5 Critical Questions With Your PPC Campaign


It’s no longer a secret that Pay-per-Click ads are more effective in boosting site traffic and increasing a brand’s digital footprint than most other digital marketing strategies. However, the ad costs can quickly and without warning sink your efforts if you do not make informed decisions every step of the way.

Here are five questions that you need to ask yourself before launching your next PPC campaign.

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What are the goals and objectives you want to achieve?

Are you trying to sell a product immediately or generate targeted leads? The goals and objectives will help you know the type of keywords and ads to use. Involve your digital marketing team and if possible consult a reputable Singapore search engine marketing agency to ensure that you start the journey on the right foot.

How much money can you afford to spend on the campaign?

Have a clear idea of the amount of money that you can afford to devote to the campaign. The figure does not have to be static; it can be a rough estimate since so many aspects that directly related to the campaign can change along the way. If you find out that you are spending a lot of money on individual clicks, consider trying different keywords or increasing your budget. As you do that, continuously monitor the quality and quantity of clicks that you get as well as the lead conversion rates.

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Where are the clicks been channeled?

Each PPC campaign should have its own landing page. This page needs to be related and relevant to the intent of the prospects who click on the ad. Otherwise, if you send all the clicks to your homepage, there is a high chance that the campaign will not achieve any tangible results.

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Creating landing pages for each campaign will also enable you to come up with ad copy that addresses the needs and interests of the prospects. This kind of content will ensure that you do not lose any leads along the way.

Which keywords should be removed from the campaign?

Using keywords that are not generating any leads will increase your PPC costs and hinder you from achieving your preferred conversion rate. Such keywords need to be removed from the campaign as soon as possible to avoid loss. Negative keywords or phrases that contain keywords that you don’t want your ads to appear on should also be avoided.

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For example, if you pay for ads for “website search engine optimization” you do not want to spend money on phrases such as “free website SEO services.” Steering clear of this kind of words will ensure that your ads are seen by an audience that is interested in your brand and willing to make a purchase.

How will I communicate with potential customers after the click?

One of the main reasons why most PPC campaigns fail is because the marketers overlook post-click communication. A quality text messaging service can help you to keep in touch with prospects without spending a fortune. Recent studies show that text messages are opened five times more than the average email and 97% of the time.

You can use shortcodes to customize campaigns for specific segments of the market. The codes will enable you to target post-click communications as tightly and accurately as the PPC ads.


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