4 Online Technical Tips that Can Make a Massive Difference

4 Online Technical Tips That Can Make A Massive Difference

Off-page SEO techniques such as building, managing and frequently auditing your backlinks are crucial to the success of your Singapore online marketing business. Most people concentrate too much on these strategies and forget to pay close attention to on-page SEO.

With Google shifting to semantic search, it is imperative to make sure that the technical aspect of SEO is correct. Here are four technical SEO tips that can make a massive difference in your internet business.

Check Your Sitemap

A sitemap tells the search engines the structure or rather the architecture of your website as well as well helps the crawl bot to discover fresh content. Here are the specific things that you need to do on your sitemap.

Keep it Clean: Make sure that it is free from redirects, errors, and URLs that are blocked from indexing.

Update it: Remember to update it whenever you publish fresh content on your site or remove some of the pages.

Keep in Concise: Google will not bother crawling your sitemap if it has more than 50,000 URLs. Maintain the number of URLs lower to ensure that all the relevant pages are crawled more often and indexed. Experiments have proven that short sitemaps attract more crawls.

Register it at Search Console: Inform Google about your website sitemap by submitting it manually to Google Search Console. You can also achieve this aim by specifying its location in the robots.txt file.

Ensure All Important Web Resources are Crawlable

Your website has some web resources that are essential to its functionalism. Check the robots.txt file to ensure that none of these resources are listed here otherwise search engines may not be able to crawl them. Note that you can use a robots.txt file to prevent search engines from crawling certain pages.

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You also need to check for orphan pages. What are orphan pages? These are pages that are present on your website but are not linked to internally. If search engines identify them, they will most likely crawl them infrequently thereby resulting in mediocre results.

Audit Internal Links

Correct internal linking helps to distribute the ranking power or link juice to all the pages efficiently.

Here are the specific things that you need to look at when auditing the internal links

Click Depth: All the important website pages should not be more than three clicks away from the home page.

Broken Links: Broken links just wastes your crawl budget, confuses web visitors, and leaks out your pages link juice.

Orphan Pages: As mentioned earlier, orphan pages are not connected to other pages on your Singapore business website with links. Thus, search engines and visitors are not able to access them quickly.

Test and Improve Page Speed

The first thing that you need to note is that Google expects all website pages to load in two seconds or less. They have also confirmed that page speed is one of the ranking factors and so you need to make sure that all your pages are loading fast. Also, speed has a direct impact on user experience, bounce rates, and conversion rates. Slow pages record high bounce rates and low conversion rates.

Check all these aspects of your website to position it for success. A professional Singapore SEO firm can help you run the tests and make changes to the site to ensure that it conforms to Google SEO guidelines and international standards.

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