The 4 Primary Phases of Growth and User-Driven Web Design Process

Investing in a growth and user-driven web design is one of the sure-fire ways of enhancing the growth of your online business. As the name suggests, this is a web design that focuses on promoting the growth of the company as well as providing the target audience with the best user experience.

Here are the four primary phases of a growth and user-driven web design process.

Phase 1: Strategy

The success of any online marketing campaign in Singapore is based on the approach of the marketer. Since the website will be the foundation of all your marketing campaigns, it is imperative to strategize and plan. At this stage, the web developer lays out all the details of the process and carries out extensive research to understand the market that the company operates in. The information gathered helps to frame the business story better and design the best channels to use to convey the intended message.

Phase 2: Launch Pad

At this phase, the professional web developers in Singapore start to build the core of the website. The primary focus is on 20% of the site elements or items that can result in an 80% impact. Here all the essentials that are needed for the site to go live are created and tested to ensure that they are fully functional.

Phase 3: Post-Launch

In phase 3 the web development team collects data and analyzes it before going back to the drawing board, phase 1-strategy. At this stage, the launch pad site is already live, and people can view and browse through the pages. The information gathered at this stage helps to identify high impact elements that may have been omitted from the original wishlist. These elements are added to the site to enhance its ability to deliver the expected results.

Phase 4: On-Going Improvement

As the name suggests, the various elements or sections are tweaked on an on-demand basis to ensure that the site continues to dominate SERPs. Every month, data is collected, and changes that have the potential of having the greatest impact on the business are implemented. For example, the content and navigation bar can be modified to reduce bounce and exit rate.

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A professional web development agency in Singapore will go through all the four phases to ensure that you get maximum return on the money and time that you commit to the web design service. Be sure to monitor the web designing process to avoid any inconveniences down the road.


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