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4 Ways of Winning More Clients Using SEO



Getting new customers is an uphill task to most online businesses and digital marketing experts in Singapore. Apart from marketing, you have to embrace the best SEO strategies to achieve this goal.

Research High-Value Keywords

Give your content the power to rank high on search engines and communicate well with the target audience by using high-value keywords. Google Keyword Planner is one of the reliable tools that you can use to find high-value keywords that are related to your industry.

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Create Longer-Form Content

Creating longer form content is another emerging tactic for netting more customers. One of the benefits of writing longer articles is that you can discuss multiple topics. Moreover, a recent study by Moz shows that longer articles receive more readership and high ranking on search engine results page than articles.

It may take more time to create longer pieces (ideal length is 1500 words) but the benefits are worth the hassle. You could also hire a professional content developer to write the articles to save time for other business activities.

Take Advantage of Low-Hanging Fruit Keywords

Google Keyword Planner can help you to locate low-hanging keywords that are ranking high on search engines but are not being utilized by other digital marketers and SEO companies in Singapore. Go an extra mile and use Google Search Console data to analyze each page on the site to identify keywords that are related to the main topic and are generating traffic but are yet to be optimized.

Finally, internationalize your website by logging into Google Console, click on Search Traffic then select International Targeting. This setting will inform Google the specific countries that you are targeting. One of the benefits of using tactic is that it enhances the site’s ability to rank better for location-related queries.


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