30 Top Social Media Marketing Agencies In Singapore

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97% of high profile businesses are signed up with at least one social media network such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, or YouTube, with which they use to establish a direct line of communication with their brand advocates and other stakeholders.

In another report, as released by McKinsey & Company, it’s suggested that more than 70 percent of companies use social media as a way to support and connect with their audience. And the best part is that they’re all reporting significant benefits that come with using this platform.

If you’re actively involved with running your business (regardless of size) — odds are, you do not have the time to manage your social media channels yourself, it’s even possible that you don’t have the time to manage a single channel.

So, should you continue managing your own social media channel or outsource it to an agency?

In-house vs. Outsourced Social Media Management

Many businesses will, of course, settle on a Do-it-Yourself approach. That would still work, but only if it wasn’t so terribly executed.

Here’s the thing: most DIY marketers approach social media marketing with so many ground mistakes that render all their effort fruitless.

Mistake 1: Only posting when they have the time. They ignore the platform when they’re indisposed, and only use the breaks in between to check out their social media accounts and quickly whip up a post.

Nothing goes into giving any thought to what they post. As long as they’ve posted something, that’s enough to call it a day. The further they’ll go is boost one of their posts, and they’ll be convinced that they’re doing the right thing.

This is wrong in so many ways. One is because the bulk of the traffic that you’re likely to attract through social media doesn’t come during business hours. If anything, you have to experiment with different times to figure out what time of the day your posts generate the most traction.

Mistake 2: Only posting what they intend to sell. As you’re soon to find out, social media users don’t like being sold to. After all, social media is all about socialising; it’s about connecting with your audience at a personal level and not about trying to sell to them.

So instead of pitching and self-promoting yourself, your primary focus should be on establishing a solid communication and feedback channel that would eventually lead to sales.

Mistake 3: Loosely delegating the duty of managing their social media channels to one of their interns, who has other things on their plate. They’re completely clueless about what they should be doing. And since they have other things in their work-basket, they approach it with divided attention.

By an in-house intern, what we mean is that you’re delegating the duty to someone who barely has 5 hours to dedicate to managing your social media pages– and which isn’t quite enough when you come to think about it.

If you choose to manage your social media account, then you have to begin by understanding that no one can do it better than you. The real question is — ‘can you?

Forbes makes it clear: it takes roughly 32 hours per month to manage one social media network effectively. Now imagine a situation where you’re managing several of them.

This is some sad fact, more so after you consider the fact that a great majority of those that run Facebook pages don’t even bother replying to the comments their followers make. So who would they blame when their Facebook followers give them the cold treatment?

Benefits of Outsourcing Social Media Management

We’re not trying to sell you the idea of outsourcing social media management, but trying to let you know that it’s something worth considering when you look at the facts.

After all, there’s nothing wrong with delegating part of your job to a real pro. You have a greater purpose, one that you’re willing to do anything within your willpower to achieve.

The same can be said about social media marketing. You’re not doing anything blindly or managing your social media marketing on specs. You have goals, and which can be broadly divided into the following categories:

Brand Impression: This is one of the goals you should be aiming for. You want your brand to pop out. So why not figure out a proper way to manage your social media and you’ll have an easy time achieving this.

Brand Reputation: You’re equally concerned about the image of your company in the public eye. You care about how it’s perceived. So why not use social media to manage your online reputation?

Trust development: Your prospects will never make the bold step to invest their hard-earned cash in your products or services if they don’t trust you. However, with social media, it’s possible to establish a positive connection with them and start attracting positive feedback that will go a long way into winning your prospects’ trust.

The only way to get closer to these goals is by outsourcing social media management to someone who understands it to the bone.


This is the main reason you’d want to outsource anything in the first place. Unless you’re skilled at this, you want to make sure that you’re hiring someone with real experience. You want to make sure that the person has an aptitude for communicating and the passion for connecting with other people online.

The person you hire must also have a good understanding of social media channels and their undercurrents. He must be in a position to predict future trends and adjust accordingly. Even more important, the person must have great copywriting skills.

They should be able to use content to grab your followers’ attention, grow their interest, and even get them to take action. In other words, there’s no room for posting things blindly here. Every single one of the posts you make has to be calculated. It should serve a purpose that plays right into your end goal, unless otherwise.

