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4 Practical Tips on How to Boost Your Shopping Ads

Shopping Ads

Shopping ads are a confident and more effective shift from traditional keyword campaigns. The fact that they present an online marketer with a clear image and info needed about their search helps them make appropriate decisions while reducing ad spends on bounce traffic for your Singapore digital marketing agency. But has the shopping campaign strategy reached its prime? No there still exist several approaches you can put in place to ensure you get the most out of your shopping campaign.

Improve on product data delivery

Having devoted years of hard work in mastering the art of keyword ads, coming to terms with the new shopping ad online marketing campaign can be overwhelming for digital marketers. But you still need to stop approaching the shopping ads from a keyword point of view. Understand they are different from keyword ad campaigns and focus on improving your product data presentation and delivery.

Make maximum use of the merchant center

Shopping Ads

Google merchant center

How much inventory do you have in your e-commerce or physical store? When submitting your product inventory to the merchant center, it is advisable that you include every item in your store. Note that the more the inventory and shopping campaigns, the higher the online visibility your brand receives.  Some products act as lead magnets to pull in the customers into your site where they may end up buying a different product altogether.

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Use the smart bidding strategy

You don’t have to depend entirely on Google AdWords query suggestions as your leading resource in driving traffic to your product listings. Use the smart bidding strategies to generate your own enhanced cost-per-click queries for your product. When well executed, this approach can significantly improve the number of conversions your product receives for that particular product search query.

Connect ads to physical stores

Did you know that most people like searching the web for your physical store and products therein before stopping by? Of this online-driven foot traffic, 25 percent end up buying something from the store. Connecting your physical shopping store in Singapore, therefore, plays a significant role in helping boost conversions. It is also imperative that your online and physical store managers work hand-in-hand if they are to report actual conversions.


While shopping ads set itself as the future of digital advertising, most digital marketers are still learning how to incorporate it into their marketing campaigns. Therefore, if you seek to surge ahead of competition early on, consider adopting such practical success strategies as expanding your inventory, expounding on your product data, and linking your online and physical stores. These strategies help generate valuable conversions from improved shopping campaigns performance.


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