3 Tips On PPC Advertising In Singapore

PPC Advertising In Singapore

PPC (Pay per Click) is one most efficient and modern search engine marketing strategy used by companies in Singapore to boost website traffic and conversion rate. Just like any other methods when it comes to e-marketing in Singapore, it is imperative to keep track of the results to know what works and what doesn’t for your brand. You need to record a number of leads and number of sales that you get over a period.

Today, we will look at three tips on how to ensure that you do not lose money on PPC advertising.

1. Check if you are using the Right Keywords

The success of your PPC advertising campaign is based on the type of keywords that you use. Some of them can result in more sales while others can be a total waste of money. Make sure that the keywords are already being used by searchers to find the services and products that you offer. It is also important to note that some of the keywords can be relevant to your niche but that does not mean that people are using them.

Another important fact to keep in mind is that search demand is not everything. A PPC keyword that has a high search volume but the number of competitors bidding on it is low means that it does not deliver the expected results. Based on this fact, you should always use keywords that your competitors are investing in.

The less competitive keywords have low search demand, and their ability to bring in leads is low. On the other hand, the keywords everyone is competing for can help you get more leads, but you will pay a fortune for them. Your campaign lead conversion rate will help you to know which keywords you should drop and which ones to keep or start using.

2. Each PPC Campaign Should Have Its Landing Page

One of the mistakes Singapore online businesses make is linking all their PPC campaigns to one landing page, or web store overview page, or homepage. Their primary motivation for doing this is to save time and money in their quest to get leads faster than the competitors.

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The harsh reality is that this tactic barely gets any leads. Each PPC campaign should have its landing page. This is based on the fact that potential customers who click on your ad have varying needs and interests in your brand. For instance, if your ad is tailored for a smartphone, but the link directs prospects to a page that is not related to smartphones, they are less likely going to place an order.

3. Be Consistent

Your landing page, ad copy, keywords, and sign up forms need to be consistent from the start to the end to enhance your brand credibility in the market. This tip is not easy to implement, but the rewards are worth the hassles.

The landing page, ad copy, and keywords need to reassure a potential customer who clicks on your ad that they are on the right track from Google SERPs to the landing page where they can sign up or purchase the product they are looking for. For example, the landing page should not have a sidebar or a navigation bar as that could distract them. The media in the ad copy and landing page should be the same.

Your expectations and the potential of your PPC is huge. Make sure that you follow these simple but powerful tips to get maximum ROI from the campaign.

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Tom Koh is widely recognised as a leading SEO consultant in Asia who has worked to transform the online visibility of the leading organisations such as SingTel, Capitaland, Maybank, P&G, WWF, etc. Recently he was instrumental in consulting for a New York-based US$30B fund in an US$4Bn acquisition. Tom is a Computational Science graduate of the National University of Singapore. In his free time he performs pro-bono community work and traveling.

December 02, 2017

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