3 Superior SEO Tactics That you can do in Less than 30 Minutes – Part 2


The success of your online marketing campaigns in Singapore is dependent on the SEO strategies that you use to optimize your website. With Google updating its algorithm infrequently, it is imperative to ensure that your site complies with all the updates to stay ahead of the competition.

Here are SEO tactics that you can do in less than 30 minutes to enhance your site’s SEO.

Leverage Google My Business

Google My Business is a tool by Google that is designed to help businesses and organizations to manage their online presence across all Google platforms such as Google Maps. Use this tool to create summary of your business that will help potential customers to learn about your services and its location.

Check Site Mobile Friendliness

Most Singaporeans have more than three smart mobile devices and use them to browse the internet. Based on this fact, you need to continuously check how your site is displayed on various smart mobile devices. Knowing your mobile site friendliness will help you to determine if they are certain tweaks that need to be done to make is more user-friendly. Note that this is one of the aspects that Google algorithm uses to rank sites, so make sure that it is fully mobile friendly.

Improve your Site URL structure

Five years ago, nobody cared about the URL structure of websites and blog posts, and Google was not concerned about this factor either. However, with the recent Google updates, all your URLs have to be well structured to make it easy for search engine robots to index and understand the meaning of your content. Here is an example of well-structured URL is www.yoursite.com/blog/4-superior-SEO-tactics-101.

Create Stellar Blog Post Titles

Competition for audience continues to get tougher by the day. Digital marketing experts in Singapore are coming up with new and attention-grabbing titles for their blog posts to get as much readership as possible. Don’t be left behind, make sure that each post that you publish has a stellar title to get a slice of the lucrative and ever-growing clientele base.

Use the above to improve your site SEO to continue profiting from the digital business realm. You can also hire a professional Singapore SEO expert to help you out if you are unsure of how to implement the above changes.

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