4 Simple Things that You Can Do To Improve Your Web Design

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Website design is an investment in your business that should bear positive results. You need to continuously monitor its performance and functionalism to be sure that it is influencing your website positively.

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Here are four simple things that you can do to improve your web design.

Use an Intuitive Navigation

Confusing/complex navigation layouts will result in a high bounce rate. The primary navigation is usually a horizontal menu that is placed at the top of the website. Unfortunately, this navigation is not always useful in guiding visitors through the site. It is recommended to provide secondary navigation options under the primary navigation bar or on the left margin of the site. The less important pieces of information or links should be placed at the bottom of the pages to avoid detracting the primary information and call-to-action.

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Get Rid of All Unnecessary Clutter

Most businesses prefer posting an image of every product that they sell on the homepage. Unknown to them is that doing so results in a slow page load speed that chases away potential customers. Based on this fact, it is recommended to ensure that the pages are devoid of visual clutter and competing call-to-actions. Also, consider streamlining the pages by keeping the paragraphs short. Ideally, a paragraph should not have more than six lines.

Have a Professional Logo

Finally, hire an expert logo designer to create a polished logo for your brand. The logo should be strategically located at the upper left corner of each page and should link back to the homepage. If possible, include a high-resolution image in the logo to make it more visible and memorable.

Finally, give your website visitors some breathing room by creating enough space between the images and paragraphs. With the current cut throat visual competition in the digital world, less is more. The white space between the paragraphs will help the users to concentrate fully on the content and what your business offers.

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