4 Impacts of Possum Update on SEO


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The success of any online business today is dependent on its SEO efforts and strategies. With Google being so unpredictable, it is difficult to keep tabs on its algorithm changes, and so it is recommended to hire a professional SEO consultant Singapore to ensure that your site is fully compliant. September 1st, 2016 update dubbed Possum has had a significant impact on the search engine optimization Singapore landscape.

Here are a few of the primary impacts of this algorithm update that you should know.

IP Addresses of the Searchers

In the past, what was displayed in search engine results page was based on the keywords entered into the search engine. With the possum update now in place, Google considers not only the keywords but also the searcher IP address when generating the results. This is one of the tactics that this top search engine is using to ensure that it offers the most accurate results to its users.

Significant Variance in Search Results Based on Keyword Selection

Before this algorithm update, one could get the same results when using related keywords that are not 100% similar. For instance, searching for content using keywords such as “African Restaurant Miami” and “Miami African Restaurant” would result in almost similar results.

The Possum update will eliminate such scenarios by making sure that results generated are accurate and related to the keywords used by the searcher. This means that even a small keyword variance will results in entirely different results.

Impact on Local SEO

In the past, businesses that were not located directly within the city limits had a difficult time ranking high. A restaurant located outside the limits of Bukit Batok had difficulty ranking for certain keywords such as “Italian Restaurant Bukit Batok.” Luckily, this new update will give it a high chance of ranking for such keywords thereby increasing its organic traffic and growth.

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Concisely, businesses located in the suburbs have an equal opportunity as those located right at the heart of the cities.

Indeed, Google Possum update will have a significant positive impact on Singapore SEO and web marketing landscape. The level playing field will give all businesses an equal opportunity to get clients online irrespective of their location.


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