Read this bearing in mind that there are rules and a knowledge base that dictate how you run your campaign. There are finer details that determine your chances of succeeding, and which only a professional or someone with real experience is privy of.

Platform-specific Knowledge

Social media is not a flash in the pan. It’s been here for a while, and some of these professionals have watched it grow. They have been with it every step of the way and even played a role in its evolution. They know things the world will never understand, and that’s why they’re able to run with any social media campaign and make it a success.

Each of these social media specialists has a channel that they’ve mastered. It could be Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram – there’s that one platform that they have invested the bulk of their time studying and trying to understand, and can confidently say they know it better than anybody else.

The first thing you want to do before you can go ahead and hire an agency is to find out what platform they recommend. In their response, you should be able to get a sense of where their strength lies.

A good agency will always try to stay ahead of platform-specific trends. So instead of becoming hung on one particular platform, they’ll be focusing on creating comprehensive digital strategies that touch on several platforms, if not all.

Plus, they conduct their activities as a team, where each member focuses on a platform that they’re good at.

Experience with various Social Media Marketing Tools

Social media could be taking so much of your time because you aren’t well versed with the tools at your disposal.

A good social media consultant knows how to use these tools to manage every aspect of their social media marketing process. From writing, publishing, and designing, social media consultants have experimented with lots of these tools, and they know how to use them right.

This is not something you learn within a day or two. It takes time before you’re able to master these tools and use them effectively.

The social media consultant you hire will have these tools on the ready, already paid-for. And since they’re also managing other people’s social media accounts; that means you’ll be sharing the cost associated with acquiring these tools, thus saving your money.

Quality Content

When you’re engrossed in managing your business, it sometimes becomes hard to view things from the perspective of the customer or client you’re targeting. It pays to have a third party look at things from their analytical point of view and chime in with their suggestions.

A good social media agency doesn’t just jump on your task. They have to dedicate an ample amount of their time to understand your business and the customers you’re targeting. From their analysis, they should be able to offer you a fresh perspective on everything.

Next is the issue of social media etiquette. There are laid ground rules that the agency is expected to abide by. A good social media agency will begin by establishing these rules. Also, they should be able to adjust to situations as they come and make sure that none of their efforts are going to waste.

A good agency must have a sign-off system that they use to avoid errors before they come. Whether they’re off-message posts or simple grammatical slip-ups that are likely to do your business more harm than good, the agency must be in a position to spot them right on time and react to them accordingly.

In other words, a social media marketing consultant has the foresight of the things to come, and they know how to circumvent them before they cause any harm to your business.


If managing your social media is taxing to you or even a little boring, then that’s reason enough not do it in the first place. It’s simple: if you’re not enjoying it, then don’t do it.

This is what makes agencies different. Instead of approaching social media as some tedious task, social media consultants actually enjoy it. It’s enjoyable to them when they’re able to master your audience’s language and address them in a manner that they can connect with them.

Another way to look at is that you have to enjoy the messages that you send for the target audience to enjoy them as well.

The first thing that an agency will do is help you establish your brand’s voice. It’s after they’ve figured this that they’ll come up with a strategy that strikes a balance between being fun and informative.

It’s not your job to entertain your audience, but to help them connect with your business and get to understand what you do before you can hook them up to take action.


This is the hardest segment of outsourcing the services of a social media manager. You want to be sure that you can actually depend on the agency that you hire.

It stretches far beyond the quality of their work to their availability. Just in case you have a change of plans and are looking to communicate with your customers really quick, the agency should be available to take in your message and act upon it accordingly.

Find out how the agency reacts to changes. Will they throw the responsibility back to you, or will they adjust to it and keep everything moving like it’s supposed to?

Of course, hiring an agency to help you out with managing your social media account is a bit costly compared to the cost of hiring an individual taking the DIY route. But that shouldn’t be that much of a concern if their efforts are paying off tenfold.


Before you get all excited about the first social media agency that catches your eyes, first ask yourself – is it worth the money that you’re about to invest in?

Keep in mind that hiring a competent social media marketing agency isn’t cheap. You have to be willing to part away with S$10K to S$100K every year to enjoy the services – according to Content Factory.

They have the qualifications to revamp your business completely and breathe life to your online presence. Both their expertise and experience allow them to professionally run and managed your social media accounts.

