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4 Ways IT Can Drive Digital Innovation in Your Company

IT Digital Innovation

IT can drive Digital Innovation in your company in many ways. The fourth industrial revolution is beckoning, and you need to position your company for the expected changes in the market. Most company operations are dependent on datafication, digital labor, and hyper-connectivity. Five years ago, IT seemed to have hit a plateau, but digital evolution has helped boost the industry by providing new and exciting ways of interacting and streamlining operations.

Here are four ways IT can drive digital innovation in your company.

Manage Big Data

Big data allows companies to uncover customers’ behaviors, market trends, and associations that can help them scale up their operations and achieve the set goals and objectives. Concisely, this data gives Singapore digital marketers a clear perspective of the industry as well as how prospects engage with the business online.

A recent study estimated that by 2020, 1.7 megabytes of new information would be processed per second for every human being on the planet. The sheer volume will be a major challenge and will prompt companies to develop new analytical tools that can process the data on an hourly basis. The leaders in Singapore digital market continue to succeed because they know the type of content that they should collect as well as how to use it to give their brands an added advantage in the market. Proper management of the data will help your Singapore digital marketing team to come up with robust marketing strategies.

Establish Collaborations

66% of technology management executives and 70% of marketers are the idea that marketing technology plans will become more relevant if developed by both companies CMO and CIO. This symbiotic relationship will help come up with robust digital marketing strategies that will spur engagement, drive business to greater heights, and increase brand awareness in the competitive landscape.

The dynamic nature of information technology provides many excellent opportunities for Singapore digital marketers who are ready to capitalize on them. Even though there are both positions, CMO and CIO, have differences, the two need to evolve and come up with ways of working towards improving customer experience. Combining their skillset will also help them to stay abreast of emerging technologies that can be used to elevate the business to the next level of success.

Embrace Job Evolution

As leveraging IT technologies becomes paramount to the company’s digital marketing strategies, the CIO needs to hone the skills and capabilities of the team members to achieve long-lasting success and foster development growth. This change in landscape will result in the creation of new jobs and roles. The current jobs will also be evaluated to ensure that they conform to the new business requirements.

The roles of personnel such as the Chief Data Officer, Cyber Security Speciality, and Digital Training Offer will need to be revised to ensure that the company is not left behind. Concisely, companies will need to redefine their organizational structure to succeed, survive, and thrive in the increasingly competitive business realm.

Promote Leadership

As Chief Information Officers are recognized for steering digital transformation projects in the company, agility, vision, and innovation will help achieve true success in the Singapore digital marketing realm. We have noticed a sharp increase in the number of organizations that ratchet up technology investments to implement new marketing strategies and ensure that they succeed.

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Research by Computerworld’s Forecast that was conducted in 2016 shows that 13% of companies who were polled believe that there is a need to invest more in new marketing technology. Only 16% believe that enhance customer experience is a top spending priority.

Concisely, customer experience is one the pillars of digital transformation. The IT department is instrumental in ensuring that the company operations are digitalized. At the same time, it has to make sure that the changes do not compromise customer experience. Even though technology is integral to the success of a company, it is important to have a robust business strategy to avoid pitfalls along the way.


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