36 Ways To Get More Targeted Leads For Your Singapore Business

36 Ways To Get More Targeted Leads For Your Singapore Business

There is more to a lead generation campaign than increasing the number of people visiting your website. You need to understand the preferences of your audience so that you can convert them into regular clients who will be loyal to your brand.

The best way of getting insights about your web traffic is by using automated tools. If you use this approach, you are almost assured of getting more leads, increasing sales and the revenue generated by your business.

The Best Lead Generation Tools for Your Singapore Website

With plenty of options to choose from, it can be quite challenging to identify the best lead generation tool. However, we narrowed them down by classifying them in the following categories.

  • The best lead generation tool
  • Email marketing tools
  • Email address finders
  • Prospecting and outreach tools
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) tools
  • Sales tools
  • Communication tools
  • Advertising tools
  • Other lead generation tools


The Best Lead Generation Tool – OptinMonster

OptinMonster offers an unrivalled lead generation tool that is compatible with most email marketing and CRM platforms. As a marketer, this is essential for capturing and managing leads.

The tool has several exciting features that help in the realisations of its objectives. These include;

  • Page-level targeting – you can run multiple campaigns on different webpages on the same website, each targeting a specific audience.
  • Exit-intent technology – this feature generates a pop-up when a visitors attempts to leave your site before performing the desired action.
  • On-site retargeting – this allows you to create customised offers for returning traffic.
  • Lead sharing – allows you to share leads with other parties in your marketing campaign.

Moreover, this tool allows you to target your lead generation campaigns based on the activities of your audience, their devices, their location, and so forth.

best lead generation tool

Email Marketing Tools

Email marketing is the most effective method for generating leads. Most people are likely to open emails that come from the brands they like. For this reason, you should invest in top email marketing software.

Here are the standout email marketing tools available to Singapore marketers.

  • Constant Contact
  • Aweber

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is particularly useful in managing big mailing lists. Its most exciting feature is the extensive amount of support it offers to users. The tool has excellent customer support, multiple online training modules and regularly creates webinars to sharpen the skills of users.


Aweber is the best lead generation tool if you want to automate your email marketing campaign. It allows you to create and send emails quickly, as well as import content from your website and share it with your subscribers. Also, it has a powerful inbuilt analytics tool to track the impact of your emails.

Email Address Finders

best lead generation tool

In some cases, you might need to send messages to people who are not subscribed to your mailing list. You need to find emails that are likely to generate qualified leads, and email address finders are excellent in this regard.

The following are the best tools for finding email addresses of people likely to show interest in your offerings.


Hunter is a quick and reliable tool for finding emails. All you need to do is to type the domain name, and it will return several addresses. It has a confidence rating that shows you the probability that a particular email address is accurate.


AeroLeads comes with an extension for Google’s Chrome browser that searches for leads on professional networks such as LinkedIn and AngelList. When you link this feature to your AeroLeads account, you can easily find the email addresses and further information about the leads.

Voila Norbert

Voila Norbert is useful in searching for and verifying email addresses. It has a feature that allows for bulk searching of leads using a CSV file. The tool is also compatible with several CRM software and makes it easy to monitor the progress of your lead generation campaign.

Prospecting and Outreach Tools

best lead generation tool

After collecting email addresses and creating a mailing list, the next step is reaching out to convert them into leads.

Here are the best tools for prospecting and outreach.


If you want a multipurpose lead generation tool, OutreachPlus is your best bet. It supports automation and allows you to create and send personalised email messages. The tool uses responses from your past and existing campaigns to help you in finding prospects that you can reach out to in the future.


According to Hoovers, the company has the largest commercial database in the world. Besides finding prospects, this tool also provides company information. This is useful in directing the nature of conversations you have with the prospects and makes it easier to turn them into leads.


Datanyze generates leads by analysing the data about the technologies that your target audience is currently using. It has a prospecting tool that finds your contact details quickly. You can also export such data to your CRM for follow-ups and further management.

Lead Forensics

Most marketers miss out on potentially good leads because they do not monitor their website traffic in detail. Lead Forensics can find the contact information of such visitors to help you with lead generation. It also has a scoring system that shows you which visitors are likely to show interest in your brand.


Growbots has a vast database with over 200 million contacts where you can find qualified leads. The tool allows you to identify key personalities in specific industries and reach out to them.  Moreover, it has a testing functionality where you can evaluate the effectiveness of different strategies.

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Prospect.io is useful for prospecting as well as outreach. It helps you to find and validate the email addresses of your prospects. Once you have the emails, you can contact the prospects using a variety of templates. You can also track all interactions and integrate the tool with third-party platforms with crucial critical information.

Customer Relationship Management Tools (CRM)

best lead generation tool

Customer relationship management (CRM) tools are crucial for any lead generation campaign. They are useful for linking up with and monitoring your prospects and leads throughout the buying cycle.

The following are the best CRM tools available to marketers in Singapore.  


HubSpot is the best lead generation tool under this category. The platform offers a wide range of free marketing tools, including HubSpot CRM.

The standout features of HubSpot CRM are the way it organises, monitors and nurtures your leads. It automatically tracks interactions and informs your marketing team on the latest developments in the industry.


Pardot is a popular lead generation tool that is useful in the management of qualified leads. It ensures that you only engage leads that are likely to convert into regular clients. It also has a segmentation feature that allows you to target your future clients.


SharpSpring is perhaps the most unique CRM tool for lead generation. It has its inbuilt CRM software but integrates with other popular CRM tools. This approach aims to ease the management of lead data across several platforms. Further, this platform offers a range of marketing tools such as custom deal stages and an overview of the purchase cycle.