This is the cost of hiring a fulltime social media marketer that will be working around the clock to make social media work for you.

However, there comes a time when hiring a full-time social media marketer is not a good idea. You want to start by evaluating your business, starting with the amount you’re willing to invest in, the platforms you want to focus on, and if you’re only interested in the agency handling part of the job or if you’re interested in them handling everything.

Agencies offer rates that can range anywhere from $1, 000 to $20, 000 per month. The rates can vary depending on the scope of the project, the number of hours to be invested in the project, the services you’re interested in, the size of your business, and so forth.

The Best Social Media Platform for Marketing Your Business in Singapore

It’s not feasible for you to maintain a strong social media presence across all platforms out there.

In other words, it makes more sense for you to single just one platform that you think will be giving you the best marketing results.

Choose a platform based on your evaluation. Which platform do you think is best suited for your business? Which platform do you think has the highest number of active users or has the best options for advertising?

Lastly, you want to choose a platform that attracts the highest number of your target demographic. These are the people that are attracted to your niche. If your primary market is youths or teenagers, then simple logic demands that you don’t pick a platform such as Linkedin or Twitter. Instead settle on Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook.

It’s pretty simple when you look at it at the surface level, but there’s more to it.


Facebook still rules, and it makes sense for every functional business out there to run a functional Facebook page. Failure of which, you’ll be losing your fair share of the 2.2 billion active users on the platform. And it just doesn’t end there; they have the perfect blend of demographics. You just have to identify your target audience and figure out the most appropriate way to reach them.

Advertising on Facebook is also easy. Plus, they have one of the most advanced targeting systems. That means you won’t be wasting your ad money on targeting the wrong audience.

Plus, you have a Facebook messenger to directly communicate with your target audience and get them to take action.


Twitter is a tough platform to figure out, but once you discover the trick around it, it’s one of the best platforms to market on. Its key strength lies in the hashtags and mentions, which you can use to track trending topics and even participate in the conversations that are happening.

Twitter has about 323 million active users, all of whom make an average of 500 million tweets each day. It also presents lots of opportunities to both track and participate in the conversations that relate to your industry.

Twitter has varied demographics, not to be compared to Facebook, though. Its users are split fairly between the sexes, with their ages spreading fairly even. They also have an advanced advertising system that allows you to advertise your tweets, account, and trends.


Linkedin was created with professionals in mind. It’s also the best platform for Business to Business (B2B) marketing.

It’s the platform you want to market on if you’re a startup, freelancer, and entrepreneur. It’s an ideal platform for marketing your skills, expertise, and technical knowledge, regardless of whether you’re a company or an individual.

In total, Linkedin has about 575 million users that are signed up with it. Most of these users are decision-makers, holding different positions across different markets. Studies show than more than 50% of the B2B traffic businesses get come from Linkedin. This makes it the most suited platform for B2B marketing.


Pinterest is the most underrated platform on the list. As one of the leading visual-based social platforms, Pinterest is best suited for brands that wish to advertise themselves through images. It suited for brands that want to showcase their products and get their target audience hooked through stunning images.

They even have buyable pins that allow you to sell your products directly from Pinterest, without directing your leads elsewhere.

It’s an ideal platform for marketing fashion and decor products. That’s without saying there’s a more creative way to promote your brand on the platform.

Pinterest has about 250 million users, most of which are predominantly female. This makes it an ideal marketing platform for a brand that wants to market to women.

The demographic is also split across income, age, location, and education level. You’re also allowed to promote your pins and make your posts visible to an even larger audience.


Instagram is another visual-based social platform. The platform was designed for users to showcase their brands organically, in real-time. That explains why the platform decided to include ephemeral content, user-generated content, and live videos. It’s also the platform to sign up for the latest marketing trends within your industry.

More than 250 million users interact actively with Instagram stories every day. The platform has 800 million active users, half of which follow brands actively, while 60% of the users follow other users. That makes it the second most active social media platform out there, next to Facebook.

That’s without saying that you have the option to directly message your users and talk them into taking action. You can take advantage of this feature to directly respond to both the queries and concerns that your users have, and maybe get them to take action.

