided by the Chinese website.

  1. Reddit.com

According to its logo, ‘the conversation starts here”, Reddit offers endless conversation to the home of thousands communities. Singaporeans get to access the never-ending internet stream on sports, TV fun theories and the community. This growing family has diverse people that share the things they care about most.

  1. Microsoftonline.com

Microsoft online is hosted by Microsoft company and offers software services. These software services include Microsoft forefront, office communication, share point online and exchange online. Microsoft online helps in simplification of system management.

  1. Apple.com

Apple is among the top multinational company for technology. Apple products have always had high quality and created to solve problems effectively. Singaporeans are among the many people interested in these apple products including iPad, iPhone, and Mac.

  1. Carousell.com

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Carousell is an international company offering a standard for you to know the digital world better. This company has increasingly become popular with its site providing a platform for you to sell your clutter while giving you more greater deals to buy what you need. This has given it a step forward in Singapore where most business is done online.

  1. Qoo10.sg

Qoo10 is an amazing shopping website that offers the latest and best selling trends products. The company was founded in 2010 with its headquarters located in Singapore. This might be the reason for its local trending. The site gives highly discounted products mainly from Japan, Korea and Singapore.

  1. Dbs.com.sg

DBS has the honour of the most popular bank in Singapore. The probable cause of the rise is their joining together with POSB and available ATMs everywhere. DBS unwavering images and stability provided by the government makes people have absolute faith with them.

  1. Netflix.com

Founded in 1997, Netflix website is the favourite for most people who love to watch movies. This site enables you to watch online TV shows, movies and other programs. Also, you can be able to stream live with your smartphone, Mac, game console, smart TV or tablet. Most Singaporeans use Netflix.com to update their movie library.

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  1. Office.com

With the high online education development technology, people have mechanised on how to read books online through their devices. The office was developed to enable collaboration of all these developments. It contains PowerPoint, Microsoft word, excel, spreadsheets, OneDrive among others. This basic requirement leaves the people in Singapore with no option rather than using the website.

  1. Taobao.com

Taobao is a general merchandise and shopping website. The company is from China with their headquarters located in Hangzhou, China. With about six hundred and seventeen million monthly active users, Taobao is the biggest e-commerce website in the world. Singapore is not left behind in utilising the platform provided for the consumer to consumer retail.

  1. Straitstimes.com

The biggest newspaper in Singapore is The Straits Times. Moreover, it has a huge online following hence ranking among the top website in Singapore. This is despite their required subscription access. Their ranking will be higher if the website is free.

  1. Ampproject.org

Amp project stands for accelerated mobile pages. The website is categorised as computer and electronics. This project helps the publishers in the creation of a mobile-friendly content. The content will be able to instantly load everywhere.

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  1. Channelnewsasia.com

Channel News Asia is a TV broadcast channel that enables you to watch the live broadcast online through your browser. The channel gives breaking news in Singapore and Asia while providing health, technology, sports and business news around the world. Many Singaporeans tune to this website for the news update.

  1. Lazada.sg

Situated in Singapore, Lazada offers online shopping in products such as health and beauty, home and living, TV and electronics. Their effective online shopping and quick delivery make many Singaporeans do business with them.

  1. Tumblr.com

Tumblr was founded in the year 2007 and has tremendously grown to become globally known. The website provides a platform for you to discover yourself, express yourself and bond with the things you love. Simply, your interests connect you with the people of same interest.

  1. Xhamster.com

Xhamster is an adult site that provides you with live sex fun. You will be able to watch hundreds of porn videos with free downloads including sex chats, dating girls and browsing HD sex photos.

  1. Pinterest.com

Pinterest is one of the sites with thousands of images of different interests. You can discover different ideas, recipes, home hacks and style. Pinterest gives people inspiration to do the things they love and what’s got them creative.

  1. News.yahoo.com

News Yahoo is categorised as news and media. This website provides both videos and photos of in-depth covered breaking news all over the world. If you want to remain up to date with what’s happening globally, news yahoo is the site to log into.

  1. Singaporepools.com.sg

Singapore pools are the only company with a legal lottery operation license in Singapore. This unique case leads to default traffic on the website as there is no alternative. Singaporeans visit this site regularly making it a top site.

  1. Uob.com.sg

UOB (United Overseas Bank) website is categorised in finance and banking. It is the top leading bank in Asia with its network going across to North America and Western Europe. The people of Singapore uses the bank for financial innovative solutions in business banking.

  1. Wikia.com

Wikia is an entertainment website founded in the year 2004. They are popular for their efficient customer service in which fans come first. Wikia provides you with daily movies, games and more.

  1. Quora.com

Quora is a reference educational site with dictionaries and encyclopaedias. The platform gives you a chance to ask questions and receive the answers from people with the quality insights. Singapore scholars use this site to learn more and gain empowerment.

  1. Jobstreet.com

Job street website is the most famous site in job search among the Singaporeans. This site gives an opportunity for professional identity and richer job Ads. Your professional online identity will provide jobs that match your page throughout Singapore. The site also provides company insights, location map and salary matching jobs.

  1. Asiaone.com

Asia One contains a huge range of portal network covering multiple niches from beauty to health. With their content free, Asia one gets huge traffic by aggregating their niche portals on the site.

  1. Aliexpress.com

As the name suggests, Aliexpress is owned by Alibaba. This is an online retail service located in China but provides worldwide services. You can use the express website as a platform to sell your products either individually or as a company.