Contactually is an easy to use CRM platform that quickly synchronises your contacts from Google and Office365. Once you link the contacts, you can easily organise and segment them. The tool also has an AI functionality that allows you to optimise workflow and schedule communications.


Keap offers a reliable means of consolidating client information in one place. The data is vital for tracking how often such customers interact with your brand and can serve as a guide for future campaigns. The versatility of this tool makes it a worthwhile investment.


Marketo is a lead management solution that focuses on creating a connection with prospective clients before they meet your marketing team. It works by creating inbound and outbound marketing strategies that emphasise generating quality leads.


Nimble sources information from multiple platforms to ensure that the data you have about your leads is up to date.  It saves you the time that you would have spent looking for such information and entering it to your database. Furthermore, it is available for all popular web browsers, mobile platforms and email clients.


Another lead generation CRM software that has a user-friendly interface is OnePageCRM. The tool captures leads from Gmail, business networking sites and social media platforms and adds them to your CRM. It prioritises ‘next action sales,’ meaning that you make sales easily.

Sales Tools

best lead generation tool

The ultimate objective of any lead generation tool is to increase sales.  If you want repeat purchases, you have to engage your current customers.

Here are the tools that can simultaneously take care of your clients and generate new leads.


Salesforce is one of the most used sales and lead management platforms in the world. It has a variety of features that are useful in managing leads, clients, sales teams, and so forth. It is also compatible with an array of sales and marketing software to help in delivering quality customer services and increasing sales.

HubSpot Sales

As mentioned earlier, HubSpot offers a collection of free marketing tools such as HubSpot Sales. This tool has features and templates that help you to reach out to leads and send follow-up messages. This communication can significantly improve your sales.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn is a social network that is mostly used by professionals, meaning that it has a vast amount of company information in its databases.

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows you to access this information. It also has an advanced searching tool that will enable you to search for leads and gives recommendations as well. The platform also has CRM integrations and regularly provides updates on sales.


The most exciting feature of Pipedrive is its ease of use. It is an automated lead generation tool that tracks all interactions involving your leads with ease. Also, it allows you to see all the data about your lead generation campaign from one place and recommends what to do next.

Communication Tools

best lead generation tool

Even with the best lead generation tool, you still need to communicate with your visitors to convert them into customers.

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Here are some tools to assist you in interacting with your leads.


Drift is useful in delivering useful and personalised services to your clients by engaging them in conversations. Talking to your customers is impactful, as it drives more than half of online sales.  Drift is an idal lead generation tool for conversing with your audience, and it also has a free version.


Intercom is a new messaging service that allows you to engage your web traffic in meaningful conversations. Besides being one of the best lead generation tools, Intercom is useful in customer onboarding and support.


If you want a tool that works with all major messaging platforms, Bontact is the ideal choice. This tool works seamlessly with both Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp Business, as well as several other messaging apps, to provide you and your clients with a quality cross-platform experience.


CallPage is easy to set up – in less than five minutes, you can have it up and running on your website. It works by requesting visitors to provide their phone numbers, after which you can start talking to them.

The best thing about this tool is that visitors can contact you from anywhere around the world.

Advertising Tools

best lead generation tool

Another way of getting more leads is through brand promotion. In this case, you need a good lead generation tool with inbuilt advertising features. You could also advertise on social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and so on.

Here are the best advertising tools for lead generation.

Google Ads

Google Ads is undoubtedly one of the best lead generation tool due to its powerful advertising capabilities. The platform displays you ad listings on top of search results when users search for keywords that are relevant to your business.

Since people interested in your keywords will only see your ads, it is highly likely that they will visit your website. Setting up campaigns is free of charge, and you only pay when users click on your ad listing.


AdRoll works by combing your display ads, social ads and email marketing campaigns to promote your brand. The tool supports automation and offers insights on how to adjust your campaigns for better results.


AdEspresso is a product of HootSuite that allows you to optimise ads on Facebook, Google, and Instagram. With this tool, you can create and test several ad campaigns within a short time. You can also run multiple ad campaigns at a time, and gauge the most effective strategies using the inbuilt analytics tool.

Other Lead Generation Tools

Here are other tools that can boost your lead generation efforts.


RafflePress is different from other lead generation tools in that it is a popular WordPress giveaway plugin.

The tool makes it to this list due to the effectiveness of online contest and giveaways on boosting web traffic. This means that it is useful for lead generation, as it can also grow your mailing list and increase engagement levels.


Word-of-mouth advertising is an effective tactic for lead generation tools. Extole makes the most of this by implementing advocacy marketing. It converts your customers into brand advocates who assist in lead generation by recommending your company to friends.


ReferralCandy is the ideal lead generation tool if you own an e-commerce website. It offers discounts to your existing customers when they refer others to your platform. It allows for the customisation of the referral program and will enable you to track the progress of the campaign.


A smart way of generating more leads from your web traffic is by understanding their needs. WPForms allows you to create surveys to get more insights into the preferences of your visitors. You can also integrate the survey forms into other lead generation tools.


Zapier allows you to link several business services, including most of the lead generation tools in this list. It also has a management feature that makes it easier to run multiple campaigns on various platforms.


If you are struggling to find the best lead generation tool, the list above exhausts the standout options that are currently available in the market. These tools will increase your leads, boost your conversions and improve your sales.

It is worth noting that each tool is suited for a specific purpose in lead generation. Some are good for email, others for communication, and so forth. As a marketer, you should look to invest in at least one tool in each category so that you have a presence in all possible lead generation avenues.

Lastly, lead generation is not the final step in your marketing campaign. Once the leads land on your site, you have to devise smart ways of ensuring that they convert and become regular customers. Get in touch with us for custom digital marketing services in Singapore. Our team will help you implement an ideal lead generation campaign as well as sales funnels that resonate with your brand and objectives. 














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