What Social Media Platform Has the Highest Returns on Investment (ROI)

If we were to single out a platform that has the highest Returns on Investment, based on nothing else but experience, we would be quick to nominate Facebook.

It’s also the social media platform that can give Google AdWords a run for its money. Compared to other social media platforms, their Cost per Impression (CPM) is relatively low and well suited for both small and high profile businesses.

Here are the reasons supporting this argument:

  • First, it’s because Facebook ads are highly targeted. Plus, they have a huge collection of data categories that you can use to create ads that are 100% relevant to your target audience.
  • Facebook has one of the most advanced marketing systems. They have lookalikes, which allows you to build an audience of interested people after gleaning for every relevant piece of data from people who’ve interacted with your website before or purchased any of your products.
  • Lastly, we have retargeting, which allows you to follow up your prospect with relevant ads until they’re finally able to make up their mind and reconsider their firm stance.

30 Top Social Media Marketing Agencies in Singapore

Where you find it hard to execute a proper social media marketing strategy (or even figure out one), why not consider hiring the services of a social media agency in Singapore to help you out. We’ve compiled a top 30 list of the best social media marketing agencies in the Singapore for you to check out and make the first bold step towards your online success.

Here goes the list:

  1.  MediaOne Marketing

MediaOne Marketing draws on many years of experience, having been in the business since 2008. Also, they have a multi-disciplinary team of social media marketers that offers the much-needed expertise to craft effective social media marketing strategies for both small and high profile businesses.

No one understands the power of marketing your brand on social media better than MediaOne Marketing. They understand the importance of delivering on your marketing goals and making the most out of your marketing budget, however small it is.

Working with them means gaining direct access to some of the most experienced social media marketers in Singapore. These are people with enough experience and the required technical expertise to pick up from what you’ve accomplished so far and push you even closer to your marketing goals and ambitions.

  1. Construct Digital

Construct digital is a B2B online marketing agency that offers three pillars of services digital marketing, web development, as well as data and strategy. It’s a team-driven agency that’s committed to delivering the best social media solutions to different types of business.

The company has worked with different types of businesses, including small businesses and fortune 500 companies, to name a few. Their marketing solutions cover all aspects of your digital marketing process. They also provide consultation services, in addition to handholding their customers every step of their digital marketing journey.

  1. iProspect

iProspect is a full-service digital marketing agency. The company offers varied digital marketing services, including display advertising, paid searches, search campaigns, and social media marketing.

Having been founded in 1996, they’re one of the oldest digital solutions in the country. They’re an award-winning online marketing solution, whose secret of trade is applying a human touch on every single aspect of their marketing process.

They’re well known for reshaping brand strategies with the sole aim of meeting the ever-evolving demands of the fast-shifting world of business while addressing every single one of your business objectives.

  1. iFoundaries

iFoundaries was started in 2005; and since then, the company has only had one goal in mind – to help businesses come up with marketing strategies that keep their brands attractive to current and prospective customers.

It’s a result-oriented company whose focus is providing the best digital results to every single one of their clients. Supported by both an experienced and talented team of marketing experts, the company knows how to blend different digital solutions for the best marketing results possible.

  1. 2Stallions

2Stallions is ranked as one of the best social media agencies in Singapore – and that’s mostly because the company is always keen on listening. They understand that to help you succeed; they must be keen on taking every single one of your instructions. After all, no one understands what you purpose to achieve with your business better than you.

Their innovative services are meant to help you grow brand awareness and increase your client base through relevant targets. The same can be said about their social media services –with which they’ll be using to help your brand develop a deeper connection with your target audience, and in the end, boost your traffic, rate of engagement, and sales.

  1. ANT Team

ANT Team is the real McCoy when it comes to social media marketing. Their experience and expertise allow them to work on your social media presence and convert it into real business. Besides drawing more followers to your brand, they know how to convert them into sales or direct them to your site to take whatever action you have in store for them.

Their line of services is not limited to social media services alone; they can also help you with Facebook ads, Google ads, and so much more. Plus, they’re among the few agencies in the country that have partnered with Google and all the major search engines.

  1. Evolve Digits

This Singapore-based marketing agency operates with a workforce of 75 people. It’s one of the leading digital marketing agencies in the region, having conducted hundreds of digital marketing campaigns since it started.

