5 Branding Ideas For Singapore Firms

5 Branding Ideas For Singapore Firms

Does your content need to be associated with your logo in order to give it an identity? If so, then you may need to make a few changes. One of the best things you can do for your digital marketing campaign is to develop the same voice and tone across all channels to build Branding Ideas for Singapore firms.

Why is this? Well, it’s about being consistent. Sure, your content may have a human tone to it but your audience needs to be able to instantly associate it with your business every time. It ensures that your content marketing goes more smoothly. The good news is developing a brand voice is pretty simple. Take a look at these tips.

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Step 1: Sort Through Your Content


In order to get a better look at what is going on with your brand voice, you need to sort through your current content. This means that you should gather as much of your content as possible–from your website and ebooks to your videos and social media. Analyse the content and figure out which pieces could have easily been written by your competitors. You can then further pinpoint other pieces until you are eventually left with content that is unique to your particular brand. Place each of these unique pieces on a whiteboard.

Step 2: Assign Character Traits

Schedule a meeting with your content creators. Don’t just limit it to a few writers. You want to include all who has anything to do with your brand’s voice. If your company is particularly large, you may include the PR department and your sales team. You can then take time to review these pieces with them.

Try to identify the common themes that are taking place in the copy. Also, try to come up with a personality for your brand. If it were a person, what would it be like? Come up with three adjectives to describe them. For instance, your brand’s personality traits may be humorous, passionate, and unique. You can then further define each of these characteristics. For example, Humorous would be defined as light-hearted, silly, and whimsical.

Step 3: Create a Chart for Your Brand Voice

In this step, you can create a chart for your employees. This chart will give them a more concrete idea about how they should go about crafting your brand voice for each and every post. This is also a way to ensure that your brand voice remains consistent, no matter who is writing the article.

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Create three distinct rows. Each row should feature one of your brand’s characteristics. Each row should also have three columns–one that describes the characteristic, and the other to should be the ‘do’ and ‘don’ts’ categories. You could also create another row if you would like to add a few extra characteristics.

Step 4: Explain the Perfect Approach

Once your brand voice has been defined and you have made it as easy as possible for your team to understand, it is time to give an in-depth explanation of the chart. You need to give examples of what you expect from the content they craft.

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Give examples of content that exceeds your expectations as well as those that don’t meet them at all. You can even demonstrate how your team can go about revising the copy so that it agrees with your brand’s voice. It is a good idea to provide everyone with a copy of the chart so that they will be able to follow along until it becomes second nature.

Step 5: Continue to Revise

It’s important to keep in mind that your brand voice chart should not be your final chart. This particular tool should constantly be revised. And that’s because your company is bound to evolve and improve over time. It will go through different phases of its life. Whether you phase new competition or you would like to market to an entirely different audience, things will change. And it’s important that your brand voice changes with it.

So it’s a good idea to have a meeting with your team a few times a year to take another look at your chart. Is there an element that is no longer working for your company? Perhaps your editors are noticing that a certain voice is not working for you or cannot be conveyed well. Has the company changed? Or would you like to venture into a new market? Consider these things when making changes.


Brand voice is a very important part of online advertising. It gives your business a personality that your customers can relate to. And if consistent, it gives them something to trust and rely on. When it comes to writing great content, you copy should never have to be associated with a logo. Visitors should instantly recognise it. This means you will need to set aside time to craft the voice that you think is unique to your brand.

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