4 Ways to a Better Link Building Campaign

Better Link Building Campaign

One of the most important components of your SEO strategy is link building. Surprisingly, some companies and individuals approach it haphazardly. Without a structured plan on how you are going to acquire high-quality links, you will not achieve the results you anticipated when you invested in the campaign.

Here are 4 actions that you can take to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your link building campaign.

Base Your Campaign on a Plan

Failing to plan is equivalent to planning to fail. Your link building campaign and all other Singapore digital marketing strategies should be based on a plan. Planning is not a luxury, but a necessity that will help keep your brand on track, help you achieve the set goals, improve performance, and reduce wastage of energy and time.

For example, if you are traveling to a new location far from the city, your chances of getting to the destination are slim if you do not have a map or GPS to guide you or a route in mind.

Take time to come up with a comprehensive link-building plan to help you maximize the results. The plan should not merely have a bunch of numbers. Instead, it should highlight the specific steps that you will take to attain each goal.

Focus on the Right Niches

Instead of going after every link that you deem relevant to your business, you should redefine your strategy to get links from a few niches that are highly relevant.

For example, if you were building links for an architectural agency, your main goal would be to get links from engineers, homebuilders, and commercial contractors. However, you need to understand that each link source will have a unique set of reasons why they link to a particular architectural agency firm. Now, creating content for each link source is inefficient and uneconomical.

You can achieve this goal efficiently by creating top-notch content that is relevant and appealing to home builders then come up with an outreach program that targets the site. By doing so, your workflow will be more productive and efficient.

Stick to the Process

Just like preparing a meal, there is a recipe and procedures that you need to adhere to if you are to succeed in cooking a finger-licking meal for your family. Overlooking some of the steps is a recipe for disaster. You will also not be able to keep track of the results.

Follow the process, keep in mind that every step is important, and will help you to achieve the set results. Start by identifying the goal then determine which topics you need to write about and rank for to get to that goal.

Document the Tasks

Writing down the work that you input into the link building campaign has been proven to improve the manner in which various teams collaborate. There are project management tools that you can use to delegate tasks to the members of the team without breaking a sweat. Each member will have direct access to his or her respective statuses and tasks, the required files as well as internal and external logs of all communication.

Your link building campaign needs to be properly planned for and executed if it is to succeed in helping your business climb to the first page of Google. Be sure to avoid any spammy link building strategies to avoid being penalized by the search engines.

November 30, 2017

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