  1. Ask.com

Ask is an e-business and question answering based website founded in 1996. The site is designed as a web search engine that has gained immense popularity despite facing tough competition from more popular search engines. A good number of Singaporeans utilise ask.com.

  1. Alibaba.com

Alibaba group is greatly known for its efforts of making it easy to do business anywhere. The website serves millions of suppliers and buyers all around the world making it the leading website for worldwide wholesale trade. Singapore uses this website to transact online business easily and fast.

  1. Tripadvisor.com.sg

Trip advisor is in the category of tourism and travel. Moreover, this website is the largest travel site with more than six hundred million travellers’ reviews. It makes it easy to find the best hotel prices in Singapore and other parts of the world.

  1. Dropbox.com

Dropbox features a personal online backup service referred to as cloud storage. These files can be used for collaboration and sharing. The website provides this free application available for Linux, Macintosh and Windows desktop. Dropbox is used by Singaporeans as a home for all their work.

  1. Msn.com

MSN meaning Microsoft network is a provision of Microsoft that acts as an online service and internet sites provider. It has risen to the worlds most trusted home for local news, global politics, breaking news and sports coverage worldwide. Singaporeans cannot miss a chance to utilise the website.

  1. nus.edu.sg

National University of Singapore (NUS) is among the oldest institution in the country founded in 1905. Its popularity comes as a result of its consistency as one of the world best university. Singapore scholars visit its website to find out the different extensive courses offered in the university.

  1. WordPress.com

WordPress is a site that gives you the coding knowledge to maintain a website using the content management system. You will be able to customise all aspects of your software. This has made it popular in Singapore as the online digital business is at a higher level.

  1. Pornhub.com

Pornhub is one of the free, fastest and biggest adult site. This free porn site is significantly popular in Singapore due to its high-quality millions of hardcore sex videos. You want to find more real amateurs and pornstars? Pornhub is the site to visit.

  1. Tmall.com

China has a huge consumer market growth. This has led to the development of Tmall one of the biggest open consumer business. Serving more than one hundred and seventy million clients, this China-based online brand has been welcomed in Singapore for online business.

  1. Stackoverflow.com

Stalk overflow was created in 2008.  This is the perfect site to check out the answers and questions on computer programming topics. The different users can share and learn their computer programming knowledge.

  1. Kissanime.ru

KissAnime is the best site for animation lovers. You can watch online Anime for free making it worldwide popular. The animations are of high quality and smoothly stream.

  1. Github.com

Founded in 2008, GitHub brings together developers for collaborative development. GitHub has the world largest community of developers that share and develop better software’s through private team repositories and open source projects.

  1. Paypal.com

PayPal is one of the emerging universal services. It gives you a means of sending money, paying and accepting payments in any location. More so, it’s easy, quick and does not reveal your financial details. In Singapore, people are using PayPal to receive and send money from outside countries.

  1. Agoda.com

Agoda is a travel and booking online site that has its headquarters situated in Singapore. The site is growing fast emerging as the world biggest online rooms sellers. Agoda serves as a network platform for over two million apartments, homes, villas and hotels. It is of no question that it is a top visited site in Singapore.

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Statistics Of The Top Websites In Singapore

WebsiteCategoryDaily VisitsEst Time On Site (Min:Sec)Daily Page View/Visitor% Traffic From SearchSites Linking In
Google.com.sgINTERNET-RELATED SERVICE40210006:117.6724.53356
Google.comINTERNET-RELATED SERVICE415000010:4114.080.52142880
Youtube.comENTERTAINMENT 29754009:576.0214.81661485
Yahoo.comINTERNET-RELATED SERVICE43847844:134.287.9436198
Facebook.comSOCIAL MEDIA430000016:377.288.14199337
Wikipedia.comINFORMATION 11963903:593.02671189217
Instagram.comSOCIAL MEDIA22200486:496.6511.11246913
Whatsapp.comSOCIAL MEDIA40000002:571.3412.515845
Twitter.comSOCIAL MEDIA10112663:451.8615.621964
Baidu.comINTERNET-RELATED SERVICE14347226:284.655.4142549
Reddit.comINTERNET-RELATED SERVICE2237448:26624.1282996
Microsoftonline.comSERVICE INDUSTRY 11783091:261.873.31010
Apple.comIT PRODUCTS AND SERVICES15944023:423.7635.4278632
Netflix.comENTERTAINMENT 31290013:082.6711.712396
Straitstimes.comINFORMATION 19460003:052.0936.67747
Channelnewsasia.comMEDIA SERVICES14027503:212.0629.25569
Lazada.sgE-COMMERCE 169175015:3914.27.86484
Tumblr.comSOCIAL MEDIA18280004:143.655.7814698
Xhamster.comENTERTAINMENT 221125010:363.1113.241698
Pinterest.comSOCIAL MEDIA155525015:205.8117.36198320
News.yahoo.comINFORMATION 3040003:186.523.49964
Jobstreet.comJOB SEARCH ENGINE16630001:193.286.7119854
Asiaone.comINFORMATION 15655003:147.998.5222643
Msn.comINTERNET-RELATED SERVICE241112510:017.5719.2896
Pornhub.comENTERTAINMENT 24910007:349.4556.0428541
Kissanime.ruENTERTAINMENT 8040008:043.4216.9612

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