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5 Simple Ways to Generate Leads Through Online Influencers 

generate leads through influencers

Competition for audience is one of the things that you will need to find a solution to for if you are to succeed in Singapore digital marketing space. After numerous tests, we have proven that online influencers can help marketers to get more leads. Just like any other campaign, you need to have a solid plan to assist you to achieve this goal. 

Here are five simple ways to generate leads through online influencers. 

Publish Unique Content 

People gravitate towards sites that offer fresh and verifiable information. Sites that frequently publish unique and accurate research reports enjoy high traffic and credibility online than sites that just publish general articles with thin content.  

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If you identify a trend that is catching up quickly, consider doing some research and study around it and publishing a report. You do not have to spend thousands of dollars on research; you can use your current email list to conduct a survey. There are plenty of tools that you can use to analyze the data.  

Provide Samples for Review 

Free samples will give the online influencers a clearer perspective of your product and assist them in writing the review. Before or immediately after launching a new product, consider sending the influencers a few samples of your product. Advanced tools such as Buzzsumo can help you find influencers in your target market. If this will be your first-time leverage influencers, it is recommendable to start off with mid-size influencers whose fees are moderate. Make sure that the influencers adhere to FTC guidelines for disclosure. 

Product Giveaways 

Product giveaways will help you connect with the current audience as well as reach out to new prospects. Give users more entries into the giveaway if they share it on their social media networks to expand your reach. Note that every social media platform has its own rules on how giveaways should be conducted on the site. Make sure that you follow these rules to avoid penalties.  


Every industry has touchy topics that spur discussions. Look for a topic that you can write about without becoming too gauche and publish it online. Provide fresh perspective on the topics to get as much readership as possible as well as increase the chances of the post going viral. For example, you can find a publication that you do not agree with and write a rebuttal.  

Consider Sponsoring Blogs or Posts 

Most online influencers accept ongoing sponsorships for their blogs and website. It could be mentioning your brand on specific pages and articles, a sidebar ad, or posting marketing content on social media or email. Such a mutual relationship will give you more exposure that will, in the end, result in sales. The offer that you make should offer value to the influencer’s audience.  

Indeed, it is possible to get more leads by using online influencers. Make sure that you monitor progress and also engage with the influencer continuously to identify new ways of revamping the campaign and engagement.  


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