3 Ways To Rethink Your Paid Strategy With Great Content

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In the Singapore digital marketing realm, there is an overabundance of content that is published on the web with the primary goal been to attract customers. If you have great content but you still getting no leads, it is the high time that you rewired your paid strategy.

Here are four excellent tips on how to restructure your paid strategy.

Tip 1: Double Listing

Double listing has proven to be one of the most effective ways of dominating SERPs. Using long-tail SEO keywords will help you increase the traffic that you get from search engines as well as the site’s ranking. Remember that targeting the highly qualified leads is more important than audience size and search volumes.

If you know that a specific keyword has in the past performed well in organic search, target it more with paid even if its search volume is low. Laser focused content that has relevant short and long-tail keywords will help resolve your target audience pain points and convert them into customers.

Tip 2: Use Gmail Ads to Build an Audience

Recent reports show that Gmail has more than one billion active monthly users. Based on this fact, investing in Gmail ads will help you expand your market reach and increase your site’s conversion rate. One of the guaranteed ways of establishing a highly qualified audience is by offering valuable content to the recipients of the emails from your competitors.

One hack that you can use to achieve this goal is doing extensive research to target keywords that are in one way or another linked to your competitors. Gmail will display your ads to anyone who uses those keywords in the body of an email.

Tip 3: Use Custom Messaging to Remarket your Brand

Remarketing is a second chance to connect with interest users who did not convert the first time that you contacted them. Reports indicated a potential client is 15% more likely to respond positively to a remarketing ad than a new display ad even if they have come across it six times before.

The trick is using new contents based on the stage/phase they are in the funnel. For example, if a potential customer bounces on the landing page, you can still get them by redirecting them to a remarketing ad that has a different value proposition and messaging.

The bottom line is; the success of your paid strategies is based on the yin to the yang of your organic strategies. Strive to engage with the audience consistently, build formidable partnerships and do plenty of email outreach.


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