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4 Easy and Effective Practices for Optimising for Voice Search

Voice Search

Voice search is quickly gaining traction and becoming the most preferred way to find information online. Siri, an inbuilt mobile app for iPads and iPhones, is one of the apps that consumers are using to find information online quickly.

It is important that you optimise your content for voice search to get organic traffic and reach out to your target audience.

Here are four easy and efficient practices for optimising for voice search that you can start using today.

Your Website Design Should Be Responsive

The number of searches that are done using mobile devices surpassed desktop searchers more than a year ago, and the numbers are expected to skyrocket in the coming years. You also need to note that Singapore has highest smartphone penetration in the world.

Based on these facts, most of your potential customers are likely going to use mobile devices to get information about your brand and use apps such as Siri. If your website is not responsive, such mobile applications will not be able to access and display your website to them.  

Ensure your NAP Citations are Accurate and Consistent

Most of the users who are conversant with voice searches ask Siri and other similar applications to find nearby restaurants or companies that offer the services they are looking for. Making sure that your NAP citations are accurate and consistent across all listings will increase the chances of Google displaying your site on SERPs. Wrong details will mislead potential customers and adversely affect your sales.

Utilised Structured Data

Structured data not only helps search engines to know the type of content on your site but also voice mobile search applications. Therefore, go ahead and implement the right schema on your site to help Siri to interpret the content on your website as it scouts the web for accurate information that addresses the question asked by the searcher.

Use Popular Voice Search Phrases and Keywords to Optimise your Content

Most voice searches are done using phrases rather than the conventional simple keywords. For example, Siri uses voice queries to find information online. Increase the chances of such mobile apps finding your site by optimising the content on the pages for voice queries. Here are three examples of ideal phrases:

  • What are the best digital marketing agencies in Tampines, Singapore?
  • Which is the best SEO firm in Singapore?
  • How can I improve my website on-page SEO and Site Ranking?


Applying these four tips will ensure that your website is discovered whenever someone uses voice search technology to look for information online. Be sure to monitor traffic and other metrics such as conversion and bounce rate to know if you need to optimise the content further.

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