3 Simple steps of Ranking Position 1 on Google

3 Simple steps of Ranking Position 1 on Google

Ranking position one on www.google.com.sg is coveted by many Singapore site owners especially those that operate in a competitive market. However, you can rank position one using featured snippets since they are more related to actual content on your page rather than the link metrics. Singapore SEO agencies can use snippets to rank position 0 even if they appear on the second page of Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Featured snippets appear above the standard search results and contain the URL, page title and a snippet of the content on the page.

Below is an example of a conventional paragraph type of a featured snippet.


how to get page 1 ranking on google singapore

Let us discuss how you can rank position 1 in SERPs in the Singapore online market.

Step 1: Understand the opportunity for your site

If you operate in a market where there is a need for clear answers to often-asked questions or you have data that can be presented in a tabular format, then featured snippets are a great opportunity. However, if you are a local enterprise, you should focus on appearing on Google map results. If you run a Singapore e-commerce site that does not have featured snippets, you should get a list of keywords from your competitors as a starting point.

Step 2: Finding Excellent Keyword for featured snippets

Keyword research is essential for getting great candidates for featured snippets. Longer queries tend to show featured snippets as well as specific questions such as who, what, why and where. Answer the public.com uses Google Suggest API to find all permutations of a query people are searching on. If you own a Stat account, you can export keywords from Answer the public.com and then upload them into the Stat account to automate the means of determining which questions get a featured snippet in the SERPs.

Step 3: Increasing the Possibility for Featured Snippet Selection

To increase the chances of being selected for a featured snippet, your content should answer the question and provide positive user engagement signals. Your page should respond to the question then provide information that is more detailed and finally offer a wider look at the topic of interest. The page heading should be the search query, and the answer should not exceed 55 words.

While tagging and content structuring help in ranking position 1, it is imperative to provide the best answer as this is rewarded by Google, customer acquisition, and retention. Start applying these tips in your Singapore online marketing campaigns to rank high and get maximum ROI on https://www.google.com.sg/.



July 07, 2017

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