3 Ecommerce Content Strategies that Really Work

3 Ecommerce Content Strategies that Really Work


When optimizing an ecommerce website, the first thing that you need to monitor is the purchasing behaviors of the customers. A large percentage of the customers in Singapore who prefer shopping online prefer sites that offer prompt responses. Hence, it is of paramount importance to make sure that your website offers guides and continues to educate the clients at each stage of their purchasing journey.

The most successful e-commerce sites in Singapore are keen on making sure that they provide their customers with valuable content. Here are three strategies that you can use to enhance your brand and site’s conversion rate.

Create Buying Guides

Buying guides have being proven to be very effective in spurring conversion rates. It is the secret sauce to attracting new leads and converting them into buying customers. For example, if a customer is looking for a treadmill, a buying guide packed with information on the various types of treadmills available will help them make an informed decision. The buying guide does not have to be a block of text; it can be infographics with visual references and graphics.

Product Images and Videos

The first thing that you need to note under this tip is that online customers like visuals. Before making a decision to place an order, they usually shuffle through images and videos of the product available on your site. Therefore, it is important that you post videos and pictures of all the products in your catalogue along with a product description to encourage the customers to make a purchase. Nowadays, there are many free and premium online tools that you can use to create product videos. DemoUp is one such tool that you can use to come up with quality and compelling videos of your products.

Finally, blogging about trending topics such as the latest electronic gadgets in the market will increase your audience engagement levels. Blogging can also be used to teach customers how to use a particular product or to simply answer queries that you frequently receive from customers.

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