3 Valuable Chrome Extensions for SEO Professionals


Google Chrome has taken a significant leap ahead of the competition by introducing a couple of extensions that are tailored to help SEO professionals to perfect their art and reap maximum results from their digital marketing campaigns.

Let us look at three of the most valuable Google Chrome extensions for Singapore SEO practitioners.

Nimbus Screencast and Screenshot

Nimbus is a third generation screenshot and a screen-casting tool that is engineered to enable users to capture and annotate screenshots. Digital marketing Singapore experts can use this tool to prepare reports for clients seamlessly. The tool can also be used to show someone on the other end of the line the errors that you are seeing on your computer that might be visible on their end especially when carrying out website usability tests. More importantly, you can add text, arrows, and even blur sensitive materials.

Nimbus can also be used to create videos instead of holding a webinar session or using a webcam. If you want to create a video that shows why the client should seek a particular SEO service or discuss a detailed SEO concept with team members, this tool will come in handy.

Check My Links

After the web development agency has completed making the website, the next step is to point valuable links to the web pages to improve its ranking on various search engines. Check My Links is a new Chrome extension that is tailored to make it easy for website owners to check and monitor on-page links efficiently with just a few clicks. By using this tool, you will be able to know the exact number of links there are on a particular web page as well as those that are not working properly.

A marketing company can use it to pinpoint all the links that are returning 404 errors on their website as well as clients sites. With this information, you can redirect the links that point to sites that are no longer available to new sites.

Open Multiple URLs

Open Multiple URLs is an intuitive extension that is tailored to streamline workflow by speeding up the process of link remediation. By activating the extension and loading all the tabs with the URLs you are interested in, you can use keyboard shortcuts such as Ctrl + Tab to go to the next URL or Ctrl + Shift + Tabs to access the previous tabs.

Google Chrome is indeed a valuable tool that web development and Singapore SEO specialists can use to improve their operations and quality of their services.


September 22, 2016

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