5 Web Design Tips That Promote SEO

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Web design and search engine optimization are closely related. That is because Google uses certain design elements such as speed to rank websites. Therefore, there are important site design changes you should make to improve your search engine ranking. The idea here is to help you take that top position in the first pages of search engine results.

Replace images with text

Not all images. Replace the images used to display text with actual text. Google does not read images. So, text-based images hide valuable content that could help promote search engine optimization. Also, images are large, thereby increasing the page size, and consequently the load speed.

Text-based images help display relevant information to readers through large graphics. You can use large header text to achieve the same purpose.

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Speed up

During web design and development, speed is a factor that should be considered. Google, uses page load speed to rank websites. Therefore, your web pages should be speed optimized.

Several factors contribute to slow load speed. Some, like page size, are easy to control. You can speed up your website by compressing the web pages. You will need to install some tools to achieve this, so consult your web design company.

Another way of reducing the page size is limiting the use of images. A more reasonable approach is to optimize images so that they become smaller, without compromising their quality.

Use Responsive Web Design

A responsive web design makes your website adjust to different screen sizes accordingly. It makes it possible for mobile device users to view your site without having to zoom in or out. Mobile users often abandon a site if they have trouble reading the content. The bounce rate is bad for SEO. If users cannot easily access your site on mobile devices, you are losing a lot of customers.

Instead of JavaScript use HTML5 or CSS3

JavaScript is the conventional programming language for websites. The truth is that it creates great effects. However, it generally provides a poor browsing experience when compared to more modern coding languages such as HTML5 and CSS3. These two technologies create fast and lightweight web designs.

Get rid of background images

As mentioned earlier, images reduce page speed by increasing page size. Therefore, get rid of the background images on your website. CSS3 background gradients are a better option. They are modern stylish and lightweight.

These web design tips will promote your SEO efforts. They are web design tips, so they are best handled by web developers. So, consult your Singapore SEO consultant for more on how you can implement them.


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