The company specialises in online advertising, branding, and brand positioning, to name a few. They also deal with online traffic and analytics, where they try to help their clients outperform the competition they have.

  1. Absolute PR

Absolute is a boutique digital marketing agency that has PPC, SEO, PR, and event marketing in its service roster. It’s an eight-member team of marketers that aims to help Singapore businesses increase both traffic and sales through social media and other platforms.

The company can handle every aspect of your social marketing process. From helping you set up your social media platforms to crafting a stunning web portal for your business and optimising it for SEO and everything else, the agency is well-acknowledged as one of the best performing providers of digital solutions in the country.

  1. Circus Social

Circus social specialises in social media marketing. It’s a 30-member team that focuses on nothing but marketing your business on social media and other digital platforms.

Any business person that hires them is usually blown away by the commitment each member of their teams devotes to their project. With them, it’s always about making your business succeed, with nothing left to excuses.

  1. One9Ninety

One9ninety is an award-winning social media marketing agency in Singapore. Since 2013 the company has been partnering with various brands all across Asia in both developing and executing digital strategies that are meant to help their businesses grow.

They’re among the few social media marketing companies that can confidently say they care about their work and are equally interested in your success.

They have one of the most qualified teams of marketers that appear to get along pretty well, which is a great experience for any business that gets to work with them.

  1. Bricks and Clicks

Bricks&clicks is not your ordinary social management and marketing agency. But one that’s so devoted to what they do.

As the name suggests, the company focuses on creating quality ad copies that grab attention regardless of the platform they’re posted on. They work with a team of experienced social media marketers that understand the finer details of marketing your business on the various social media channels, including Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, and YouTube.

Suffice it to say the company can help you manage your social media presence and even transform it into a reliable interaction centre for existing and prospective customers.

  1. Impossible.sg

Impossible has a simple tagline that pretty much sums up all their social media marketing operations. All they’re interested in is helping your business get heard, seen, and to always stay fresh on people’s lips.

They’re all about increasing your traffic and generating more interest around your brand through social media marketing. So hire them, and the least you can expect is for them to improve your social media presence across all social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin.

  1. Canny

Guess who’s benefitted from the social media marketing services offered by Canny – high profile companies in the lines of Nanyang Technical University, Amara, and Marina Bay Singapore, to name a few.

The company appears to target SMEs, most of whom do not have both the time and resources to manage their own social media pages. They simply take the social media management work off your hands so you can focus on that one thing that you’re really good at – managing your business.

  1. Resonance

Resonance is a well known digital interactive agency that focuses on helping Singapore brands come up with digital solutions that create relevance and resonate best with their target audience.

They have been doing this for years, honing their skills in the process and building their core competency in creating useful social media experiences that snugly align with their clients’ goals and expectations.

  1. Salween Group

Salween Group is a full-service digital marketing and branding agency that focuses on helping businesses from all across Singapore, and other parts of Asia set up strong online presences. The company works with a team of copywriters, social media analysts, and strategists that will be working together to win you more social media followers and figure out the best way possible to convert them to sales.

  1. Jack & Chaz

Jack & Chaz has been helping businesses in Singapore, regardless of size; manage their social media pages like real professionals. It’s the company you’d want to hire if you’re looking for a way to achieve brand greatness through positive social media marketing and effective branding.

  1. Elevan August Media

Elevan isn’t that much of a big company, but make no mistake – it has both the experience and technical expertise to run with your social media marketing campaign like no other company.

It’s one of the companies that we can confidently say are full of surprises. Underestimate them at your peril. For all we know, the company has been helping brands, regardless of size, boost their online visibility – and must we remind you how successful they have been with every single one of their projects.

  1. Surge D

Surge D is rated highly in the digital space, and it’s all because they deliver on their promises. The company specialises in digital marketing, with social media marketing being part of their core strength.

Plus, the company is always available to clients that want to talk to them before deciding on whom to hire. They’re among the most responsive online marketing agencies in Singapore – if they don’t respond to you immediately, then you can bet it will be soon enough.

  1. AKA Asia

AKA Asia is a 32-member PR and social media marketing firm based in Singapore. The agency is widely known for delivering powerful marketing campaigns meant to drive business in one direction – forward.

