3 Types of SEO Searches You Should Know

SEO Searches

Knowing the different SEO Searches will help you to remain competitive in the current highly digitalized and progressive online marketing landscape. Everyday content marketers grind hard to come up with content that will rank high on search engines and deliver the intended message to the target audience. You too need to do the same and even go an extra mile to coin your content for various search engine searches.

Here are the top three searches that every Singapore digital marketing expert need to know and keep in mind.

Ad Hoc Search

Ad Hoc Search is one where the user’s primary goal is to find as many relevant reference documents about a topic or industry as possible. It is informational in nature since the user is only looking for accurate information about a subject.

For example, someone who wants to purchase a new digital TV online but has scanty information about the various brands in the market might decide first to read reviews posted online about digital TVs before making a purchase. If you are targeting such an audience, examples of keywords that you can include in your web and blog content are types of digital TVs, digital TVs, and digital TV reviews.

Name Page Search

Name Page Search is done by someone who wishes to find a particular page on a website. A reputable online agency uses this type of search to know if a particular website is well optimized. For example, to know if National Cancer Institute website is well optimized, one can try some queries such as breast cancer treatments NCI, breast cancer tests gov, breast cancer screening, and many more.

Known-Item Search

Known-Item Search is very similar to an ad hoc search. The only difference is that someone who conducts this search already knows that a particular website or document exists and only wants to locate it again. For instance, someone looking for a particular site can easily find it by typing part of the URL into the search engine instead of the entire URL.

For your website or blog to rank high on search engines, it is imperative to optimize the content for these three searches. A digital marketing expert can help you do that without charging you a fortune. You can call upon Singapore SEO service consultants like MediaOne to get the job done: 6789 9852.

August 25, 2016

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