3 Ways How to Refurbish & Repurpose Top Quality Website Content

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Do not allow the top performing content on your site to sit there gathering dust. Unknown to most people is that such content can be refurbished and repurposed to get the most results of it. Here are three tips on how to achieve this goal in the Singapore internet marketing realm.

Identify the Top Traffic Pages

Thanks to Google Analytics and other web tools, it is possible to know the specific pages of your websites that receives the most traffic from search engines and social media platforms. As you do this, do not just focus only on the text, other forms of content such as videos and podcasts are also essential to your website.

Publish Content on Popular Platforms

Most people are squeamish about posting more content on popular platforms, but you should not. These sites are ranked high by not only Google but also other authority search engines such as Bing. More importantly, they already have a huge audience and so publishing your content here will expand your reach.

For instance, SlideShare ranks high on virtually all search engines. Posting a PowerPoint presentation on the platform will make it easy for you to share information about your products and services to a broader audience. You also stand a better chance of being recognized as an authority in a particular niche if you regularly upload how-to videos on YouTube.

Make Use of Referral Metrics

Continuously monitoring the performance of your content will enhance your online marketing efforts. Use analytical tools to know the number of views each page receives, users’ average time on site, bounce rate and conversion rate. Go an extra mile and look at where your qualified traffic is coming from to know which platforms that you should concentrate on most.

If you are getting more leads from your PowerPoint presentation posted on SlideShare, consider creating more informative and comprehensive presentations to supplement and support your other Singapore content marketing strategies.


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