4 Ways Your Merchandising Strategy May be Compromising Your SEO Performance


Most Singapore online marketers forget to come up with a robust merchandising strategy when optimizing their website for SEO performance. In most cases, the product being sold is not featured in the SEO discussions and this in the end affects the site’s conversion rate and ranking on SERPs.

Here are four ways that merchandising strategy may be compromising your SEO performance.

Number 1: Negative Reviews and Inventory Issues

Most of the successful e-commerce companies have a live inventory system in place that enables them to keep track of the products in stock. Poor management of the inventory system results in overselling of products and order fulfillment challenges. Such problems always result in negative reviews from customers and could ruin the credibility of the brand online. Some customer might call the support team, but many are likely to post their grievances on social networking sites.

Number 2: Schema Markup and Out-of-Stock Products

Most of the companies that sell products online have a stock schema markup that allows them to inform customers if the products are in stock or out of stock in the SERPs. Problems arise when the products which are in high demand and frequently unavailable are not updating their stock status in the schema markup. Incorrect “out of stock” messages appearing in the SERPs will affect sales as well as organic traffic. It is recommended to continuously check the schema markup to be sure that it is functioning correctly.

Number 3: Running Promotions Too Frequently

In the current competitive digital business world, you cannot afford to ignore the importance of adhering to the best product promotion practices. Running promotions online too often could hamper the growth of your business as customers may develop a negative attitude towards your promotion messages and start ignoring them. They could also decide to delay placing an order with the hope that you will promote the product again in a few weeks.

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Number 4: You Are Not Exclusive

Resellers can help you to gain the much-needed exposure online as well as boost your sales. However, they could start outranking your products on SERPs thereby reducing the number of customers who purchase the products directly from your site. Note that the resellers may have a more customer-friendly return policy and could use it undercut you on price. Manage your work relationships with resellers and strive to maintain a degree of exclusivity over your products.

Avoid compromising the SEO performance of your Singapore online marketing site by crafting a comprehensive merchandising strategy that favors your brand. Once in a while, you will need to implement some changes to adapt to the volatile business landscape.



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