5 Landing Page Mistakes That Can Dramatically Decrease Your Conversions

Singapore digital marketers must pay close attention to their landing page content and design

When it comes to digital marketing, almost nothing is more important than your landing page. This is where you can drastically increase your conversions. But the catch is, you only have a few seconds to grab your audience’s attention. And even if your landing page is coded perfectly, not every visitor is going to take you up on your offer. The good news is, you can increase your chances at converting visitors by avoiding the following mistakes.


1. Forms that are Overly-complicated

When a visitor first arrives at your landing page, they often know very little about your brand. In fact, it’s likely that they’re just discovering a challenge or a problem that they need help with. So at this point, they’re simply looking for answers.

This is the perfect time to offer valuable information for free. Many Singapore digital marketers package this information in the form of a free download or eBook. However, when doing this you need to be very careful about the length of your signup form.

Visitors are naturally protective about their personal information. So if you ask them to fill out a lengthy form at this stage of the process, then chances are they won’t do it. Even if the free download contains the answer to their problem, you need to earn more of their trust before asking intensive information about them.

So keep it short and sweet. Ask for a name and an email address. This is just enough information to continue the conversation and build a solid relationship. Both of these things take time. If you want to see what not to do, just take a look at a few consumer reporting landing pages.


2. Boastful Language

Sure, you may be one of the best Singapore real estate agents in the country. However, this doesn’t mean that your landing page should be centred around how great your company is. Instead, it should be about what you can do for your clients. More specifically, it should be about how you can change their lives. If you offer a demo or a webinar, make sure you mention this, but do it subtly.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being confident in your brand. But remember, there’s a difference between confident language and fluffy adjectives. So make sure that the language you use is very clear and concise, especially when it comes to your call-to-action. This is what will resonate most with your audience.

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3. Generic Call-to-Actions

There are no shortages of call-to-actions. Almost every company has a CTA button positioned somewhere on their website. Most of them are generic. They request that visitors “Download,” “Click,” or simply “Submit.” The problem with these CTA’s is that they don’t indicate value.

This may seem like a minute detail, but it’s actually a big deal. The words you use to get customers to take action could mean the difference between a loyal customer and someone who hits the back button. You must make sure that your call-to-action gives your visitors an expectation of value.

By using language that is more specific, visitors can see what is in store for them. Not only will this encourage them to click, but it also works toward your building a relationship with them. A few examples of specific language would be: “Get Your Free Quote,” “Download Your Ebook,” or “Get Your Guide.”


4.  Zero Context

If you want to get the most out of your landing page, then you need to always be mindful of where the traffic is coming from. How did they get to this page? Are they coming from one of your social media accounts? If so, which platform is it? Maybe they found you through your PPC campaign.

Here’s why this information is so important, it gives you an idea of where the customer is in the buying process. It lets you know how much they know about your brand. And you can in turn use this information to craft an offer that is most relevant to them–whether it is in the form of an eBook or something else.

If your landing page traffic is as a result of a PPC campaign, then you’ve probably ranked well for popular keywords. And this means a great deal of your traffic is coming from Google or other search engines. It also means that the visitor may not know much about your company.

So don’t just load your landing pages up with ads advertising free quotes. You need to take the time to create several different types of landing pages which give context to their visit. If you would like to measure the strength of the page, then make sure to keep an eye on the bounce rate.


5. Design that’s Over Crowded

If you want your landing page to be as effective as possible, then you need to be strategic about your design. The number one thing to keep in mind is conversions. You need visitors to focus on taking one, specific action. That means that your landing pages must be simple and the navigation, self-explanatory.

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The first things users do when they visit your landing page is scan your text. Users are no longer interested in reading in-depth. They want their information quick and easy. So within just a matter of seconds of scanning, they need to be able to identify what your brand is about. Most importantly, they need to know what you can do for them. If your font is too hard to read, the format is distracting, or the colours are loud and overbearing, it’s going to make it difficult for them to figure this out.

Your main priority should be to provide an excellent user experience. The more simple things are for your visitors, the more likely they are to turn into actual customers. Of course you want to be distinctive and make your brand stand out, but you should never do it at the cost of a simple web design. Your visitors need to be able to quickly scan your page without all of the extra hurdles.



If your Singapore business seems to lack the traffic that you want, then you may need to take a look at your landing pages. This is a crucial part of your website and it could contain a few things that are sabotaging your efforts and decreasing your chances at gaining new, loyal customers. If this is the case, then you should make the necessary changes.

Just keep in mind that you should do this slowly.This way you will be able to figure out exactly which aspects of your page were holding you back. Doing this in increments will give you a better perspective on what is going on and show you which of your actions made the biggest difference. So make sure that you keep an eye on the traffic as you go.

The ideal landing page considers how well acquainted the visitor is with your page. It focuses on how the brand can change the visitor’s life, not the brand itself. It delivers a CTA that is very specific and offers value. It takes into consideration how the visitor found the page. Also, the design is simple.

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