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5 Reasons Your Website Records High Bounce Rate


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According to Google Analytics, a bounce is a single-page view on a site. A bounce is that session that only triggers a single request on Analytics server. Therefore, bounce rate is calculated as the percentage of the single page sessions divided by the total number of sessions on a website.

The success of most sites depends on users opening the landing page and clicking on a link to another page or CTA button. So, high bounce rate is not a good thing. The following are five common causes of bounce rate.

Slow load speed

The load speed determines whether the user will stay on a website or not. Very few people have the patience to wait for a page to load for more than 2 seconds. There are many causes of slow speeds, and we have talked about solutions in this articles. You can test page speed using online tools such as Pingdom. If you establish your page speed is unsatisfactory, consult your Singapore web developer.

Low-quality content

The quality of content can cause high bounce rate. Start with the basics; check grammar and spelling errors using online tools such as Grammarly. But it goes beyond that. The content also has to be relevant to the visitor. The content should be informative, factual, engaging, and with the correct tone.

To test the quality of content, seek feedback from users and professional web content writers.

Bad UX

A website that is easy to navigate experiences low bounce rate. Many factors contribute to bad UX including too many pop ups, auto play media, and cluttered web design. Make sure people can easily find what they are looking for. Otherwise, they will leave. Have users provide feedback on UX and carry out the necessary improvements from the feedback.

Non-Responsive Web Design

A responsive web design adapts to the size of the device in use. Many people access the internet via mobile devices. Most mobile users will abandon a site that is difficult to view and navigate on their devices.

Poor web design

As much as your visitors are looking for information, a poorly designed website will put them off. Your site has to be visually appealing to compel the visitor to stay longer. Consult the best e-commerce solutions Singapore provider for the best web design.

There are tons of web design agencies in Singapore, but only the best will offer solutions that lower bounce rates. E-commerce website development goes beyond design and covers web content optimization and other SEO insights.

If you are not clear why your website still has problematic bounce rates, please consult your local SEO agency in Singapore before splurging on expensive content, content delivery systems and server setups.




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