3 Efficient Ways to Increase PPC Conversion Rates

There are several ways Singapore business owner can increase their PPC conversion rates.

While there are many Singapore website owners who are skilled at generating pay per click traffic, very few actually know how to convert this traffic. And this usually gets in the way of getting an ROI and prevents most from being able to have a long term, sustainable campaign. In this article, we’ll take a look at three of the most effective ways to convert your traffic.




If you want to convert PPC traffic into profit, then one of the most effective ways is to use webinars. In fact, a study done by BuzzSumo shows that webinars can increase conversion rates by as much as 20%. There are 3 things that you should focus on when trying to generate an ROI with webinars: getting people to attend, keeping people there, and converting visitors into customers.


The best way to generate interest in the webinar is to use social media platforms like Facebook ads. There is a good chance that you won’t be hosting the webinar on the same day that people sign up for it. So it’s a good idea to set up an email sequence that will remind your guests of the big day.


Getting People There


Studies show that the best days to send out promotional emails for webinars are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Studies also show that the best days to hold your webinar are Wednesday and Thursday. The best time is 11:00 a.m. PST. However, you should consider your audience when determining these days and times. More specifically, you should a/b test.  Just make sure that you cover a topic that your audience is interested in. If you notice that the signup rates are low it could mean that you need to change your topic.


Keeping People There


The key to keeping people in your webinar is to make sure that you engage them. When talking about the topic you need to be excited and energetic. Its okay to display your personality as it makes people more interested in what you are saying. Try standing up while presenting; this will improve your energy.


You should also make it a point to keep all of your slides as simple and entertaining as possible. Don’t show text only slides as this can be distracting. And show your most intriguing slides during the introduction.


Another great way to engage people is to offer a Q&A at the end of your webinar.  Not all does this keep people engaged but it also ensures that they stick around to the end.  Briefly recap all that you have gone over during your presentation. Reiterate the value of what you have offered. You can then allow people to ask questions. After this, tell people what you offer and let them know where they can get it. You can even offer a live discount.  Great content will inspire people to buy.

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Email autoresponder sequences


Another great way to convert paid traffic into profit is to use autoresponder sequences. You will need to focus on offering an irresistible giveaway, creating an opt-in page that is compelling, getting people to open these emails, providing value, and knowing when you need to make your pitch.


Offering an Irresistible Giveaway


The best giveaways solve common problems. So think of something that your target market is struggling with and create a giveaway for it.  If you need help finding common problems then check out Q&A sites like Quora or Reddit. You could also take a look at the Kindle store to find topics for an ebook.


Creating an Opt-in Page that is Compelling


It is no secret, creating high converting landing pages can be a challenge. However, if you use tools like leadpages then it does not have to be that big of a struggle. The trick is knowing what goals your audience has but also what they would like to avoid.


Pay attention to your landing pages headlines. Use other headlines in your industry to get a feel of what works and what does not. The best headlines speak to both the desires and fears of your audience. Your headline may not always be benefit driven but it should always drive action. It will take time and split testing in order to create the perfect landing page, so test your headlines, bullet points, images, and opt-in form.


Getting People to Open these Emails


How often people open your emails is highly dependent on your subject line. In fact, over a third of email subscribers open emails based on the heading alone. It’s a good idea to keep your subject lines between 6 to 10 words. You should also avoid creating a lot of hype around the headlines. Do a little research by signing up for your competitors’ newsletters. If the content inside is good people will actually start to look forward to reading your emails.


Providing Value and Knowing When to Pitch


Providing valuable emails comes down to solving the problem that your giveaway addresses. In fact, you could always center your autoresponder sequences around problems that your audience is having. These types of emails build loyalty, which makes room for you to ask for the sale. It is recommended that you send at least four valuable emails before asking for the sale. You could even offer a discount to people who have signed up for your autoresponder sequence.

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Sales Pages


Sales pages are also great for converting your paid traffic into profit. Just keep in mind that when you send your paid traffic to a sales page it will likely have a lower conversion rate. And this is because people need time to get to know and trust you. At first, they will naturally be suspicious of your offer and hesitate to buy. Not only that but great sales pages take a lot of work. They can take more copywriting skills than webinars and emails. But luckily, there is a tested formula that makes creating great sales pages easy.


Types of People Who Read Your Sales Pages


There are 3 types of people who will read your sales pages. Skimmers are people who skim through the copy to get an overview of what you are saying. Jumpers are the types of people who will skim as well but if something catches their attention they will read it thoroughly. Bookworms will read the whole thing. Each section of your sales pages will cater to each of these individual types.


Sections of a Sales Page


When creating a sales page, there are four sections that you need to create. The first section should grab their attention, the second should appeal to their interest, the third should appeal to their desire and the fourth should appeal to action. Make sure that throughout your sales page that there are subheading that demonstrates the benefits of what you offer. This is especially helpful for the skimmers. You should avoid large chunks of text as this makes it difficult for people to get the information that they need. Your sentences and paragraphs should be short.


One of the best ways to generate social proof is through testimonials.  Your sales page should include these. This helps to give people confidence in your products. You can also include an FAQ section and help to overcome any objections that people may have. Finally, you should reduce the risks for your buyer by offering refunds and money back guarantees.




Converting paid traffic into profit does not have to be difficult. All it takes is knowing the right approach. The above 3 methods are tested and proven. However, it is worth noting that webinars are said to be the most effective.  This Is because they usually require less work but convert the best.

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