5 Things You Should Learn from Offline Businesses and Apply Online

5 Things You Should Learn from Offline Businesses and Apply Online

From many aspects, offline businesses are considered more difficult than online businesses because of the issues that don’t exist in cyber world. For example, product damaged by customers, finding the right staff and many other things make offline or traditional businesses a challenge. Although you cannot simply replicate the strategies used in traditional businesses and apply those on your online business yet following are few things you should learn from offline businesses and implement on your online business.

Relationship Building

No doubt, local businesses can make much stronger and long lasting relationships with their customers and clients as compared to online businesses. The reason is quite simple; offline businesses have to go to the extra mile to make a difference. Even though they usually have much lesser amount of data regarding customers, they still send relevant booklets and flyers to them. Online businesses have a huge advantage here as they possess detailed information about customers as well as their shopping habits. They need to level up their game and present relevant contents.

Make Shopping Easier

Most of the big retailers set their stores in a way that most popular items are more easily available and customers can simply buy those items and checkout. The optimized flow of the items makes the shopping experience smoother and online businesses must practice the same layout. Of course a website must be attractive and sleek design-wise yet most importantly it needs to the functional. You should optimize your website to reduce the number of clicks required to navigate to the checkout section.

Operating Hours

Shops and businesses work during working hours and everyone knows that. People don’t usually expect a business to respond to their calls or emails during weekends and not-business hours. Unfortunately that is not the case with online businesses because websites do not mention their working hours (for help and support) clearly. Sometimes users get frustrated because of that. Make sure your working hours are mentioned clearly and commit to those hours. It also means you need to improve your communication with users.

Customers Are Important

“Customers come first” is the motto of offline businesses but most of the online businesses do not share this mindset. Unlike offline businesses where managers and employees can make connection with customers, it is hard to establish such connection with online users because of lack of human touch. However, there are some other ways to accomplish that; for example, you can give users a personalised experience by sending personalized messages and emails. You can offer them freebies or free shipping.

Keep an Eye on Regulars

Have you ever noticed offline businesses deal their regular customers differently than their new or less frequent customers? Although it happens naturally, yet the benefit is strong relationship with customers. Interestingly, online businesses can do that same by using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to engage with their customers. Also, you can send occasional hand written emails to your loyal customers.

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September 12, 2016

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