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5 Amazing Ways to Design an Interactive Landing Page

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There is no perfect landing page, but thanks to an expert SEO agency or a magento development company that provide consultation and services in this regard so that you can already optimize your landing page at best and increase your website’s conversion rate. 

Think about what you would like to see and be able to do on your site: put yourself in the shoes of your users and reproduce the basic behavior of any user who arrives on this famous landing-page. In the context of web marketing, a landing page is a web page created specifically to support a marketing or commercial campaign.

Also known as a landing page, this page will be accessible via a hypertext link placed in online advertisements, commercial e-mails, or social media publications. 

In the end, the landing-page helps to increase the conversion rate and reduce the cost of acquisition of a new customer. It is an essential component of the optimization of the conversion.

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A landing page, what is it and what is it for?

A landing page is a page created specifically to support a marketing campaign; it is not specially created when creating your website.  Whether it’s a newsletter, a mailing, a post on social networks or an AdWords campaign, the landing-page is literally the page of your site on which will “land” the visitors, by clicking on the CTA (Call to Action) of your digital campaign.

And on your landing-page, you will find the real CTA that aims to create conversions! A landing-page is a must for your campaign. What is the point of referring people systematically to your homepage? If you’re targeting a specific event, product, or promotion, create a landing page for that campaign.  

It also means creating a landing-page for EVERY campaign … it’s more work for your marketing department, but it’s more of a way to increase your chances of getting conversions.  

A landing page, what does it look like? 

The content of your landing page will depend on the goals of your campaign. A priori, you have a conversion goal: fill out a form, sell a product, generate interaction anyway … in short, you will find visual content, text and especially a CTA! Here are some tips for designing an interactive Landing-Page:

 1. The challenges of a landing page

The main difficulty of landing pages is that you try to convince your visitor to do something he hates: fill out a form (who likes to fill out forms except Mathilda in Leon?), Provide personal information (and risk being spammed), buy something (people are always afraid of being ripped off on the internet or getting stolen banking information) or read a lot of information (on the internet, we do not really read, we fly over rather the information) Hence the great difficulty in achieving an appreciable conversion rate.

Put yourself in the place of your visitor. He has fulfilled a promise from you in your marketing campaign. He clicked on your link and he is now on your landing pages. He now asks the following questions:

  • Is this the right place (the one I wanted to go to)?
  • Does this correspond to what I expected ?Ø  Should I click the back button?
  • Does this page inspire me?
  • How much will it cost me? You can now anticipate each of his questions and reassure him on this unknown page where you have drawn him.

If you do not do this, you can expect a high dropout rate, which is a pure waste of your e-marketing campaign. 

2. Optimization of the Conversion

The cost of advertising on the Internet continues to increase. Companies are always paying more to maintain the same level of traffic on the site. This has the effect of increasing the acquisition cost of a new customer. To deal with this problem, website managers act on the performance of the acquired traffic.

The solution is to optimize the conversion, that is, to improve the conversion rate.  The conversion rate is the share of people converting to the total number of people who arrived on the site. Optimizing conversion has therefore become crucial to maintaining business profitability. 

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However, the presence of landing pages improves the capacity of a site to convert. The layout and content of landing pages direct the user to the desired action. Landing pages are therefore an essential part of optimizing the conversion of a website.

They are part of the conversion optimization expert toolbox. For an identical level of traffic, the landing pages increase the number of conversions and consequently reduces the acquisition cost of a new customer.

3. Strategy for Landing Page 

The landing page strategy requires you to build a landing page by advertisement. This strategy of multiplying landing pages seeks to increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.  It allows going beyond the unique landing page for everyone, for all channels and all media.

And thus, it makes it possible to display on the landing page the content adapted to the target targeted by the advertisement. This is why the strategy that has been adopted for advertising influences the landing page creation strategy. It’s a new way of thinking about advertising. Advertising is no longer considered dissociated from the rest of the user’s experience on the site.   

4. Call to Action

The call-to-action button must be different from the other elements of the page and clearly indicate the action to be performed. The design of the call to action is an essential work in the effectiveness of a landing page. The click on the link is the action desired by the company on a landing page. The call to action of a landing page is also the blocking point or passage of the user. It is the ability of the landing page to imagine what the user will get that triggers the click on the call to action button. 

5. Design, UX / UI of a Landing Page

The page must be suitable for reading on all types of screens (computer, smartphone, mobile), because a lot of Internet users use their mobile to surf. The user experience qualifies what the user feels when using an online application. The user experience on a landing page is not limited only to what happens on the landing page.  The user experience of a landing page also depends on what happens before and what the user anticipates what will happen next. Thus, the continuity between the advertising message and the landing page is essential for a successful shopping experience. What is displayed on the landing page must be related to what is displayed in the advertisement. The design of the landing page must provoke the emotions and provide the necessary information to imagine what it will get by taking action.  The visual appearance of the landing page must be consistent with the visual identity of the company so that the image of the company can be remembered by the user and play its role in the persuasion of the user.

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to create an attractive and powerful landing page in conversion. From SEO to the user experience, each aspect is important, although it is not necessarily identifiable at first glance. The main thing to remember is that the Landing page is the first impression of the visitor on your content. If it does not meet the needs of the user or his comfort of navigation, your conversion rate will inevitably be very low.  This is why it must be a real work both technical and ergonomic. As a participant in the conversion tunnel and future marketing campaigns, the Landing Page is of considerable importance.

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