4 Ways to Keep Your Website Updated

4 Ways To Keep Your Website Updated

Launching a website was a great way of creating an online presence for your business. However, if you are not updating your website regularly, you may as well have wasted all the money you paid your web development company Singapore. You need to keep a site updated for the following two important reasons.

  • To rank better in search engines. Your website is most effective if it appears on the first page of search results for keywords related to your business. Google ranks web pages according to relevant. So, it perceives a regularly updated page as informational and relevant.
  • To improve customer’s perceptions. First impressions last, right? So if a user visits your site and sees outdated imagery and design, or that the last post on your blog dates more than a year back, they will have the impression that you are not a serious business, or think that you are no longer in business.

Use these four easy-to-follow guidelines to keep your website updated.

Frequently update your blog

First of all, all business websites need a blog. A blog is the best way to engage your customers on a regular basis. Also, the popularity of the posts improves the search engine ranking of your site.

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Post content relevant to your field on your blog on a regular basis. If possible post daily, but not less than once a week. Both internet users and search engines will see that your business is active.

Redesign your website

The web design that was trending five years ago is obsolete today. An outdated website lacks the powerful functionality of the latest web design trends. As such, it may lead to high bounce rates. Hire the best website company Singapore to redesign your website every few years.

Post new testimonials

What is the date on the last customer testimonial on your site? Fresh testimonials prove to potential customers that your business is active and credible. Another way of promoting social proof is by increasing your social media activity.

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Get rid of outdated images

The imagery on a web page tells a lot about the business. Imaging has advanced a lot the last couple of years. People will not look twice at an image that is not HD. Now there are new picture formats such as GIFs.

Remember to remove stock photography and replace it with original photos related to your business. Real photos have an excellent appeal to the emotions of potential customers.

A website that is up to date ranks better in search engines and is more appealing to customers. Consult your web developers Singapore to ascertain that your site is up to date.


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