3 Technologies that you can Use to Improve Customer Experience

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Consumers tend to set new standards of performance and excellence as digital technologies evolve. Exciting new technologies such as big data, virtual reality, live video connectivity, and cloud computing provide new ways for businesses to connect with their customers.

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Today, we look at three technologies that you can use to improve customer experience.

Enhance Responses by Using Chatbots

Chatbots are steadily gaining traction in the business world. The latest ones have an advanced algorithmic learning feature that allows it to analyze previous engagements and treat responses based on the analysis. Such capabilities are a major step forward for companies that strive to streamline their operations by offloading routine queries.

Adidas is a good example of a company that uses its inbuilt Al bot, Adidas, and Facebook Messenger to improve customer engagement and awareness by using Studio LDN, its new community space. This studio offers weekly free fitness sessions to women but to participate one has to register through the chatbot first. The chatbot has helped the target customers who have busy schedules to register for a workout at the Studio much faster.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has redefined customer experience by providing companies with more opportunities to provide new experiences of a service or product to customers. This technology is specifically tailored to provide a unique sensory experience by capturing the imagination and attention of the prospects.

Guinness is among the first companies to embrace this new technology to spur engagement with their customers. They have invested and installed a series of VR tasting booths in all Tesco stores across the United Kingdom. So far, this move has helped the company to breathe life to all their beer flavor profiles in a way that seemed unachievable a few years ago.

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Programmatic Advertising

Brands are now increasing their spending on programmatic advertising due to its proven record of accomplishment and effectiveness. One of the highlights of this advertising strategy is that it ensures that the right ads are displayed to the right audience and at the right time. Programmatic advertising relies on analytics and technology to achieve this goal. It strives to get a clear understanding of the person who interacts with the ad.

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Also, programmatic advertising allows brands to keep track of customers as most people use multiple devices to access content online. With this information at hand, you can display the right ads to the customers.

In conclusion, digital technologies have revamped customer experiences and help brands to achieve their sales goals. It is imperative to keep tabs on these technologies and implement them in your business correctly to benefit from their enormous capability of convert web visitors into customers.

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