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5 Material Design Colour Palettes Generators

5 Material Design Colour Palettes Generators

A good search engine optimisation company will tell you that colour is an important aspect of your website, web application, and mobile app. Material design, introduced by Google in 2014, uses real life material properties such as colour, depth, and shadow. Google apps such as YouTube, Gmail, and Google Drive have a material design, and clearly, their colour palettes facilitate the excellent user experience to a great extent.

You can create custom colour palettes inspired by material design using one of the following tools.

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Material Palette

material palette tool

This tool allows you to create a customized material design colour palette. You start by picking two colours – the primary colour and the secondary colour. The tool then offers a preview of the colour palette. If you like what you see and are convinced the palette will deliver great UX, you can go ahead and download it. If not, pick other colour combinations until you are satisfied with the result.

Material Design Palette Generator

Material design palette generator allows you to create custom colour palettes and themes. With this tool, you first pick a colour using the colour picker dialogue box. The tool then generates swatches based on the chosen colour. You can name the colour palette before importing it to a framework such as Angular JS and JSON.

Material Mixer

Material Mixer is another tool for creating material design colour palettes. You select the primary colour and accent colour from a grid layout. The tool follows Google’s material design guidelines as it calculates the tints and shades, and allows the selection of fallback colours for the primary and secondary colours. It has the preview feature.

Material UI

Material UI has an easy-to-use user interface. You select the primary colour and secondary colour from the basic colours set by Google for material design. The tool has 500 of tints and shades of the basic colours. The tool generates a preview of the selected colour combination. You can take screenshots and share your design project with others. Material UI is available on mobile devices.

Material Colours

Material Colours displays different colour swatches to create a custom palette. This tool is inspired by Google’s Material Design Guidelines. You can test different colour combinations, and copy the one that satisfies you. The tool’s website offers tutorials on how to create colour palettes.

Creating a material design colour palette can be challenging for beginners. For the best results, hire a credible web design company in Singapore.


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