Their focus is on helping brands discover their inner potential and unleash it for their success. They also have one of the most creative teams, passionate about delivering results with no room for excuses.

  1. Loki

Loki offers full-service digital marketing solutions to business brands in Singapore. The agency is located in Kuala Lumpur but has managed to create exciting marketing experiences for businesses from all across Singapore.

The agency tries to combine their expertise in strategic planning with their ability to put together quality content that converts, and the drive to bridge the gap between your business and target audience.

  1. 8xtraordinary

Whatever you want to do with your business, it behoves you to do away with mediocrity. It’s completely okay to manage your own social media pages, but only if you’re sure that you understand what you’re doing.

8xtraordinary is among the few digital marketing agencies that you can hire today and take advantage of their unrivalled services. The company promises you a lot of things – one of them being, they’ll be helping your business achieve greatness.

  1. Cereal Digital Marketing

Cereal Digital operates like marketing software (Marketing as a Service — MaaS). The company is focused on delivering top-notch digital marketing services for start-ups, Multi-National Corporations, and SME’s from all parts of Singapore.

They’re one of the leading providers of social media services not only in Singapore but in Malaysia and some other parts of Asia also.

  1. Awesome Media

Awesome Media consists of young marketers with a boiling passion for transforming all your digital ambitions into a reality. They promise to help your business reach prospective customer lurking on the various social media platforms.

The company can even create awesome videos that you can post on Facebook and YouTube to appeal to your audience in a manner that they’ll have a hard time resisting.

The company handles everything –from idealising, to scripting, to shooting, and to editing the videos for you.

  1. Cognito Asia

Cognito Asia integrates financial PR and digital marketing. The company specialises in three things – tech, fintech, and financial services. It’s a multinational agency with offices in Singapore, London, New York, and Hong kong.

Their primary focus is on helping businesses within their region of operation improve their performance while managing their online reputation.

  1. Dstnct

Dstnct is an instinct-driven digital marketing agency in Singapore. It’s a company with deep experience and expertise in youth consumer and digital social marketing.

It’s a business whose strategy is centred on the people it’s targeting. Their secret of trade is engaging with brands and their target audience before establishing a connection that will play right into the strategy they come up with.

  1. Dentsu Media

Dentsu Media was founded in 1994. Since then, it’s consistently appeared in the top 10 list of the best digital marketing agency in Singapore.

The company offers a full range of integrated marketing services and is the only agency on the list that also features an in-house media arm. They also have a dedicated content division that churns out sports and entertainment articles that complement the marketing needs of their clients.

  1. Hashmeta

Hashmeta is an online marketing agency with a special interest in social media marketing. The agency offers transformative social media marketing to both small and medium-sized businesses in Singapore.

  1. Group M

Group M, a parent company to a series of WPP media agencies including MediaCom, MEC, Maxus, and global operations, is a leading global management company serving the whole of the Asia Pacific region.

The company operates as an industry leader in content creation, social media marketing, finance, and proprietary tool development, to name a few.

  1. EastWest Public Relations Ltd.

EastWest is an entrepreneurial PR consultancy firm for Singapore business owners and marketers that want to gain online visibility. The company was established in 1995 and has managed to work with start-ups and high-profile brands from Singapore, India, and China.

Their primary focus is on helping brands get noticed by prospective customers on search engines and social media

  1. Media Outreach

Bringing out the list of top 30 social media agencies in Singapore to a close is none other than Media Outreach, a ten-team online marketing agency whose services straddle 21 other countries, besides Singapore.

The company has both the experience and expertise that’s needed to run an effective social media marketing campaign, and which you can trust will be helping your business grow tremendously.

Final Thoughts

There goes the top 30 list of the best social media marketing agencies in Singapore. The list is in no way exhaustive, but it does cover the best of these agencies. These agencies can help any business, regardless of size and the industry they’re operating in, manage their social media pages, create content, and even advertise on the different social media platforms.

You can contact us at MediaOne Marketing to learn more about social media marketing or for more info about the agency that you’re about to hire.


Author Bio

Tom Koh is the CEO of MediaOne, a leading Asia digital agency. He comes packed with 2 decades of international digital marketing experience. In his spare time of maybe 20 minutes a day, he loves coaching, blogging about all things digital and trying to figure out how to make his dog do the roll.

October 11, 2019

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